Armenian soldier wounded on combat position

 Monday, August 8 2022 10:31
Armenian soldier wounded on combat position

ArmInfo. On the evening of August 6, private Nver Armen Gevorgyan (born in 2002), a mandatory conscript of the N military unit of the RA Ministry of Defence, was  shot by the enemy in a combat position located in the eastern part of  the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. The serviceman's life is not in  danger, the Ministry of Defense reports. 

First meeting of Armenian and Azerbaijani Border Commissions  constructive - Mher Grigoryan
 Friday, May 27 2022 17:19

ArmInfo.Armenia's Vice-Premier, Chairman of the Armenian Commission on Delimitation and Security of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Border Mher Grigoryan described as "constructive" the first meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani    Border Commissions on May 24.  

Supporters of Resistance Movement blocked Yerevan-Sevan highway near  city of Charentsavan
 Friday, May 27 2022 12:44

ArmInfo.Supporters of the Resistance Movement, demanding the resignation of current Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, blocked the  Yerevan- Sevan interregional highway near the city of Charentsavan.

Rally of parents of servicemen killed in 44-day war is being held  near Supreme Judicial Council
 Thursday, May 26 2022 12:43

ArmInfo.A rally of the parents of servicemen killed in the 44-day war is being held near the Supreme Judicial Council

Bashar al-Assad, Aram I discuss challenges facing Armenian community  in Syria
 Thursday, May 26 2022 12:37

ArmInfo.Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, His Holiness Aram I  met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus.

"Armenia" and "I have the honor" initiated a parliamentary session  with their agenda
 Thursday, May 26 2022 12:35

ArmInfo.The "Armenia" and "I have the honor"  opposition factions of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia initiated a session of the Parliament with their  agenda. This was announced during a rally on May 25 by the  coordinator of the Resistance Movement, Deputy Speaker from the  opposition faction "Armenia" Ishkhan Saghatelyan.

Ararat Mirzoyan: Proposals at the negotiating table between Armenia  and Azerbaijan are transparent and presented publicly
 Wednesday, May 25 2022 20:36

ArmInfo.What, in fact, is on the negotiating table between Armenia and Azerbaijan is quite transparent is presented publicly. Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat  Mirzoyan stated this on May 25 from the rostrum of the parliament  during the government hour.  At the same time, he stated that there  are areas in which there is already some progress, and there are  areas in which an attempt is being made to find out possible points  of contact.

Ongoing opposition rallies are logistical rather than political  problems
 Wednesday, May 25 2022 17:53

ArmInfo.The ongoing opposition rallies are logistical rather than political problems. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan voiced a similar assessment during the  government hour in the Parliament.

Hrant Bagratyan: The Armenian authorities flirt first with the West,  and then with Russia
 Wednesday, May 25 2022 17:24

ArmInfo. <Dark clouds are gathering over Armenia. The authorities, in accordance with their nature, flirt first with the West, and then with Russia>, former Prime Minister of Armenia, well- known economist and statesman Hrant Bagratyan wrote on his  Facebook page.

Pashinyan: The most effective way to return prisoners of war is through the assistanceand pressure from the international community
 Wednesday, May 25 2022 17:17

ArmInfo. The most effective way to return prisoners of war and all detainees is through the assistanceand pressure from the international community. Prime Minister of  Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated this during the government hour in the  Parliament.

Political scientist: The people of Armenia are demonstrating to the  international community today that Pashinyan does not represent their  interests and is not legitimate to negotiate
 Wednesday, May 25 2022 15:25

ArmInfo. The six principles for concluding a peace  treaty with Azerbaijan presented last week by Yerevan only  intensified the wave of protest, as they actually record the Armenian  authorities' rejection of the concept of an 'Armenian Artsakh',  replacing it with streamlined formulations like 'the security of the  Armenians of Artsakh', '' cultural autonomy'', etc. Vahe Davtyan,  doctor of political sciences, expressed such an opinion.

Resistance Movement goes on blocking roadways in Yerevan
 Wednesday, May 25 2022 14:32

ArmInfo.The Resistance Movement members demanding Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan's resignation go on blocking roadways in Yerevan. 

ARAR Foundation releases joint statement in support of Avetik  Chalabyan
 Wednesday, May 25 2022 11:39

ArmInfo.The ARAR Foundation has released a joint statement by the partners who implemented programs for Armenia with the co-founder of the ARAR Foundation and member of thee 5165 Movement Avetik Chalabyan. 

Resistance Movement members block entrance to Armenian president`s  residence 
 Wednesday, May 25 2022 11:34

ArmInfo.Resistance Movement members demanding Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan's resignation have blocked the entrance to the residence of Armenia's President at 26 Baghramyan Avenue.   

Council of Europe cannot maintain mediating balance between Armenia  and Azerbaijan because of Azerbaijan`s gas potential - United  Homeland party
 Wednesday, May 25 2022 11:31

ArmInfo. Below is a statement of the United Homeland party on the Developments around the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Tevan Poghosyan: The current authorities of Armenia do not even use  the factor of protest actions to delay the signing of an unfavorable  agreement with the enemy
 Tuesday, May 24 2022 11:40

ArmInfo. Each new meeting of the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan will be another defeat for the Armenian side. Tevan Poghosyan, director of the International Center  for Human Development, expressed a similar opinion in an interview  with ArmInfo, referring to the Brussels meeting of the leaders of  Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Armenia`s premier puts Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh up to geopolitical  auction - Resistance Movement
 Tuesday, May 24 2022 11:36

ArmInfo. The results of the Pashinyan-Aliyev meeting mediated by President of the European Union Charles Michel have once more proved the statements that the  Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiations on normalization of relations are  progressing in line with Azerbaijan's agenda, reads a statement by  the Resistance Movement. 

Statement by President of European Council disregards Artsakh  people`s right to self-determination, Azerbaijan`s genocidal policy  toward Artsakh - Arman Tatoyan 
 Tuesday, May 24 2022 11:33

ArmInfo.Armenia's former Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan is sure that the statement by President of the European Council Charles Michel following his meeting with the Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders completely disregards the Artsakh  people's right to self-determination and Azerbaijan's genocidal  policy toward Artsakh.  

Resistance Movement activists resume protests in Yerevan 
 Tuesday, May 24 2022 11:32

ArmInfo. Early this morning, the participants in the Resistance Movement demanding Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan's resignation have blocked the entrances to the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and to the Office  of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs.  They are protesting  against Armenia's foreign policy. 

First group of soldiers wounded during 44-day war to visit Jerusalem
 Monday, May 23 2022 22:50

ArmInfo.The RA NA Standing Committees on Defense  and Security and on Health Care and Social Affairs, together with the  Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the "Soldier's House"  rehabilitation center, have developed a charity program, within which  on May 26, six servicemen wounded during the 44-day war will visit  Jerusalem as pilgrims. This was reported by the press service of the  Parliament.

Prime Minister of Armenia signed decision on composition of  Commission for demarcation and delimitation of border with Azerbaijan
 Monday, May 23 2022 22:49

ArmInfo.The Prime Minister of Armenia signed a decision on the composition of the Commission for the demarcation and delimitation of the border with Azerbaijan. According to the document, RA Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan was appointed  chairman of the commission.