Final concert of Francophonie dedicated to 125th anniversary of French composer Francis Poulenc

 Monday, April 22 2024 11:15
Final concert of Francophonie dedicated to 125th anniversary of French composer Francis Poulenc

ArmInfo. The final gala concert dedicated to the closing of the Francophonie Days in Armenia  will take place on April 27, at 19:00, in the Concert Hall. A.Khachaturian.  The concert is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the French composer Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc

You can`t talk about ballet, you need to watch it: Ballet dancer,  choreographer Vilen Galstyan passed away
 Saturday, June 5 2021 12:20

ArmInfo.On June 4, at the age of 80, a ballet dancer, choreographer, People's Artist of the Armenian SSR, chief choreographer of the Armenian National Academic Theatre of  Opera and Ballet named after Alexander Spendiaryan Vilen Galstyan  passed away.

Warm Armenian evening to present new product of masters of Yerevan Brandy Company.
 Monday, May 24 2021 13:05

ArmInfo.ARARAT Coffee is a new interpretation of the legendary taste. Elegantly combining the brightest of coffee and cognac, the new product of the masters of the Yerevan Brandy Factory will reveal their unique facets and surprise both true connoisseurs of elegant drinks and those whose journey into the world of exquisite combinations is just beginning.

Charles Aznavour`s bust installed in Stepanakert:  Today is birthday  of world-famous Chansonnier
 Sunday, May 23 2021 12:16

ArmInfo.Today - on the birthday of the world famous Frenchman of Armenian origin Charles Aznavour, a bust of the chansonnier was installed in Stepanakert.

Acrobatic performance of French contemporary circus will take place  in Yerevan and Gyumri
 Wednesday, May 19 2021 17:16

ArmInfo.The "Instable" acrobatic performance of the French contemporary circus will take place in Yerevan and Gyumri.

Valuing the past, reinterpreting the present and looking to the  future: ARARAT Museum revealed the museums of Yerevan 
 Monday, May 17 2021 14:26

ArmInfo. Traditionally having joined the international "Museum Day/Night" initiative, ARARAT Museum invited to discover several museums in Yerevan, enriching the format of the event this year. This initiative was aimed at raising interest in  Armenian Museums and discovering the different facets of our identity  and heritage.

The exhibition "Artsakh: Heritage under Threat" will be open until  May 2 - more than 120 photos of the historical and cultural heritage of Artsakh
 Saturday, April 24 2021 14:55

ArmInfo. On April 24, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Artsakh: Heritage under Threat"at the Yerevan City Hall.

ARARAT Legendary Armenian Brandy presents premiere of the film “Under One Sky” Directed by Alexander Hant
 Thursday, April 8 2021 18:14

ArmInfo.The legendary Armenian brandy celebrates its redesign and presents “Under One Sky” movie. By this new artistic form, the brand illustrates its genuineness and eternal values, that continue to inspire.

New finds from the Urartu period have been discovered on the  territory adjacent to the "Karmir Bloor" (video)
 Thursday, April 8 2021 12:36

ArmInfo. New finds from the Urartu period have been discovered in the territory adjacent to the "Karmir Bloor" (Red Hill). This is reported by the press service of  the Yerevan Municipality.

The XVII International Khachaturian Contest will be held in Yerevan
 Wednesday, April 7 2021 13:13

ArmInfo. The XVII International Khachaturian Competition will be held in Yerevan from June 6 to 12, 2021.

Francophonie film festival to be held in Yerevan
 Friday, April 2 2021 22:01

ArmInfo.On the initiative of the French Embassy in Armenia, the IV, already traditional, Francophonie film festival starts in Yerevan in the second week of  April. The opening of the film festival will be marked by the  screening of the film by French director Alexis Michalik "Edmond",  which will take place on April 6 at 7:00pm in the "Moscow" cinema.

Concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Astor Piazolla to be  held in Yerevan
 Tuesday, March 30 2021 13:58

ArmInfo.On April 1, at 19:30, a concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Argentine composer Astor Piazolla will take place in the Aram Khachaturian  Concert Hall.

US Embassy in Armenia launches fifth American Cinema Festival 2021 
 Saturday, March 27 2021 12:46

ArmInfo. US Embassy in Armenia launches American Cinema Festival 2021 (American Film Showcase - 2021).

Embassy of France in Armenia will hold a number of events, within the  framework of the Days of Francophone
 Wednesday, March 17 2021 17:43

ArmInfo. The French Embassy in Armenia will hold a number of events, within the framework of the days of Francophone.

The French Embassy in Armenia invites  to a photo exhibition held  within the framework of the Days of Francophone
 Tuesday, March 16 2021 14:52

ArmInfo.The French Embassy in Armenia invites you to a photo exhibition held within the framework of the Days of Francophone in our country and organized by  the FETART art ensemble of the annual French festival CIRCULATION (S)  in cooperation with the Henrik Igityan National Center for  Aesthetics.

An exhibition of manuscripts evacuated from the Matenadaran-Gandzasar  scientific and cultural center opens in Yerevan
 Wednesday, March 3 2021 11:39

ArmInfo. A temporary exhibition of manuscripts evacuated during the war from the  Matenadaran-Gandzasar scientific and cultural center has opened in  Yerevan.

The Catholic Church will celebrate the feast day of St. Grigor  Narekatsi on February 27
 Wednesday, February 3 2021 12:25

ArmInfo.By the decree of Pope Francis, February 27 will be celebrated according to the Roman calendar as the day of remembrance of the Archimandrite of the  Ecumenical Church, St. Grigor Narekatsi.

The presentation of "Ereruyk `` book by Patrick Donabedian took place
 Tuesday, February 2 2021 20:40

ArmInfo. The French Embassy  in Armenia has supported the publication of Patrick Donabedian's book  "Ereruyk" in two languages - Armenian and French. The book, as  reported by the French Embassy in the RA, presents the early  Christian medieval complex "Ereruyk", known for its famous basilica  near the ruins of Ani. It is one of the most impressive and  mysterious monuments in Armenia.

Aurora Supported the Digital Matenadaran Project
 Tuesday, February 2 2021 11:58

ArmInfo. Aurora Humanitarian Initiative awarded a grant of $ 10,000 to Matenadaran,  the national Armenian repository of ancient manuscripts to help it  create the "Digital Matenadaran" and present its main exhibition  online.

The Mariinsky Theater records Beethoven`s symphonies performed by the  National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia
 Monday, January 25 2021 11:43

ArmInfo.The best specialists from the technical team of the Mariinsky Theater are  recording Beethoven's symphonies performed by the National  Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia.

Today is the centenary of one of the brightest composers of the 20th  century, Arno Babajanyan
 Thursday, January 21 2021 13:25

ArmInfo. Today marks the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Soviet and Armenian composer, People's Artist of the USSR Arno Babajanyan.  Arno  Harutyunovich Babajanyan was born on January 21 (according to his  passport - January 22) 1921 in Yerevan, into a family of teachers.