Knarik Hovhannisyan: Armenia`s water policy leaves much to be desired

 Thursday, June 6 2024 20:16
Knarik Hovhannisyan: Armenia`s water policy leaves much to be desired

ArmInfo.World Water Day is traditionally celebrated on March 22. In Armenia, this is a special date - a real holiday for non-governmental organizations, which receive considerable grants from their donors for Water Day to organize numerous events: conferences, round tables, etc. Moreover, as the experience of attending these events shows, few people raise specific questions, look for answers, or make demands on the government. Those "who call the tune", apparently, do so for a "tick" in the "cost estimates" and nothing more. ArmInfo decided "to be out of the swim" and, on the eve of the summer heat, turned to a recognized water specialist, scientist Knarik Hovhannisyan, who has devoted herself to issues of water ecology and water resources of the country for many years, even decades, with a request to briefly share her vision of water problems.

Turkologist: The corridor through Armenia is important for Erdogan as  a path to the Turkic Union
 Friday, November 5 2021 18:21

ArmInfo.The current situation in the South Caucasus is primarily characterized by the struggle of the countries of the region and neighboring states for the observance  of their own interests in the formation of a new, post-war status  quo. First of all, we are talking about Russia and Turkey, to a  certain extent about Iran. Academician of the National Academy of  Sciences of Armenia, Turkologist Ruben Safrastyan, expressed a  similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Political scientist: Both Armenia and Azerbaijan have the analogs of  the same maps that are in the General staff of the Russian Federation
 Thursday, November 4 2021 14:05

ArmInfo. Both Armenia and Azerbaijan have the analogs of the same maps that are in the General Staff of the Russian Federation, to which Russian President Putin  referred in his Valdai speech.  Chairman of the Armenian Constructive  Party, political scientist Andrias Ghukasyan, expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.

Forecast: One should not wait for the signing of a peace treaty in  Moscow on November 9
 Thursday, November 4 2021 12:50

ArmInfo.One should not wait for the signing of a peace treaty in Moscow on November 9by Armenia and Azerbaijan. Alexander Skakov, Working Group Coordinator at the  Central Eurasia Research Center, RAS Institute of Oriental Studies,  told ArmInfo.

Russian expert: Armenia`s defeat did not bring much benefit to  Azerbaijan
 Wednesday, November 3 2021 14:02

ArmInfo.The loss, defeat of Armenia in the 44-day war for Nagorno-Karabakh that took place exactly one year ago did not bring any particular benefit to  Azerbaijan.  Senior Research Fellow, Head of the CIS Institute  Department of Eurasian Integration and SCO Development Vladimir  Evseev expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Analyst: Neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan is interested in breaking off  relations with Russia
 Wednesday, November 3 2021 14:00

ArmInfo.It seems obvious that no West, either individually or collectively, will save Armenia.  Moreover, it will not give Armenia more than what Russia currently  gives.  A similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by Sergei  Markedonov, Leading Researcher at the MGIMO Institute for  International Studies, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of  International Analytics.

Orientalist: The prospect of the acquiring ground communication  between Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan is fraught with new threats for  Iran
 Tuesday, November 2 2021 16:35

ArmInfo. The prospect of the acquiring ground communication between Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan through the territory of Armenia (the so-called Zangezur corridor,  Ed. note) is fraught with new threats for Iran, since the  implementation of these plans by Ankara and Baku will lead to the  formation of a completely new security environment.

Forecast: If  not killed, Saakashvili will go the whole hog 
 Tuesday, November 2 2021 16:30

ArmInfo.  The third president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, will go the whole hog. Almost everyone was convinced of this, including the opposition, which did  not believe in his such intentions yesterday.  Gela Vasadze, a  leading expert of the Georgian Center for Strategic Analysis (GSAC)  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.  

Forecast:  The final geopolitical transformation of the South Caucasus  will not happen so soon
 Monday, November 1 2021 11:36

ArmInfo.Regardless of whether the observed trends and global changes in the world order were the result of the coronavirus pandemic or it all started much earlier,  these changes are reality and they undoubtedly have affected the  South Caucasus as well. The German political scientist Alexander Rahr  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Polish expert: Prospects for the development of Armenian-Polish relations depend not only on Warsaw, but also on Yerevan
 Monday, November 1 2021 11:25

ArmInfo. Poland has traditionally sought to maintain a balance in relations with all three countries of the South Caucasus. And we understand that today this balance has undergone minor adjustments not in favor of Armenia. 

