Expert: Russia`s mistake is that it considered that Armenia had  nowhere to escape, and delayed solution of several problems

 Friday, June 2 2023 18:59
Expert: Russia`s mistake is that it considered that Armenia had  nowhere to escape, and delayed solution of several problems

ArmInfo.There are no real grounds for signing a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan.  Alexei Mukhin, director general of the Center for Political Information, expressed a similar opinion during a round table on the results of the meeting of the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan under  the auspices of the EU in Chisinau on June 2.

Russia, West obviously ready to compromise on unblocking transport  links in South Caucasus - expert 
 Friday, June 10 2022 13:08

ArmInfo. Despite radically different geopolitical approaches, Russia and the West are obviously ready to compromise on a need for unblocking transport links in the  South Caucasus, expert in Azerbaijani studies Tatevik Hayrapetyan  said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Armenia makes crucially important step toward developing cooperation  with U.S. despite 30-year delay - diplomat 
 Friday, June 10 2022 13:07

ArmInfo.The U.S. not being immediately involved in the launching of the first Armenian satellite to orbit by means of the SpaceX carrier by no means plays down the  psychological significance of the event, Armenia's former  vice-ambassador to the USA Armen Khazaryan said in an interview with  ArmInfo.

Azerbaijani president will not be able to de-Armenianize Artsakh in  near future - Ruben Safrastyan
 Friday, June 10 2022 12:44

ArmInfo. No doubt, Baku, supported by Ankara, will try to de jure cement the results of its aggression against Artsakh, expert in Turkic studies, Professor Ruben Safrastyan said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Iran concerned over "Zangezur corridor" not over demarcation of the  Armenian-Azerbaijani border - expert
 Friday, June 10 2022 12:43

ArmInfo.No doubt, Iran is now concerned over the possibility of a "Zangezur corridor" running via Armenia's Syunik rather than over demarcation of the Armenian- Azerbaijani border, expert in Iranian studies Emma Baghijanyan said  in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Cross-border murders remain Ilham Aliyev`s political creed - Ruben  Mehrabyan
 Wednesday, June 8 2022 14:47

ArmInfo. The unprovoked murder of the Armenian serviceman on duty on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border is evidence that it is murders that remain the "trump card" or, in other words, political creed of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Ruben  Mehrabyan, an expert at the Armenian Institute of International and  Security Affairs (AIISA), said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Analyst: The geopolitical value of Syunik has increased significantly
 Wednesday, June 8 2022 11:19

ArmInfo.The geopolitical significance and value of the Syunik region of Armenia has increased significantly. As of today, this importance has increased even more  than we could imagine it yesterday. A similar opinion was expressed  to ArmInfo by  head of the Armenian Institute of International  Relations and Security Stepan Safaryan.

No global security architecture without Russia - scholar 
 Tuesday, June 7 2022 14:21

ArmInfo.The U.N. Security Council's apparent inability to perform its functions as an agency ensuring global security and the lifeless OSCE necessitate developing  new approaches to creating an effective European security system,  Garik Keryan, Professor of Political Science, Department of  International Relations, Yerevan State University, said in an  interview with ArmInfo. 

Yerevan to agree to cooperation with Baku and Ankara to meet Brussels  and Moscow`s demand - Arman Melikyan 
 Tuesday, June 7 2022 13:57

ArmInfo.Yerevan will agree to cooperation, including cooperation with Baku and Ankara, if Brussels and Moscow demand it, Ambassador Arman Melikyan said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Armenia`s security is Iran`s security - scholar
 Monday, June 6 2022 14:51

ArmInfo.Tehran, is, no doubt, interested in a security platform with the participation of Armenia and Russia, Vardan Voskanyan, Head of the Chair of Iranian Studies,  Yerevan State University, said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Analyst: Brussels has no mandate, but has a plan
 Monday, June 6 2022 14:50

ArmInfo.Not having a mandate for a mediation mission to resolve the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the EU has a clear plan in this process. A similar  opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by Fyodor Lukyanov, research  director at the International Valdai discussion club, member of  presidium of Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC).

