EU pursuing its own interests in South Caucasus - expert 

 Thursday, May 16 2024 13:08
EU pursuing its own interests in South Caucasus - expert 

ArmInfo.The EU, as well as the Collective West, is pursuing its own interests in the South Caucasus,  Hermine Mkhitaryan, an expert for the Insight analytical center, told ArmInfo as she commented on a statement by Ms Adrienn Kiraly, Director for DG NEAR Directorate C, Neighbourhood East and Institution Building, European Commission. 

View from Moscow: It is high time for Yerevan to get rid of illusions  on the issue of normalizing relations with Turkey
 Thursday, June 23 2022 00:47

ArmInfo. It is high time for Yerevan to get rid of illusions on the issue of normalizing relations with Turkey. Victor Nadein-Raevsky, Ph.D. in Philosophy, director of  the Institute of Political and Social Studies of the Black  Sea-Caspian region, senior researcher of IMEMO RAS (Russia) expressed  a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Diplomat: It is pointless to talk about the security guarantees of  the Artsakh people in the absence of the status of Artsakh
 Thursday, June 23 2022 00:41

ArmInfo. Against the backdrop of Baku's desire to force to renounce any status of Artsakh, dilute it with the rest of Azerbaijan, holding Artsakh people as hostages,  Armenian interests in this matter have not even been formulated yet.  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, former Foreign Minister  of Artsakh Arman Melikyan expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Analyst: In a normal country, Ruben Vardazaryan would already be  looking at the sky through prison bars
 Tuesday, June 21 2022 14:11

ArmInfo. In a normal country, after such a press conference Ruben Vardazaryan would already be looking at the sky through prison bars. A similar opinion was expressed to  ArmInfo by head of the Armenian Institute of International Relations  and Security Stepan Safaryan.

Analyst: West and Iran managed to make adjustments to the "corridor"  logic
 Tuesday, June 21 2022 14:11

ArmInfo. With the support of the West and Iran, Armenia managed to make adjustments to the "corridor" logic promoted by Azerbaijan since the signing of the tripartite  statement of November 9, 2020. A similar opinion was expressed to  ArmInfo by head of chairman of the "Free Citizen" Civic Initiatives  Support Centre, political analyst Hovsep Khurshudyan.

Forecast: The emergence of a third force in the political arena of  Armenia is something from the fiction genre
 Monday, June 20 2022 16:27

ArmInfo.The emergence of the so-called third force in the political arena of Armenia is something from the fiction genre. And I have both foreign policy and domestic  political reasons for such a disappointing forecast Conservative  Party Chairman Mikayel Hayrapetyan expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

View from Moscow: Pashinyan demonstrates diplomatic creativity
 Monday, June 20 2022 16:25

ArmInfo.. The recent speech of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan in the National Assembly of the country was a manifestation of a very good level of diplomatic  creativity. A similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by Sergey  Markedonov,  a Leading Researcher of the Euro-Atlantic Security  Center at the MGIMO Institute.

Analyst: Pashinyan`s statement on the status of Artsakh is a  confirmation that "Politics is the art of the possible"
 Friday, June 17 2022 14:55

ArmInfo.The latest statement by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on the status of Artsakh is another confirmation of the well-known words of Otto von Bismarck "Politics is the art of the possible." Expert of the Armenian Institute of  International Relations and Security David Stepanyan expressed a  similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Forecast: Lavrov can no longer impose his "plan" on anyone under the  current geopolitical realities
 Friday, June 17 2022 14:52

ArmInfo. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov can no longer impose his conditional plan- a ready-made solution to the entire complex of problems caused by Artsakh, on  anyone under the current geopolitical realities s. Director of the  Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan expressed a similar opinion  to ArmInfo .

Brussels` mediation could seriously weaken Moscow`s positions -  political analyst
 Thursday, June 16 2022 13:23

ArmInfo.The EU mediation in the Armenian-Azerbaijani border process and unblocking of regional transport links could seriously weaken Russia's positions in the  South Caucasus - primarily due to Moscow's attempts to use these  "geopolitical tracks" for pressurizing Armenia and Azerbaijan,  political analyst Hovsep Khurshudyan said in an interview with  ArmInfo. 

