Advantageous offer from Ameriabank - VISA salary cards with many  advantages
 Tuesday, February 18 2020, 17:31

ArmInfo. Ameriabank, attaching importance to increasing the volume of cashless transactions, made another profitable offer - VISA Classic salary cards with many  advantages, ArmInfo was informed about this in the press service of  the bank.  According to the source, all companies with 10 or more  employees, whose salary is 100 thousand drams and more, can take  advantage of the above opportunity offered by Ameriabank.

Global Finance for the 7th time recognizes Ameriabank as the Best  Investment Bank of Armenia 
 Thursday, February 13 2020, 21:27

ArmInfo. According to the Global Finance monthly magazine, Ameriabank won the nomination "Best Investment Bank 2020" in Armenia. This award from Global Finance is awarded to Ameriabank for the seventh time, annually in the last five  years, and before that in 2012 and 2013.

Ameriabank maintains leadership in key financial indicators
 Tuesday, February 11 2020, 15:09

ArmInfo.Ameriabank maintains leadership in key financial indicators in the banking system of Armenia, in particular, in assets, liabilities to customers, credit  investments, capital and net profit, the message of Ameriabank noted.

IDBank opened in Yerevan innovative center for financial services, a  unique one in the entire region
 Thursday, February 6 2020, 19:42

ArmInfo.On February 6, IDBank opened in Yerevan an innovative Center for Banking Financial Services, which is exceptional and unique in the enitre region. The  center is located in the heart of the Armenian capital, on Northern  Avenue (in Building No. 6).

Fertility in Armenia by January 2019 decreased by 1.2%, with an  increase in mortality by 1.9%
 Thursday, February 6 2020, 11:52

ArmInfo. In Armenia, 36,131 babies were born in 2019.  According to the RA Statcommittee, the birth rate in the country on an annualized basis decreased by 1.2%,  and in a two-year breakdown - by 4.2%. The birth rate per 1000  inhabitants for the reporting year decreased from 12.3 to 12.2 ppm,  against 12.6 two years earlier.

Ameriabank provided significant quantitative and qualitative growth  in retail loan portfolio
 Monday, February 3 2020, 13:29

ArmInfo.Ameriabank provided significant quantitative and qualitative growth in the retail loan portfolio. As ArmInfo was explained in the press service of the bank,  in 2019 this portfolio grew by 48%, amounting to 178 billion drams.  At the same time, the share of non- performing loans in the loan  portfolio decreased significantly - to 1.9% in 2019 from 3.8% in  2018.

Ardshinbank Successfully Issued 5-year USD 300 million Eurobonds
 Wednesday, January 29 2020, 11:10

ArmInfo.On January 21, 2020, Ardshinbank successfully priced its new RegS / 144A US$300mm 5-year eurobonds rated Ba3 by Moody’s and B+ by Fitch. The issuance was first non-sovereign index-eligible issuance out of Armenia. The bonds are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and clear through DTC, Euroclear and Clearstream. The offering has been conducted with the help of Citigroup Global Markets Limited and Renaissance Securities (Cyprus), that acted as lead managers for the transaction

Ardshinbank placed another large tranche of bonds on international capital market 
 Thursday, January 23 2020, 17:08

ArmInfo. Ardshinbank, rated Ba3/-/B+, sold its $300m five year bond from a book of over $450m through joint bookrunners Citi and Renaissance Capital. The deal was  sold at par with a coupon of 6.5%, according to the information  published on the website Global Capital.

Butchers hold another protest in front of Government building
 Monday, January 20 2020, 15:09

ArmInfo. On January 20, in   front of the Government building, butchers hold a protest rally against a decision that entered into force, according to which only  meat from slaughterhouses is allowed for sale in Armenia.

Converse Bank completed the initial placement of dram and dollar  bonds prior to the scheduled date
 Monday, December 23 2019, 17:24

ArmInfo. Converse Bank completed prior to the scheduled date the initial placement of the regular dram and dollar bonds in the amount of 1 billion drams and $ 5 million, respectively. As ArmInfo was told by the press service of the bank, the initial offering of bonds of these issues was planned  to be completed on February 28, 2020. It is appropriate to note that  in case of previous bonds issues by Converse Bank the initial  placement was also completed ahead of schedule.

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