Tatoyan Foundation: By ceding territories to Azerbaijan, head of government undermines Armenia`s security  and rights of those territories` population 

 Friday, April 19 2024 21:25
Tatoyan Foundation: By ceding territories to Azerbaijan, head of government undermines Armenia`s security  and rights of those territories` population 

ArmInfo.The head of the Armenian government unilaterally cedes to Azerbaijan such  territories in the Tavush region that undermine the security and the rights of the population of  those territories. This statement was made by the Tatoyan Foundation, which is headed by ex-Ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan.

Tatoyan: borders` issue cannot be separated from people
 Friday, April 12 2024 12:40

ArmInfo.The issue of borders cannot be separated from people. It is precisely for the safe and  secure life of a person, their rights. Former Armenian Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan writes.

Armenia`s parliament adopts controversial amendments to domestic  violence prevention law 
 Friday, April 12 2024 12:36

ArmInfo. The National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, at its meeting on April 12, in the second  and final reading, introduced scandalous amendments to the law "On the prevention of domestic violence, the protection of persons subjected to domestic violence, and the restoration of solidarity in the family," developed by a group of deputies from the ruling "Civil Contract" faction. 57 deputies voted for their adoption, 25 voted  against, and one parliamentarian abstained.

Coordination Center "For Armenian Statehood" to appeal to Prosecutor  General`s Office of on suspicion of officials` high treason 
 Friday, April 12 2024 10:49

ArmInfo.The Coordination Center "For Armenian Statehood" is going to appeal to the Prosecutor  General's Office of the Republic of Armenia on suspicion of committing acts falling under the article on high treason by Armenian officials, reads a message received by ArmInfo from the chairman of  the Democratic Union party Suren Petrosyan, who speaks on behalf of the coordination center.

Ruling faction rejects draft delimitation statement proposed by  opposition
 Thursday, April 11 2024 21:11

ArmInfo. The draft statement "On the delimitation and demarcation of borders between the Republic of  Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan," initiated by the parliamentary opposition, was not adopted on April 11 due to the lack of quorum.

Armenian-Russian air defense system did not work at right time -  Pashinyan
 Thursday, April 11 2024 21:10

ArmInfo.The joint air defense system of Armenia and Russia did not work at the right time. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced  on April 11 in parliament.

Fact of recognition Azerbaijan`s territorial integrity  is necessary  for Armenian authorities to recognize Armenia`s territorial integrity  
 Thursday, April 11 2024 20:18

ArmInfo. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan assures that the fact of recognition of the territorial  integrity of Azerbaijan is necessary for the Armenian authorities to recognize the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia.

It`s not a question of 4 villages, it`s not a question of Armenia -  Pashinyan
 Thursday, April 11 2024 20:17

ArmInfo. "Some clergymen remembered that there is a church there, they hold a 'show' service  there, how many times did they remember this church and how many times did they hold services there? "I don't understand, is this a stand-up?" Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in parliament on April 11.

No return to historical Armenia idea! Pashinyan calls on
 Thursday, April 11 2024 20:15

ArmInfo. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan calls for recording the strategic impossibility of  returning to the idea of 'historical Armenia'. He stated  on April 11 at the final speech during a discussion of the implementation of the government program for 2023.

Deportation or ethnic cleansing? US has no clear assessment of what  happened in Artsakh, Ambassador Kvien says
 Thursday, April 11 2024 18:21

ArmInfo.The United States continues to work to collect facts in connection with what happened  in Nagorno-Karabakh. The information received has not yet become a report, so there is nothing to report yet. US Ambassador to Armenia Kristina Kvien stated this in an interview with the RFE/RL's Armenian  Service when asked to tell whether the fact-finding report on Artsakh, which the State Department promised to prepare, is ready.

Surrendering 4 villages of Tavush means dooming Armenia to the same  fate as Artsakh: Atom Margaryan
 Thursday, April 11 2024 14:34

ArmInfo. Surrendering 4 villages of Tavush means dooming Armenia to the same fate as Artsakh. Atom  Margaryan, Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Theory of the Armenian State University of Economics, shares this opinion.

Armenian authorities are investigating whether maps were once  provided to UN for publication
 Wednesday, April 10 2024 17:29

ArmInfo.An official investigation is underway in Armenia into the issue of Yerevan sending maps to the  UN, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said during government hour in parliament on April 10.

Justice Deputy Minister and Urban Development Committee Sec Gen were  dismissed
 Wednesday, April 10 2024 17:07

ArmInfo.Ara Mkrtchyan was relieved of his post as Deputy Minister of Justice of Armenia, and  Aram Mkrtchyan left the post of Secretary General of the Urban Development Committee.

Until maps are agreed upon with Azerbaijan, border delimitation  process will not progress - Pashinyan
 Wednesday, April 10 2024 16:30

ArmInfo. No one can guarantee that even after the conclusion of the peace treaty, it will be  possible to avoid a new war with Azerbaijan. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told journalists on April 10.

Stepanakert was forbidden to dialogue with Baku, but I was not the  one who forbade it - Pashinyan
 Wednesday, April 10 2024 15:16

ArmInfo.A number of representatives of the former elite of Nagorno-Karabakh hoped to take  power in Armenia if they suffered a fiasco in NK itself. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made a similar statement on April 10 in parliament.

Story of arrest of Russian deserter in Gyumri isn`t as clear cut as  it seems
 Wednesday, April 10 2024 15:11

ArmInfo.Human rights NGOs in Armenia, with the support of a number of Russian liberal platforms,  began to "disperse" information that the military police of the 102nd Russian base detained another Russian deserter - Anatoly Shchetinin in Gyumri. But is everything so clear in this story? As ArmInfo learned from the competent law enforcement agencies, everything that is said around this case is not true.

Difficult times in Armenian-Russian relations - premier
 Wednesday, April 10 2024 13:03

ArmInfo.Armenian-Russian relations are going through difficult times.  At the same time, it is  difficult to overestimate their special importance for Armenian statehood, sovereignty, economy and security, Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan stated in Parliament, on April 10.

Certain representatives of former elite of Nagorno-Karabakh "enemy  beacons" - Armenia s premier 
 Wednesday, April 10 2024 13:01

ArmInfo. In certain circles of Nagorno-Karabakh, unfortunately, the understanding has not matured  that they, the elected representatives of NK, must make decisions, Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan stated in Parliament.

Yerevan "in waiting mode" in relations with Ankara - Armenia`s  premier 
 Wednesday, April 10 2024 12:40

ArmInfo. Armenia is waiting for the implementation of official agreements in its relations with Turkiye, Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan stated in Parliament. 

EUMA could stay in Armenia for 2 more years - premier 
 Wednesday, April 10 2024 12:31

ArmInfo. The extension of EUMA for another two years is under discussion, Armenia's Premier Nikol  Pashinyan stated in Parliament on April 10. 

Violence prevention should not be used as opportunity to distort  traditional concept of family
 Wednesday, April 10 2024 12:26

ArmInfo. Violence prevention should not be used as an opportunity to distort the traditional concept of family, reads a statement of the Office of the Mother See of Etchmiadzin in connection with the amendments to the law "On the prevention of family violence, the protection of persons subjected to domestic violence and the restoration of unity in the family" being discussed in the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.