Tuesday, July 7 2020, 15:03


 Tuesday, July 7 2020, 14:19


 Tuesday, July 7 2020, 13:14


Torosyan: there is no shortage of coronavirus tests in Armenia
 Tuesday, July 7 2020, 13:06

ArmInfo. There is no shortage of  tests for coronavirus in Armenia.  This was announced by RA Minister  of Health Arsen Torosyan at a July 7 press conference.

Torosyan: Armenia will start discussions around the coronavirus  vaccine
 Tuesday, July 7 2020, 12:27

ArmInfo. Armenia decided to start  discussions around the coronavirus vaccine with both manufacturers  and potential buyers - UNICEF and WHO. This was announced by RA  Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan at a July 7 press conference.

Ministry of Health reports on measures to combat coronavirus
 Monday, July 6 2020, 18:11

ArmInfo. The Ministry of Health of  the Republic of Armenia reported on measures to combat coronavirus.

 Monday, July 6 2020, 17:28


Court of Appeal sent Poghos Poghosyan`s murder case for a new  consideration 
 Monday, July 6 2020, 16:56

ArmInfo. On July 6, the Criminal  Court of Appeal, chaired by Judge Rubik Mkhitaryan, overturned the  sentence of the person convicted in the case of Poghos Poghosyan -  Aghamal Harutyunyan, and sent the case to the trial court for a new  consideration.

Court accepted Arthur Vanetsyan`s lawsuit against  1in.am portal
 Monday, July 6 2020, 14:54

ArmInfo. The court of general  jurisdiction of Yerevan accepted the lawsuit of former head of the  National Security Service of Armenia,  leader of the <Hayrenik>  (Homeland, Ed. note) party Arthur Vanetsyan and his parents against  <Skizb> Media Center LLC and 1in.am information portal. This is  reported by the DataLex judicial information system.

Armenia will not take part in the Games of the CIS countries in due  to coronavirus
 Monday, July 6 2020, 14:53

ArmInfo.  Armenia will not take part  in the Games of the CIS countries due to the pandemic of coronavirus.  Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the  Republic of Armenia Artur Martirosyan  informs during the meeting of  heads of state bodies of physical culture and sports of the CIS  member states on the preparation and conduct of the first Games of  the CIS countries.

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