Knarik Hovhannisyan: Armenia`s water policy leaves much to be desired

 Thursday, June 6 2024 20:16
Knarik Hovhannisyan: Armenia`s water policy leaves much to be desired

ArmInfo.World Water Day is traditionally celebrated on March 22. In Armenia, this is a special date - a real holiday for non-governmental organizations, which receive considerable grants from their donors for Water Day to organize numerous events: conferences, round tables, etc. Moreover, as the experience of attending these events shows, few people raise specific questions, look for answers, or make demands on the government. Those "who call the tune", apparently, do so for a "tick" in the "cost estimates" and nothing more. ArmInfo decided "to be out of the swim" and, on the eve of the summer heat, turned to a recognized water specialist, scientist Knarik Hovhannisyan, who has devoted herself to issues of water ecology and water resources of the country for many years, even decades, with a request to briefly share her vision of water problems.

View from Moscow: Forecasting Russia`s future policy in the South  Caucasus is a thankless task
 Thursday, July 14 2022 18:34

ArmInfo.It is known that forecasting is a thankless task, but forecasting the future policy of Russia in the South Caucasus is doubly thankless, first of all,  taking into account the inconsistency of Russian expert political  thought and existing concepts in the Caucasian direction of our  policy. Russian military expert Vladimir Evseev expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.

Forecast: Erdogan`s maneuvering will force the West to put up with  him further
 Thursday, July 14 2022 16:40

ArmInfo.Turkey's continued policy of maneuvering between the West and Russia will force the US and EU to put up with some of Erdogan's decisions even further. A similar  opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by Victor Nadein-Raevsky, Ph.D. in  Philosophy, director of the Institute of Political and Social Studies  of the Black  Sea-Caspian region, senior researcher of IMEMO RAS  (Russia), Turkologist.

Russian analyst: 3+3 is "our answer to the West"
 Wednesday, July 13 2022 19:03

ArmInfo. Against the background of geopolitical upheavals, which continue to shake international relations, the post-Soviet area and the whole world naturally  gradually go on the path of geopolitical transformations towards the  establishment of a completely new world order. Alexey Malashenko,  Chief Researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International  Relations (IMEMO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences expressed a  similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan could well attempt to destabilize  South Caucasus as electoral strategy - Ruben Safrastyan
 Wednesday, July 13 2022 13:16

ArmInfo.Turkish President Recep Erdogan could well attempt to destabilize the South Caucasus to consolidate his positions before the 2023 elections, Professor Ruben  Safrastyan said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Russia`s strategic defeat in Ukraine and weakened role in South  Caucasus likely - expert
 Monday, July 11 2022 11:47

ArmInfo. The major change in the South Caucasus geopolitics since Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a real prospect of Russia's strategic defeat, which will put an end to  Russia being a regional actor or seriously weaken it, Gela Vasadze,  an expert for the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center, said in an  interview with ArmInfo. 

Early elections not ruled out in Turkey - expert
 Monday, July 11 2022 11:31

ArmInfo.Turkish President Recep Erdogan's one sole aim in implementing his domestic and foreign policy is retaining power, and an early presidential election cannot  be ruled out in that country, expert in Oriental Studies Emma  Begidjanyan said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

A new revolution of firearms
 Thursday, July 7 2022 15:06

ArmInfo.Literally days ago the American army finally accepted the results of the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) competition, by which the next generation of the main shooting armaments of the American army was determined, that is, a firearm,a machine gun, a unified cartridge and an optical fire control system.

Expert: Baku will comply with the judicial acts of Strasbourg and The  Hague only under the threat of sanctions
 Monday, July 4 2022 15:32

ArmInfo.The leadership of Azerbaijan will comply with the judicial acts adopted by the ECHR and the International Court of Justice of the Hague only in the event of  a threat of application and the very application of political  sanctions. An expert in the field of international law, lawyer Ara  Ghazaryan, expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Forecast: It is not Armenia that will benefit from unblocking  communications, but Turkey, which will get access to Central Asia
 Monday, July 4 2022 15:30

ArmInfo.Negotiating the unblocking of transport communications, Ankara actually does not have such a goal at all. Turkologist Hakob Chakryan expressed this opinion to  ArmInfo.

