WHO provides 10,000 diagnostic tests with EU funding for Armenia

 Wednesday, July 1 2020 19:50
WHO provides 10,000 diagnostic tests with EU funding for Armenia

ArmInfo.The World Health  Organization, with funding from the European Union, has provided  Armenia with 10,000 diagnostic tests. This is reported by the EU  office in Armenia.

The draft constitutional reform will be ready before June 2021
 Monday, June 15 2020 21:14

ArmInfo. On June 15, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, a meeting of a specialized commission on constitutional reforms was held in the government.

Next session of Court of Appeal in case of changing preventive  measure against Robert Kocharyan to be held on June 17
 Monday, June 15 2020 20:45

ArmInfo.  The Criminal Court of Appeal, chaired by Judge Arsen Nikoghosyan, decided to postpone the hearing of the case on changing the preventive measure against second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan.

Gagik Tsarukyan: I am ready for any development of situation
 Monday, June 15 2020 20:37

ArmInfo. Everything that has happened can be considered as a political case initiated by political order. This is stated in the statement of the leader of the  Prosperous Armenia party Gagik Tsarukyan regarding the search of his  house yesterday and following the NSS report on the initiation of a  number of criminal cases.

Statement: Gagik Tsarukyan is not directly related to the activities  of Onira Club LLC
 Monday, June 15 2020 20:11

ArmInfo.  The leader of the Prosperous Armenia party Gagik Tsarukyan has no direct relation to the activities of Onira Club LLC. This is stated in a statement by  the company's management.

Pashinyan threatens to tighten administrative measures against those  who do not comply with the requirements to wear masks
 Monday, June 15 2020 20:07

ArmInfo. The time has come to admit that we were not able to convince our citizens to comply with the requirements of the authorities to comply with anti- epidemiological measures in the fight against a new type of coronavirus pandemic - we are talking about masks. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this during a briefing on June 15.  

The Prosecutor General of Armenia requested the National Assembly to  agree to initiate criminal prosecution of Gagik Tsarukyan
 Monday, June 15 2020 19:57

ArmInfo.  The Prosecutor General of Armenia Arthur Davtyan appealed to the National Assembly to agree to initiate criminal prosecution of the National Assembly deputy Gagik Tsarukyan, to attract the latter as an accused and to charge him, including detention. ArmInfo was informed about this in the  press service of the RA Prosecutor General.

Armenian Parliament to consider tomorrow deprivation of parliamentary  immunity of Gagik Tsarukyan
 Monday, June 15 2020 19:50

ArmInfo. Prosecutor General  Arthur Davtyan submitted two motions to the National Assembly of Armenia regarding the launch of criminal prosecution of the leader of  the Prosperous Armenia party and the head of its parliamentary  faction, Gagik Tsarukyan, and imprisonment.

Torosyan: Electoral fraud and tax evasion led to underfunding of the  healthcare sector
 Monday, June 15 2020 12:13

ArmInfo.  Failure to pay taxes and  election fraud led to underfunding of the healthcare sector. This was  stated by RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan on his Facebook page.

Prosecutor General`s Office: There can be no political decision on  submitting a motion to deprive any lawmaker of immunity
 Monday, June 15 2020 12:05

ArmInfo. There can be no  political decision to submit a motion to deprive a lawmaker of  immunity, including Gagik Tsarukyan (leader of the Prosperous Armenia  party - ed.). Gor Abrahamyan, Advisor to the Prosecutor General of  Armenia, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

: We are determined to continue our just struggle
 Monday, June 15 2020 11:17

ArmInfo.  We are determined to  continue our just struggle, faithful to the letter and spirit of the  law. This is stated in the statement of the Prosperous Armenia Party.   Calling the latest events "legal terror" of the authorities, the  party says that it regards this as a response to the recent speech of  the PAP chairman Gagik Tsarukyan, in which he noted the urgent  problems facing the country and the need to change of the government.  <Having failed the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, realizing  that serious social problems are just around the corner, the RA  authorities have adopted a policy to silence opponents at any cost.  It  is in vein and this path leads to new risks. Authorities avoid  perceiving reality correctly, accepting their failures and finding  solutions in a climate of social consensus.  The Prosperous Armenia  Party reaffirms its determination by all civilized and legal means to  fight for the interests of our state and people, not to back down in  any way against illegal pressure. We are determined to continue our  just struggle, faithful to the letter and spirit of the law>, the PAP  notes.