No-win outcome in Ukraine to strengthen rear of Recep Erdogan and   Ilham Aliyev - Hovsep Khurshudyan 
 Friday, June 3 2022 12:28

ArmInfo. A "no-win" outcome in the Ukraine war will substantially  strengthen the rear of Recep Erdogan and Ilham Aliyev in the South  Caucasus, including in their relations with the West, Hovsep  Khurshudyan, Head of the Free Citizen NGO, said in an interview with  ArmInfo.  

Lawyer: There is no alternative to the right of self-determination in  protecting the rights of Artsakh residents
 Thursday, June 2 2022 14:32

ArmInfo. In protecting the rights of the people of Artsakh, their right to self-determination has no alternative. Former member of the National Assembly of Armenia,  lawyer Taron Simonyan, expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Expert: Attitude towards Armenia determines its geopolitical vector
 Thursday, June 2 2022 14:31

ArmInfo.The attitude towards Armenia is dictated by the geopolitical vector of Yerevan, the current vector and what it may be in the future. A similar opinion  was expressed to ArmInfo by the president of the Yerevan Press Club,  Boris Navasardyan.

Yerevan vainly relying on Washington for Ankara unblocking the  borders - Viktor Nadein-Raevsky
 Wednesday, June 1 2022 11:28

ArmInfo.Yerevan is in vain relying on Washington for Ankara unblocking the borders, Viktor Nadein-Raevsky, Researcher of the Institute of World Economy and  International Relations (IMEMO), said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Lack of ideology cause of dismantlement of the Third Republic - Hayk  Demoyan
 Wednesday, June 1 2022 11:19

ArmInfo.It may sound strange, but the process of dismantlement of the Third Republic was perhaps launched when the Republic was actually in the making, Doctor of  History Hayk Demoyan said in an interview with ArmInfo.   

Forecast: Armenia has the potential to face geopolitical challenges, but not with these authorities
 Tuesday, May 31 2022 19:15

ArmInfo.Armenia has the potential to counter geopolitical challenges and threats; But not with this power. A member of the Council of the Republican Party of Armenia,  former Deputy Minister of Defense Artak Zakaryan expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.

Expert: Armenian-Azerbaijani problems are part of the Great Game
 Tuesday, May 31 2022 18:12

ArmInfo.The current Armenian-Azerbaijani problems are not limited to Armenia, Azerbaijan or even the South Caucasus. They are a small element of the Big Game  component.  Hrachya Arzumanyan, an expert on national security and  defense issues, Doctor of Political Sciences, expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.

Even Russia and West could reach agreement of Artsakh`s status  despite cold war - Vahram Atanesyan
 Monday, May 30 2022 14:20

ArmInfo. Since victorious Armenia and the OSCE Minsk Group mediators proved unable to persuade Azerbaijan into recognizing Artsakh's independence or agreeing its  joining Armenia for 25 years, Baku's agreeing to that after the  November 9 statement was signed can hardly be imagined, the public  and political figure Vahram Atanesyan said in an interview with  ArmInfo. 

Forecast: The prospects for Iran and Central Asia to become new  hotbeds of conflict also affect the South Caucasus
 Friday, May 27 2022 10:44

ArmInfo. As of today, there are all the prerequisites and impulses that allow us to forecast that Iran and Central Asia, neighboring Armenia, may become new hotbeds of  serious conflicts. A similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, former Foreign Minister  of Artsakh Arman Melikyan.

Forecast: US will put pressure on Turkey to normalize relations with  Armenia
 Friday, May 27 2022 10:43

ArmInfo.The increased US interest in the Armenian-Turkish normalization during the Russian-Ukrainian war is due to the parallel aggravation of relations between  Washington and Moscow. Academician of the National Academy of  Sciences of Armenia, Turkologist Ruben Safrastyan, expressed a  similar opinion to ArmInfo.