Saturday, May 16 2020, 15:37


Pashinyan: In the conditions of coronavirus no one can be 100% sure  that he is healthy
 Saturday, May 16 2020, 14:53

ArmInfo.Amid spread of coronavirus, its treatment methods are constantly changing.  The Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced this on May 16 at a press  conference answering the question of why all citizens of the country  should wear masks in closed rooms and public places.  

The Prime Minister commented on Mikael Minasyan`s statement on the  relationship of Pashiyan`s brother- in-law with cigarette smuggling
 Saturday, May 16 2020, 14:48

ArmInfo. My public anti-corruption statements do not differ from my non-public statements on this subject. The Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced this during a press conference.

Prime Minister: Armenian government has one goal - to create an  independent judiciary in the country
 Saturday, May 16 2020, 13:52

ArmInfo. The government intends to carry out reforms in the judicial system in order to form an independent judicial system in Armenia.

Premier: During my political career, I was never afraid to be alone
 Saturday, May 16 2020, 13:20

ArmInfo. There was a time, when my point of view, on the need for reform in Armenia, coincided with the position of some political forces.  Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol  Pashinyan, answering the question of why the Prime Minister had  conflicts with political forces with which he had previously worked,  announced this on May 16 at a press conference.

 Saturday, May 16 2020, 13:10


239 cases of coronavirus infection detected in Armenia
 Saturday, May 16 2020, 11:38

ArmInfo. According to the data at 11:00am on May 16, 239 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Armenia.

Armenian President: If Turkey admits its mistakes, it will not become  weaker
 Friday, May 15 2020, 17:48

ArmInfo.Armenian President Armen Sarkissian in an interview with the Indian television channel StratNews Global touched on the denial of the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish authorities.

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