RA Police: Most of protesters detained yesterday were released 
 Monday, June 15 2020 11:16

ArmInfo. As of June 14, at  10:00 p.m., the RA Police detained 252 participants of the protest rally, who came to support the leader of the Prosperous Armenia party Gagik Tsarukyan. The RA Police Press Service reported this.

Chief of Prime Minister`s Staff on the situation with Gagik  Tsarukyan: Everyone is equal before the law
 Monday, June 15 2020 11:15

ArmInfo. The scandalous  statement by the head of the Prosperous Armenia party Gagik Tsarukyan  about the need for a complete change of government was due to the  completion of the investigation of criminal cases against him. Chief  of Staff of the Prime Minister of Armenia Eduard Aghajanyan wrote  about this on his Facebook page.

Analyst: The web of political interests has trapped even highly  experienced Tsarukyan
 Sunday, June 14 2020 19:05

ArmInfo. In the political field of  Armenia, Gagik Tsarukyan traditionally served the political interests  of the main political actors of a given time period, independent  analyst Saro Saroyan expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Armenian NSS reports large election bribes during 2017 parliamentary  elections
 Sunday, June 14 2020 18:01

ArmInfo. On June 14, the  National Security Service of Armenia issued a report on numerous  cases of distribution of election bribes by the leadership and party  activists of Prosperous Armenia during the 2017 parliamentary  elections.

G. Tsarukyan: The actions of the authorities are politically  motivated
 Sunday, June 14 2020 15:09

ArmInfo. "I am ready to answer  all the questions of the investigation," said the leader of the  Prosperous Armenia party Gagik Tsarukyan, who was summoned to the RA  National Security Service for questioning.

Mane Gevorgyan: Law enforcement agencies check information on data  leakage of coronavirus infected citizens
 Saturday, June 13 2020 14:01

ArmInfo. Law enforcement agencies  check the accuracy of information about the leak of data on citizens  infected with coronavirus in order to identify a possible source of  dissemination of this information. Press secretary of the Prime  Minister of Armenia Mane Gevorgyan reported this on her Facebook  page.  Gevorgyan noted that in case of confirmation or refutation of  this information, a corresponding statement will be made.

Fallen into oblivion, but not broken down: Today marks 28 years from  the day of Shahumyan`s occupation by Azerbaijan
 Saturday, June 13 2020 00:30

ArmInfo. Fallen into oblivion, but not broken down- June 13 marks the 28th anniversary of the occupation of the Shahumyan region by Azerbaijan. After almost three decades, the inhabitants of Shahumyan did not lose hope of returning to their homes from where they were expelled in 1992 and praying in  their churches.

Pashinyan devoted whole 10 minutes of his speech in parliament to  appeal to citizens to wear masks
 Friday, June 12 2020 18:47

ArmInfo.On June 12, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan devoted 10 minutes of his speech from the parliamentary tribunal to an appeal to citizens to wear masks in connection with the coronavirus.

Forecast: "Subversive" populism of opposition will not gain votes
 Friday, June 12 2020 18:04

ArmInfo. The fight against coronavirus should not be limited to the struggle of power / Everyone should fight the epidemic: power, opposition, society, all people, all without exception. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo, a  deputy of the parliamentary fraction "My Step" Hovhannes Igityan.

Detained human rights activists were released
 Friday, June 12 2020 17:27

ArmInfo.On June 12, human rights activists who were detained during protest rally near the RA National Assembly building were released.


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