Statement from Tbilisi: Negotiations underway on assisting Armenia in  connection with Coronavirus
 Monday, June 8 2020, 17:00

ArmInfo. Negotiations are  underway on providing assistance to Armenia in connection with the  coronavirus. Paata Imnadze, Deputy Director of the National Center  for Disease Control, said this during a briefing.

RA Prime Minister proposed President to dismiss director of NSS and  Chiefs of General Staff and Police 
 Monday, June 8 2020, 15:32

ArmInfo. Armenia's Prime  Minister Nikol Pashinyan has come up with a proposal to President  Armen Sarkissian to dismiss Director of the National Security Service  of the Republic of Armenia Eduard Martirosyan, Chief of the General  Staff Artak Davtyan and Chief of the Police Arman Sargsyan, the  presidential administration of Armenia confirmed this information to  Info.  Then, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on his Facebook page said  that Onik Gasparyan had been appointed head of the General Staff (he  previously held the post of deputy head of the General Staff), Eduard  Martirosyan will be replaced by the newly appointed deputy Argishti  Kyramyan as director of the NSS and Colonel Vahe Ghazaryan was  appointed Chief of Police.

Media: The Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia and  the Head of NSS resign
 Monday, June 8 2020, 14:52

ArmInfo. Chief of General Staff  of the Armed Forces of Armenia Artak Davtyan submitted a letter of  resignation. This was reported by a number of Armenian media.

MFA: Today, 33 citizens of Armenia will return from Los Angeles to  Yerevan
 Monday, June 8 2020, 11:24

ArmInfo.The return of Armenian citizens to their homeland from Los Angeles International Airport continues.

Armenians of Georgia unite to assist Armenia in the fight against  coronavirus
 Monday, June 8 2020, 10:24

ArmInfo.Armenians living in Georgia continue to look for ways to support and be useful to Armenia in its fight against coronavirus, reports.

Chief of General Staff of Armenia commented on information related  to his son`s wedding recalling the right to privacy
 Monday, June 8 2020, 10:13

ArmInfo.Chief of the General Staff of Armenia Artak Davtyan made a statement in connection with the information circulated in the media related to the wedding  ceremony of his son.

 Friday, June 5 2020, 18:47


 Friday, June 5 2020, 18:46


Syllogism on the situation with coronavirus in the country from the  first president of Armenia
 Friday, June 5 2020, 17:11

ArmInfo.Syllogism from the first president of Armenia Levon Ter- Petrosyan on the situation with coronavirus in the country.  "A simple syllogism: 1. the coronavirus  declared war on Armenia. 2.  the burden of war is put on the  shoulders of the authorities. 3.  those who are fighting against the  authorities, wittingly or unwittingly betray the nation. During the  war, the internal political struggle is madness that has no  justification," wrote Ter-Petrosyan, quoted by 

Armenia, Cyprus and Greece demand a vote on the candidacy of the  chairman of the UN General Assembly, which Turkey claims
 Friday, June 5 2020, 15:44

ArmInfo. Armenia, Cyprus and Greece are demanding a vote on the candidacy of the chairman of the next, 75th in a row, UN General Assembly, which Turkey is applying  for.  According to the press service of the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs of Armenia, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs of Armenia Anna Naghdalyan stated this.

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