Turkologist: Turkey and Azerbaijan hold the unblocking of borders as  the icing on the cake of common normalization with Armenia
 Friday, July 1 2022 19:57

ArmInfo. Judging by the latest statements by Armenian officials, there has been some disappointment in Yerevan regarding the process of normalizing relations with  Turkey.  Victor Nadein-Raevsky, Ph.D. in Philosophy, director of  the  Institute of Political and Social Studies of the Black  Sea-Caspian  region, senior researcher of IMEMO RAS (Russia) expressed  a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.

Analyst: Artsakh is not an exception in the general diplomatic gap  between Russia and the West
 Friday, July 1 2022 19:55

ArmInfo. The problem of Nagorno-Karabakh is not an exception in the general diplomatic gap between the Russian Federation and the West. A similar opinion was  expressed to ArmInfo by Fyodor Lukyanov, Research Director at the  International Valdai Discussion Club,  Editor-in-Chief of the  Russia  in Global Affairs journal.

Other actors` positions account for Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiations  losing momentum - Vigen Hakobyan
 Thursday, June 30 2022 13:01

ArmInfo. The accents put at Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan's last news conference in the context of the last signals in negotiations with Azerbaijan and  settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict suggest planned further  concessions to Azerbaijan rather than an imminent war, political  engineer Vigen Hakobyan said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Armenia`s premier, Azerbaijani president may have reached agreements  on Artsakh`s status - Arman Melikyan
 Thursday, June 30 2022 12:52

ArmInfo.It is common knowledge that the situation in the wake of the 44-war has caused the Armenian leadership to prefer mentioning Artsakh's status as less as possible,  Ambassador Arman Melikyan said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Geopolitical importance of the South Caucasus will be declining -  Alexander Iskandaryan
 Wednesday, June 29 2022 12:51

ArmInfo.In the course of time, the geopolitical importance of the South Caucasus will be declining, Alexander Iskandaryan, Director of the Yerevan-based Caucasus  Institute, said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Artsakh peace process under OSCE MG jurisdiction in Armenians`  interests - Ara Papyan 
 Wednesday, June 29 2022 12:50

ArmInfo. The latest statement by the U.S. Department of State is evidence of Russia boycotting the OSCE Minsk Group's activities, Ara Papyan, Head of the Modus Vivendi  think tank, said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Expert: Both the media and Pashinyan have grounds for their position
 Tuesday, June 28 2022 14:31

ArmInfo.. In general, the position of the media that refused to participate in Nikol Pashinyan's press conference has certain grounds. A similar opinion was expressed to  ArmInfo by tpresident of the Yerevan Press Club Boris Navasardyan.

View from Moscow: If Russia does not deal with the problems between  Armenia and Azerbaijan, the West will deal with them
 Tuesday, June 28 2022 14:26

ArmInfo. If Russia does not deal with the problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the normalization of relations between Baku and Yerevan, the West will inevitably deal  with this. Deputy Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of  the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Skakov expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.  

On more Russian military base in Armenia project with ambitious goals  - Saro Saroyan
 Monday, June 27 2022 17:45

ArmInfo.The Russian military contingent is performing three major tasks in the South Caucasus: ensuring Armenia's security in Turkey's direction, carrying out a  peacekeeping mission in Artsakh and, now, ensuring the security along  the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, independent analyst Saro Saroyan  said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Baku seeking peace agreement with Yerevan without OSCE Minsk Group -  Vladimir Yevseyev
 Monday, June 27 2022 12:39

ArmInfo. Baku is seeking to sign a peace agreement with Yerevan in a bilateral or even trilateral format with the participation of Moscow or Brussels, but not in the OSCE  Minsk Group format, Russian military expert Vladimir Yevseyev said in  an interview with ArmInfo. 

Moscow badly miscalculated Turkish president`s potential - David  Hovhannisyan
 Friday, June 24 2022 10:51

ArmInfo. In the autumn 2020, Moscow badly miscalculated the potential of Turkey and its President Recep Erdogan, Professor David Hovhannisyan said in an interview with  ArmInfo.