Monday, February 3 2020, 18:00


Edmon Marukyan elected as first vice-chairperson of PACE Committee on  Legal Affairs and Human Rights
 Wednesday, January 29 2020, 16:35

ArmInfo.Head of the Bright Armenia parliamentary faction, Edmon Marukyan,  has been elected First Vice-Chairperson of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human  Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, one of  the major committees of the PACE. Marukyan wrote about this in his  Twetter microblock.

Armenian Ombudsman concerned about gross violations of right to a  fair trial
 Wednesday, January 29 2020, 15:29

ArmInfo.Armenian Ombudsman Tatoyan summed up the complaints of citizens regarding the consideration of cases in courts within a reasonable time. In  particular, the complaints relate to the fact that the consideration  of cases in the courts lasts several years, the constitutional human  right is violated, and no one bears responsibility for this.

 Wednesday, January 29 2020, 15:04


 Tuesday, January 21 2020, 18:55


 Friday, December 27 2019, 20:02


Police revealed illegal alienation of building by officials
 Thursday, December 26 2019, 19:17

ArmInfo. The police revealed the unlawful alienation of the building by officials of the  State Property Office. The Armenian police confirmed this information.

 Tuesday, December 24 2019, 19:22


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