Sunday, March 29 2020, 15:09


 Sunday, March 29 2020, 12:22


 Saturday, March 28 2020, 20:30


Deputy Chief of Police told who can visit Artsakh these days and  presented number of violators of self-isolation regime 
 Saturday, March 28 2020, 15:38

ArmInfo.As at 12:00 on March 28, 1889 citizens were brought to administrative responsibility for violation of the regime of self-isolation. Deputy Chief of the RA  Police Hayk Mhryan at a press conference announced this on March 28.  

 Saturday, March 28 2020, 15:37


Ambassador: There are still congestions of heavy trucks at the Upper  Lars checkpoint due to technical reasons
 Saturday, March 28 2020, 13:15

ArmInfo. There are still congestions of heavy trucks at the Upper Lars checkpoint due to technical reasons. Ambassador of Armenia to Russia Vardan Toghanyan,  referring to how the closure of land communication with Russia  affected the transportation and what is the situation on the whole  today, stated this in an interview with the Lurer program of the  Public Television of Armenia.

RA Ambassador: The situation with coronavirus will seriously  affect RA citizens who have left for Russia to work
 Saturday, March 28 2020, 13:11

ArmInfo.The situation with coronavirus will seriously affect RA citizens who have left Russia to work . Ambassador of Armenia to Russia Vardan Toghanyan expressed  this opinion in an interview with the Lurer program of the Public  Television of Armenia, answering the question of how quarantine and  restrictions will affect the social status of Armenian citizens who  have left for Russia to earn money.

Harlem Desir welcomed  swift reaction of  Armenian governmentin  addressing his concerns on State of Emergency Decree
 Saturday, March 28 2020, 12:13

ArmInfo.OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Harlem Desir, welcomed today the swift reaction of the Armenian Government in addressing his  concerns about the Decree on the State of Emergency, adopted on 23  March, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is stated in an  OSCE statement received by ArmInfo.

U.S. to allocate $ 1.1 million to Armenia to help fight COVID-19
 Saturday, March 28 2020, 11:31

ArmInfo. The ANCA welcomed confirmation, shared today with the ANCA by the State Department, that the global U.S. COVID-19 emergency aid package - which will  provide $274 million in resources to 64 of the world's most at-risk  countries will include $1.1 million for Armenia. ArmInfo was informed  about this in the press service of the Armenian National Committee of  America.  

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