Wednesday, June 17 2020, 20:38


 Wednesday, June 17 2020, 20:26


Three opposition parties at the courthouse come to support Tsarukyan
 Wednesday, June 17 2020, 20:03

ArmInfo.. The leaders of the Rodina party, activists of the Dashnaktsutyun ARF and the United Armenia party gathered in front of the Shengavit court of general  jurisdiction. The ArmInfo correspondent reports about this from the  scene.

Armenian PM: Tsarukyan`s case is a  declassification of the institute  of influence on the will of the people
 Wednesday, June 17 2020, 19:56

ArmInfo. We intend to consistently  disclose all high-profile corruption cases in Armenia. This was  stated by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan from the  rostrum of the parliament. The Prime Minister noted that in Armenia  everyone is equal before the law, and everyone should be responsible  for their actions. <The past authorities knew about all the  violations and criminal cases, but used them to keep the opposition  political forces under control. But such methods are alien to our  government, we don't need to use such cases for bidding>, Pashinyan  emphasized.

 Wednesday, June 17 2020, 19:51


Foreign Minister: The issue of religious freedom has always been  important in the foreign policy of Armenia
 Wednesday, June 17 2020, 19:34

ArmInfo.The issue of religious freedom has always been important in the foreign policy of Armenia. This was stated from the rostrum by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Zohrab Mnatsakanyan.

Nikol Pashinyan: I urge the President of Azerbaijan to take a  constructive approach on the Karabakh issue
 Wednesday, June 17 2020, 17:51

ArmInfo. The policy of our government on the issue of Artsakh is based on the position of the world. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol  Pashinyan from the rostrum of the parliament.

"Bright Armenia" wants to lead the initiative proposed by the  "Prosperous Armenia"
 Wednesday, June 17 2020, 15:23

ArmInfo."We will support the Prosperous Armenia Party initiative to create a commission of inquiry in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, but with one  precondition - the lawmaker from our faction should head the  committee," Edmon Marukyan, head of the Bright Armenia parliamentary  faction, told reporters.

 Wednesday, June 17 2020, 15:01


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