Turkey concerned with eradicating Armenian identity - Artak Zakaryan
 Thursday, June 16 2022 13:22

ArmInfo. Turkey is concerned with  eradicating the Armenian identity rather than with unblocking the  transport links or opening a corridor via Armenia, as the  disappearance of the Armenians will close the issue Turkey is  extremely concerned about, namely, the Armenian Cause, Artak  Zakaryan, a member of the ARF-D Executive Council, said in an   interview with ArmInfo.

South Caucasus part of Black Sea geopolitical agenda - Sergey  Markedonov 
 Wednesday, June 15 2022 16:44

ArmInfo. The European Union (EU) is seeking independent activities in the settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict Sergey Markedonov, Leading Researcher  at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), said in  an interview with ArmInfo.

Forecast: The one that Turkey will definitely not fight is Russia
 Wednesday, June 15 2022 16:41

ArmInfo.he one that Turkey will definitely not fight is Russia.  President of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny Satanovsky expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Forecast: Supplies of Russian weapons to Armenia will continue
 Tuesday, June 14 2022 16:33

ArmInfo. One way or another, but the supply of Russian weapons to Armenia will continue. Director of the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) Ruslan  Pukhov expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Forecast: The current turbulence in Armenia may continue for a long  time, without posing a threat to the authorities
 Tuesday, June 14 2022 16:32

ArmInfo.The current internal political turbulence in Armenia may continue for quite a long time, without posing a threat to the current government. Director of the  Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan expressed a similar opinion  to ArmInfo.

Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict transformed into target in geopolitical  games - Alexander Skakov
 Monday, June 13 2022 13:58

ArmInfo.The Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict has transformed into a target in geopolitical games. It is a most negative factor in terms of prospects both the conflict itself and the conflicting parties have, Alexander Skakov, Deputy Director of  the Institute of Oriental Studies, RF Academy of Sciences, said in an  interview with ArmInfo. 

Forecast: The limits of tactical cooperation between Turkey and  Russia depend on the ability of Ukraine to defend its interests
 Monday, June 13 2022 13:56

ArmInfo.The strategic support provided by Turkey to Ukraine does not at all mean that Ankara is ready to abandon tactical cooperation with Moscow. How far this  cooperation can go depends largely on whether Ukraine learns to  defend its national interests as uncompromisingly as Turkey is doing  now, the columnists of the website write.  "Calls for the lifting of sanctions against Russia, accusations  against the West of facilitating the prolongation of the war and  undisguised support for Russian companies in circumventing sanctions  - all this is about today's Turkey.  Against this background,  generating benefits from the development of economic cooperation with  Moscow and justifying this with the position of an "equidistant"  intermediary in relations between Ukraine and Russia, Ankara is  trying to maintain partnership relations with Moscow and Kyiv, at the  same time earning domestic political points on this," the authors of  the article note.

Russia, West obviously ready to compromise on unblocking transport  links in South Caucasus - expert 
 Friday, June 10 2022 13:08

ArmInfo. Despite radically different geopolitical approaches, Russia and the West are obviously ready to compromise on a need for unblocking transport links in the  South Caucasus, expert in Azerbaijani studies Tatevik Hayrapetyan  said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Armenia makes crucially important step toward developing cooperation  with U.S. despite 30-year delay - diplomat 
 Friday, June 10 2022 13:07

ArmInfo.The U.S. not being immediately involved in the launching of the first Armenian satellite to orbit by means of the SpaceX carrier by no means plays down the  psychological significance of the event, Armenia's former  vice-ambassador to the USA Armen Khazaryan said in an interview with  ArmInfo.

Azerbaijani president will not be able to de-Armenianize Artsakh in  near future - Ruben Safrastyan
 Friday, June 10 2022 12:44

ArmInfo. No doubt, Baku, supported by Ankara, will try to de jure cement the results of its aggression against Artsakh, expert in Turkic studies, Professor Ruben Safrastyan said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Iran concerned over "Zangezur corridor" not over demarcation of the  Armenian-Azerbaijani border - expert
 Friday, June 10 2022 12:43

ArmInfo.No doubt, Iran is now concerned over the possibility of a "Zangezur corridor" running via Armenia's Syunik rather than over demarcation of the Armenian- Azerbaijani border, expert in Iranian studies Emma Baghijanyan said  in an interview with ArmInfo.