"Stronger than life": a film about those who live and inspire to live after the war

 Friday, August 12 2022 10:48

ArmInfo.A special screening of the film "Stronger than life" took place at the Cinema House. The film was created by LC production and tells about the wounded soldiers and the families of the fallen soldiers after the Second Artsakh War: their emotions and desire to live.

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia presents new model  for assessing functionality of person
 Monday, May 2 2022 19:54

ArmInfo. A consultation chaired by RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was held at the Government, during which the draft of a new model for assessing the functionality of a  person was discussed.

Another earthquake hits Armenian-Georgian border
 Monday, May 2 2022 19:53

ArmInfo.Another earthquake with a magnitude of 2.7 was registered on the Armenian-Georgian border.

Yerevan Subway operates in emergency mode
 Monday, May 2 2022 12:14

ArmInfo.The Yerevan Subway (colloquially known as the Yerevan Metro) is operating in emergency mode. Tatev Khachatryan, press secretary of the Yerevan Subway,  reported this.

Magnitude 5 earthquake in Armenia  
 Monday, May 2 2022 09:59

ArmInfo.A 4.6 earthquake hit 13 km northeast of the village of Bavra, near the Armenian-Georgian border at 23:35 local time (19:35 GMT), the Armenian Ministry of  Emergency Situations reports.

Over 50% of Armenia`s residents sure of Russia`s victory in Ukraine 
 Friday, April 29 2022 11:37

ArmInfo. Over 50% of Armenia's residents are sure Russia will gain victory in confrontation with Ukraine, according to a survey conducted by Marketing Professional Group (MPG), an exclusive representative of the GALLUP International Association in Armenia. 

Armenian school teachers` salaries could be raised 
 Thursday, April 28 2022 13:34

ArmInfo. Armenian teachers' monthly salary may be raised up to AMD 400,000 ($860) from May 1, 2022, RA Minister of Education, Science, Sport and Culture Vahram  Dumanyan stated at a Cabinet meeting on April 28.

Pregnant woman killed in car accident: driver detained 
 Wednesday, April 27 2022 10:34

ArmInfo. Law-enforcers have detained the officer platoon commander who was driving the off-roader that run over a pregnant young woman at the intersection of Paronyan street and Leo street. 

Official SUV ran over pregnant woman in Yerevan
 Tuesday, April 26 2022 21:15

ArmInfo.At 6.24pm, an accident took place at the intersection of Leo-Paronyan streets..  According to the preliminary data of the Operative Management Center  of the RA Police, a Toyota traffic police car, which was currently  used for official purposes, ran over a woman.

ARMENAL, Yerevan branch of Moscow State University sign cooperation  agreement 
 Tuesday, April 26 2022 11:36

ArmInfo. The ARMENAL plant and the Yerevan branch of Moscow  State University have signed a cooperation agreement. 

8 new coronavirus cases in Armenia in 24 hours; 13 patients  recovered
 Saturday, April 23 2022 21:13

ArmInfo.Over the past day, 2,428 tests for coronavirus were carried out in Armenia, of which the disease was confirmed in 8 cases (0.3%), 13 patients recovered. At  the same time, there were no fatalities in the daily statistics.

Bomb alarm on board of Yerevan-Moscow flight turned out to be false
 Friday, April 22 2022 00:52

ArmInfo. The alarm about the bomb on the plane of the Yerevan- Moscow flight at Yerevan "Zvatnots" airport turned out to be false.

After 40 years, Sports Complex of Yerevan will host strongest  athletes in Europe
 Thursday, April 21 2022 19:21

ArmInfo.For the first time in the history of independent Armenia, the country will host the European Weightlifting Championship among adults in 2023. According to the press service of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the  Republic of Armenia (MECS), the European Weightlifting Federation  confirmed its consent in an official letter to the Armenian  Federation.  Preliminarily, the championship will be held in April  2023.

Yerevan Municipality organizes free transportation of citizens to  Tsitsirnakaberd on April 24
 Wednesday, April 20 2022 14:49

ArmInfo. On April 24, from 08.30am to 10.00pm, Yerevan Municipality organizes free  transportation of citizens to the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial complex.    According to the capital's mayor's office, the transportation will be  organized along two routes: First route:  "Hrazdan" Stadium - St.   Atenk - Victory Bridge -St. Argishti - St. Italy -St. Khorenatsi -  St. Agatangeghos - Zoravar Andranik Metro Station.

Director of Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute on upcoming  commemorative events dedicated to 107th anniversary of Armenian  Genocide
 Monday, April 18 2022 18:42

ArmInfo.From April 20 to April 22 Armenia will host a unique international "Challenges of Armenian Genocide Education in the 21st Century" scientific  conference, within which 29 reports will be presented. Director of  Armenian Genocide Museum- Institute Harutyun Marutyan announced this  on April 18 at a meeting with journalists, announcing commemorative  events dedicated to the 107th anniversary of the massacre of  Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

World famous scientist Yuri Hovhannisyan was hosted at Central Bank  of Armenia and RAU
 Friday, April 15 2022 19:47

ArmInfo. On April 14, 2022, the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia issued a silver commemorative coin dedicated to the chemical element "Oganesson (Og)," the press service of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia reports.

Anahit Avanesyan: The budget of the Ministry of Health of Armenia  grew by 40% in 4 years
 Friday, April 15 2022 17:20

ArmInfo.From year to year, the health care system of Armenia improves its position in terms of key indicators, but in terms of funds allocated from the state  budget, Armenia's indicators are still lower than those of its  neighbors in the region.

COVID-19 restrictions remain in force in Armenia: Ministry of Health
 Friday, April 15 2022 17:19

ArmInfo. In the near future, covid restrictions will remain in force in Armenia. Minister of Health of Armenia Anahit Avanesyan stated this during a briefing.

Air Armenia case is not closed: Prosecutor`s Office filed charges of  embezzlement
 Thursday, April 14 2022 17:09

ArmInfo.The Prosecutor's Office has charge former  General Director of Air Armenia A. Avetisyan. It should be noted that  the company went bankrupt in 2015.According to the press service of  the General Prosecutor's Office of Armenia, Avetisyan was charged  with non-payment of state duty and misappropriation of these amounts  in the amount of more than 681 million drams.

5-magnitute earthquake on Armenian-Azerbaijani border 
 Thursday, April 14 2022 12:29

ArmInfo.At 04:13am, April 14, Armenia's Seismic Protection Service recorded a 3.7-magnitute earthquake 15km north-east of Bavra, on the Armenian-Georgian border.  The seismic focus was at a depth of 10km. 

Week after scandal with salmonella, Food Safety Inspectorate of  Armenia suspended sale of "kinder surprises"
 Wednesday, April 13 2022 18:32

ArmInfo.A week after the scandal broke in Europe  over the unsafety of Kinder chocolate eggs, the Food Safety  Inspectorate of Armenia decided to suspend their sale.