Civil Contract unilaterally terminates memorandum of cooperation with  Balasanyan Bloc party

 Wednesday, December 6 2023 17:38
Civil Contract unilaterally terminates memorandum of cooperation with  Balasanyan Bloc party

ArmInfo.The ruling Civil Contract party unilaterally terminates the memorandum of cooperation  signed on October 30, 2021 with the Balasanyan Bloc social party. This is stated in a statement released by the Civil Contract.

Yerevan new mayor expresses confidence in success of cooperation with  Republic party
 Friday, October 13 2023 15:29

ArmInfo. Newly elected mayor of Yerevan Tigran Avinyan expressed confidence in the success of  cooperation in the Council of Elders of Yerevan between th Civil Contract and the Republic parties.

There must be legal grounds for changes to state borders of Armenia -  minister
 Friday, October 13 2023 12:39

ArmInfo.There must be legal grounds for changes to the state borders of Armenia.  Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia Gnel Sanosyan told reporters on October 13, answering a question about Azerbaijan's claims to 8 enclaves located on the territory of Armenia.

Pashinyan expresses support for new Yerevan mayor: On October 13,  Friday Avinyan takes mayor`s office 
 Friday, October 13 2023 11:58

ArmInfo.The RA government will continue to support the mayor of Yerevan and the Council of Elders  for the sake of the capital and the people of Yerevan, said Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan. New mayor of Yerevan, Tigran Avinyan, took the oath of office on Friday, October 13,  at the inauguration ceremony in the capital's administration.

Tatoyan Foundation publishes Report on sufferings of families of  Armenian soldiers caused by Azerbaijan 
 Wednesday, October 11 2023 13:48

ArmInfo.Azerbaijan has caused intentional mental sufferings to mothers, sisters and other  family members of Armenian soldiers.

Armenia ready to work in 3+3 regional format - Nikol Pashinyan
 Wednesday, October 11 2023 02:09

ArmInfo. In an interview with Armenia's Public TV, Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan referred  to the meetings in 3+3 format.

Rome Statute enables Armenia to regulate relations with individual  countries - Nikol Pashinyan 
 Wednesday, October 11 2023 01:50

ArmInfo. "In terms of perception, I admit there is a problem, because look at what happened  with the Rome Statute. In 2020, we after September, when we saw that  our systems were not working, we began to look for other factors that  could contribute to our security.

Armenia not changing its foreign policy vector - Nikol Pashinyan
 Wednesday, October 11 2023 01:21

ArmInfo. Armenia is not changing its foreign policy vector - Armenia's Premier Nikol  Pashinyan said in an interview with Armenia's Public TV. 

Hardly any risk of escalation on Armenian-Azerbaijani border - Nikol  Pashinyan 
 Wednesday, October 11 2023 00:46

ArmInfo.There is hardly any risk of escalation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border at the moment,  Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with Armenia's Public TV. 

Armenia did not make any promises to anyone within framework of such  terminology - Armenia`s premier in response to Turkish president`s  statement 
 Wednesday, October 11 2023 00:42

ArmInfo."The Republic of Armenia did not make any promises to anyone within the framework of  the terminology used by Turkey and Azerbaijan. it is important how that terminology is perceived. The Armenian public perceives it as a territorial claim to Armenia and a claim for an extra-territorial corridor. We have not made any promises to anyone with such terminology and terminology," he said.  

86,600 and 29,800 are twin numbers - Nikol Pashinyan  
 Wednesday, October 11 2023 00:03

ArmInfo.Azerbaijan is raising the issue of eight villages.  Armenia, in turn, is speaking  of another eight villages as well - Berkaber, Aigovit, Vazashen, Paravakar and others, in Tavush, Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with Armenia's Public TV. 

Armenia`s premier on Granada meeting results: statements cemented  common view of regional peace
 Tuesday, October 10 2023 23:13

ArmInfo. The meeting in Granada resulted in two important statements. The first statement was  between the leaders of France, Germany Armenia and the president of the European Council. The second statement was made jointly with President of the European Commission Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen.  The statements demonstrated the EU's consensus on deepening relations with Armenia, Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with Armenia's Public TV. 

Bill criminalizing surrender of Artsakh to Azerbaijan to be  introduced
 Tuesday, October 10 2023 14:41

ArmInfo.The Hayaqve action group intends to introduce a bill criminalizing the surrender of  Artsakh to Azerbaijan and refusal to recognize the Armenian Genocide. 

Refugee children arriving in Armenia showing signs of severe  psychological distress - UNICEF
 Tuesday, October 10 2023 14:13

ArmInfo.Refugee children arriving in Armenia are showing signs of severe psychological  distress, according to reports from UNICEF-supported social workers providing specialised care to children and families who have fled their homes in recent weeks.

"We voted for Armenia`s sovereignty" - Artak Zeinalyan
 Tuesday, October 10 2023 12:40

ArmInfo. The Republic faction at the Yerevan Council of Elders voted for formation of authorities in Armenia's capital, faction member Artak Zeinalyan told reporters on Tuesday. 

Tigran Avinyan elected Yerevan mayor
 Tuesday, October 10 2023 12:12

ArmInfo. Tigran Avinyan has been elected Mayor of Yerevan.

Armenia`s Human Rights Defender publishes preliminary report on  atrocities against forcibly displaced people from Nagorno-Karabakh
 Tuesday, October 10 2023 10:33

ArmInfo.The Human Rights Defender Ms. Anahit Manasyan published a preliminary report in  English on the results of the fact-finding activities conducted by her and the staff of the Human Rights Defender's office at the registration centers of forcibly displaced persons from Nagorno Karabakh, as well as the analysis of individual conversations held with displaced persons. 

Skolkovo School of Management alumni community issues open appeal in  support of Ruben Vardanyan
 Monday, October 9 2023 23:14

ArmInfo. The Skolkovo School of Management alumni community issued an open appeal in support of Ruben Vardanyan.  It says:

Seyran Ohanyan: Artsakh would not have fallen if government, which  becamesymbol of defeat and morally exhausted itself, had courage to  leave
 Monday, October 9 2023 18:59

ArmInfo.The Armenian authorities continue to demonstrate the absolute inconsistency of  political thought, blaming only the opposition for the tragedies that happened in Artsakh and Armenia resulted from the genocidal policy of Azerbaijan. The head of the Armenia bloc, ex- Minister of Defense of  Armenia Seyran Ohanyan wrote on his Facebook page.

Human rights activist: There is no independent judicial system in  Azerbaijan
 Monday, October 9 2023 18:17

ArmInfo. The Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsperson) of Azerbaijan has  international status B, which implies inadequate compliance with the Paris Principles and lack of independence. President of the International and Comparative Law Center Siranush Sahakyan, who represents Armenian prisoners' interests at the European Court of Human Rights stated during a press conference.

Armenia`s former human rights defender publishes evidence of  Azerbaijani armed attack on civilians
 Monday, October 9 2023 13:12

ArmInfo.Armenia's former Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan has released videos showing  shelling of civilian infrastructure and population by Azerbaijani armed forces.