Russian, Azerbaijani deputy FMs discuss South Caucasus

 Wednesday, July 24 2024 10:08
Russian, Azerbaijani deputy FMs discuss South Caucasus

ArmInfo. In Moscow, Russian  Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin held consultations with his  Azerbaijani counterpart Samir Sharifov.

Opposition movement`s agenda remained unchanged - NA speaker 
 Monday, June 10 2024 17:11

ArmInfo.When the opposition raises the question of the failure of the Armenian authorities to  fulfill certain provisions of election promises, the question arises of the opposition itself fulfilling the promises it made to voters. Chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Alen Simonyan told reporters about this on June 10.

No real demand for power change in Armenia - NA speaker 
 Monday, June 10 2024 17:00

ArmInfo.The ruling parliamentary majority in Armenia will reject any attempt to declare a vote of no confidence in the RA government. Chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Alen Simonyan stated  this on June 10 in a conversation with journalists.

No evidence of abuse of office by ex-minister of economy - lawyer
 Monday, June 10 2024 16:58

ArmInfo.The authorities carrying out the proceedings themselves still do not understand where  Vahan Kerobyan exceeded his authority - because this is not in the case materials. This was stated during a press conference on June 10 by the lawyer of the former Minister of Economy of Armenia Vahan  Kerobyan, Tigran Yegoryan.

Ara Mkrtchyan appointed Deputy Minister of Environment - Premier`s  decision 
 Monday, June 10 2024 15:03

ArmInfo. By the decision of the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Ara Mkrtchyan has been appointed  Deputy Minister of Environment. This is stated in the press release of the RA government.

Opinion: Bagrat Srbazan`s struggle, with its value system, fits  organically into the logic of the emerging new world order
 Monday, June 10 2024 14:59

ArmInfo.The "Tavush for the Motherland" movement, led by cleric Bagrat (Srbazan) Galstanyan,  demanding the resignation of the current Prime Minister of Armenia, fits into some new global trends emerging in world politics. Political scientist Vahe Davtyan holds a similar opinion.

Politician: political crisis in Armenia is obvious, and reasonable  solutions must be found to overcome it
 Monday, June 10 2024 14:50

ArmInfo. The current Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan cannot rule for long, relying on  police "bayonets". This was stated by the leader of the Mother Armenia movement Andranik Tevanyan on his Facebook page.

Armenian government will not leave flood-affected population alone:  Prime Minister
 Monday, June 10 2024 10:50

ArmInfo.Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the disaster zone, Lori and Tavush regions, and got  acquainted with the progress of rehabilitation works in the flood-affected settlements.

Participants of "Tavush for the Motherland" movement spent whole  night near Parliament
 Monday, June 10 2024 09:59

ArmInfo. Participants of the "Tavush for the Motherland" protest movement led by the leader of the  movement, Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan spent the whole night in front of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

Bagrat Srbazan: Despite numerous questions to Russian side, relations  need to be regulated
 Saturday, June 8 2024 15:28

ArmInfo.Armenia's relations with Russia are largely not in the best condition today, if not to say -  completely spoiled. Leader of the Tavush for the Motherland movement Bagrat Srbazan stated  during a press conference, answering questions from international media.

Bagrat Srbazan: We are ready to conduct real negotiations with real  and multilateral agenda
 Saturday, June 8 2024 15:27

ArmInfo. Today, there are no negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Leader of the Tavush for  the Motherland Movement Bagrat Srbazan expressed such an opinion, answering questions from international media representatives.

Bagrat Srbazan: presence of OSCE Minsk Group is extremely important
 Saturday, June 8 2024 15:27

ArmInfo.The presence of the OSCE Minsk Group is extremely important. This was stated by Bagrat  Srbazan, the leader of the Tavush for the Motherland movement, answering questions from international media regarding the statement of official Baku on the need to abolish the OSCE Minsk Group.

Bagrat Srbazan: It is very interesting on what grounds Armenian FM  states that peace treaty with Azerbaijan can be concluded within  month
 Saturday, June 8 2024 15:25

ArmInfo. There is no discussion around the peace treaty, there is an imperative demand of the  Azerbaijani side, coercion and threat. Such assessments were voiced by Bagrat Srbazan, leader of the Tavush for the Motherland movement, answering  media representatives question about the statement of the RA FM that a peace agreement can be signed within a month.

Police guard will be established in Armenia - draft law
 Friday, June 7 2024 14:45

ArmInfo.A police guard will be established in Armenia. The RA National Assembly Committee on Defense  and Security, at its first reading on June 7, issued a positive conclusion on the draft law submitted by the RA government.

About 280,000 Armenian users` phone data was leaked on network
 Friday, June 7 2024 12:06

ArmInfo. About 280,000 Armenian users' phone data was leaked on the network. This was reported by  Armenian cyber security expert Samvel Martirosyan.

Government intends to tighten criminal liability for cybercrimes
 Friday, June 7 2024 11:31

ArmInfo. The Armenian government intends to tighten criminal liability for cybercrimes. At its meeting  on June 7, the RA National Assembly Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairsissued a positive conclusion on the amendments to the Criminal Code and a package of related laws  submitted by the RA government.

Preventive measure against Levon Kocharyan`s assistant changed
 Thursday, June 6 2024 15:54

ArmInfo.The preventive measure against the assistant of the Armenian parliament member from the  opposition faction "Hayastan" (Armenia) Levon Kocharyan - Artur Sukoyan has been changed.

Pashinyan: Our Russian partners are carrying out large-scale work to  restore rail service in disaster zone
 Thursday, June 6 2024 15:10

ArmInfo.Restoration work is underway at an active pace in the disaster zone. This was announced  at a government meeting on June 6 by head of the operational headquarters for the elimination of the consequences of the May 26 floods, RA Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure  Gnel Sanosyan.

Turkologist: Turkish-Azerbaijani goal is to tear Syunik from Armenia
 Thursday, June 6 2024 13:20

ArmInfo. The so-called "Zangezur corridor" cannot pass through Iran. This is what Turkologist Varuzhan  Geghamyan writes.

No reciprocal changes in Armenian, Azerbaijani Constitutions -  opposition MP
 Thursday, June 6 2024 10:58

ArmInfo.Opposition Armenian MP Tigran Abrahamyan expressed doubts about the possibility of mirror  changes in the constitutions of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

MP from ruling faction in Armenia calls for closing TV channel of  Armenian Apostolic Church
 Wednesday, June 5 2024 17:43

ArmInfo. The initiative to close the Shoghakat TV channel of the Armenian Apostolic Church was put  forward at a meeting of the commissions of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia by MP from the ruling Civil Contract faction Arsen Torosyan.