Prime Minister: Gender inequality is unacceptable in present-day  Armenia
 Thursday, February 27 2020, 14:27

ArmInfo. Gender inequality is unacceptable in present-day Armenia. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated this at a government  meeting on February 27, referring to the rating of the gender  equality index "Gender Gap Index 2020" of the World Economic Forum.

Minister: In the nearest future, 3 thousand new tests to detect  coronavirus will arrive in Armenia. 
 Thursday, February 27 2020, 12:31

ArmInfo.In the near future, 3 thousand new tests for the detection of coronavirus will arrive in Armenia. The Minister of Health of the Republic of Armenia Arsen  Torosyan stated this at a government meeting on February 27.

RA Healthcare Ministry  dispatched specialist to Tehran to  ensure a proper surveillance of air passengers returning from Iran
 Wednesday, February 26 2020, 13:45

ArmInfo. The specialist from the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention  of the Ministry of Healthcare of Armenia left for to Tehran  to ensure a  proper surveillance of air passengers returning from Iran. Minister  of Healthcare of the Republic of Armenia Arsen Torosyan wrote about  this on his Facebook page.

Minister: environmental and climate change programs are a significant  part of  Armenia - European Union relations. 
 Wednesday, February 26 2020, 12:38

ArmInfo. In Armenia-European Union relations, a significant component is  environmental and climate change programs. This was announced on  February 26 at the hearings in the Parliament of the Republic of  Armenia on the implementation of the comprehensive and expanded  partnership agreement (CEPA) with the EU, Minister of the Environment  Eric Grigoryan stated. 

 Wednesday, February 26 2020, 11:03


S. Papikyan: The Civil Contract party has been and remains the  political force that brings innovation and new thinking
 Tuesday, February 25 2020, 20:52

ArmInfo. The Civil Contract party has been and remains the political force that brings innovation and new thinking. On February 25, during the fundraising campaign for  the constitutional referendum, the head of the "Yes" campaign  headquarters, the Minister of Territorial Administration and  Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia Suren Papikyan stated.

UNICEF "Youth for Climate Action" program launched in Armenia
 Tuesday, February 25 2020, 20:47

ArmInfo.On February 25, the UNICEF Youth for Climate Action was launched in Armenia, funded by the Austrian Development Agency in cooperation with the ministries of education, science, culture and sports, the environment,  territorial administration and infrastructure of the Republic of  Armenia. The program is designed for 2019-2022.  

 Tuesday, February 25 2020, 20:47


Prime Minister: For the formation of a strong state, appropriate  strong institutions are needed
 Tuesday, February 25 2020, 20:45

ArmInfo.To form a strong state, appropriate strong institutions are needed. The Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced this on February 25 during a  fundraising campaign by the ruling Civil Contract party for a  referendum on April 5.

Armenian Court of Appeal returns nephew of former head of SRC to jail
 Tuesday, February 25 2020, 19:23

ArmInfo.The Court of Appeal of Armenia canceled the decision of the primary court of  February 22 on replacing the arrest of the accused Karen Khachatryan  with a bail of 20 million drams. This is stated in the message of the  National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia received by  ArmInfo.

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