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Sasun Mikayelyan: If we do not draw conclusions from the current  situation, will be transformed into
 Monday, July 1 2019, 14:54

ArmInfo. MP from the ruling<My Step>  bloc Sasun Mikayelyan, contrary to the rumors circulated, does not intend to withdraw from his mandate and he is not offended by his party. He assured about this in an interview with reporters.

Ombudsman of Artsakh in the United States raised problems related to  violations of the rights of citizens of the republic because of its  international non-recognition
 Monday, July 1 2019, 14:02

ArmInfo. Nagorno Karabakh's Human Rights Defender Artak Beglaryan addressed the topic "External causes of violations and restrictions of the rights of Artsakh residents" at  the 30th annual conference of the Armenian Bar Association in Los  Angeles.  In his speech, he, in particular, stressed that in addition  to internal problems, the residents of Artsakh often face human  rights violations and restrictions due to Azerbaijani persecution and  the non-recognition of the republic at the international level.

Pashinyan: Protection of the rights of citizens in Armenia from now  on should not be selective, depending on the type and the origin of  people
 Monday, July 1 2019, 13:58

ArmInfo. The activities of the Prosecutor's Office over the past year can be assessed as effective.  This was announced at the event dedicated to the 101st anniversary of  the Armenian Prosecutor's Office and the Day of the Prosecutor's  Office employee, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, adding that this  does not mean that there were no omissions in the structure's   activities.  

During the privatization of Tavush Medical Center, the interests of the state were damaged in the amount of 1 billion 107 million drams
 Friday, June 28 2019, 18:40

ArmInfo. The State Interests Protection Directorate of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia made a subject of study information received from the Committee on State Property Management about the alienation of the medical center operating in Tavush region. During the inspections it became clear that in 2014 the RA government decided to alienate the medical center in Tavush in the form of direct sale, for which an agreement on alienation and pledge of state property was concluded between the State Property Management Committee under the RA Government and a private company.

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