View from Moscow: The situation in which the Armenians of Karabakh  are protected from ethnic cleansing by only 2,000 Russian  peacekeepers is not in the interests of either Armenia or Russia  itself
 Friday, October 15 2021 16:47

ArmInfo. The situation in which the Armenians of Karabakh are protected from ethnic cleansing by only 2,000 Russian peacekeepers and, of course, the military power of  Russia behind them is not in the interests of either these people, or  Armenia, or Russia itself. Nikolai Silaev, a leading researcher at  the Institute of International Studies of the Moscow State Institute  of International Relations (MGIMO) of the Russian Ministry of Foreign  Affairs, expressed a similar opinion at the Geopolitical Session  "Armenia and Russia: the Imperative of a New Strategy" being held at  the Russian-Armenian University in Yerevan.

Forecast: In the event of a confrontation between Moscow and Ankara,  Armenia and Azerbaijan will be in the role of a proxy
 Friday, October 15 2021 13:29

ArmInfo. In the event of a confrontation between Moscow and Ankara, Armenia and Azerbaijan will be in the role of a proxy. Director of the Primakov Institute of  World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) at Russian Academy  of Sciences Professor Feodor Voitolovsky expressed a similar opinion  at the Geopolitical Session "Armenia and Russia:  Imperative of a New  Strategy" held at the Russian-Armenian University (RAU) in Yerevan.

Forecast: There is no reason to expect the South Caucasus to come out  of geopolitical turbulence soon
 Thursday, October 14 2021 16:37

ArmInfo. There is no reason to expect an early exit from the current state of geopolitical turbulence in the South Caucasus. Political scientist Stepan  Danielyan expressed this opinion to ArmInfo.

View from Tbilisi: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan cannot afford the  luxury of remaining within the logic of developments of the last 30  years
 Wednesday, October 13 2021 13:17

ArmInfo. The search for common interests by Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan seems to have no alternative. Because only in this way, we will all together be able  to develop our region, the South Caucasus, with common benefit and in  common interests. A similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by  Senior Researcher at the Tbilisi Centre for Social Studies""(CSS),  Professor Marina Muskhelishvili.

Analyst: Indian Foreign Minister`s visit to Armenia is part of  India`s agenda to increase its influence in the South Caucasus 
 Tuesday, October 12 2021 15:08

ArmInfo.The Indian leadership is well aware of the importance of its own mission in keeping Syunik together with Armenia and Iran and in getting the beaten path from  south to north. An independent political analyst Saro Saroyan  expressed this opinion to ArmInfo, commenting on the forthcoming  visit of the Indian Foreign Minister to Armenia.

Analyst: Outside of the "3" format, there is simply no other "3"  format
 Tuesday, October 12 2021 13:59

ArmInfo.In Moscow, Putin and Pashinyan, apparently, will discuss the development of two trilateral formats with the participation of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.  A  similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by Head of Armenian  Institute of International and Security Affairs (AIISA) Stepan  (Styopa) Safaryan.

Forecast: "3 + 3" will in no way prevent Moscow from squeezing Ankara  out at the first opportunity
 Monday, October 11 2021 12:43

ArmInfo.Participation in the proposed regional "3 + 3" format will in no way prevent Moscow from squeezing Ankara out at the first opportunity, if not completely  ousting it from the South Caucasus. A senior analyst at the Georgian  Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC) Gela Vasadze expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.

View from Moscow: The idea of concessions on Karabakh arose from the  moment Armenia`s political identity started to be defined by Karabakh 
 Friday, October 8 2021 15:50

ArmInfo.The idea of concessions on Karabakh arose in the Armenian political discourse from the moment of the definition of political identity, the construction of a state  in Armenia by this very Karabakh. Sergey Markedonov, the leading  researcher at the Euro-Atlantic Security Center of the MGIMO  Institute for International Studies, expressed this opinion at the  international "Caucasus in the 21st Century" conference organized by  the Caucasus Institute in Yerevan.  "In my opinion, the concessions  on Karabakh are far from the result of the events of 2020, it all  started much earlier.

Analyst: Problems of Armenia and Azerbaijan are not limited to  Karabakh
 Friday, October 8 2021 15:49

ArmInfo.The problems of Armenia and Azerbaijan are by no means limited to Karabakh. Sergey Markedonov is the leading researcher at the Euro-Atlantic Security Center of the MGIMO Institute for International Studies, expressed this opinion at  the international "Caucasus in the 21st Century" conference organized  by the Caucasus Institute in Yerevan.

Analyst: Tension in the South Caucasus is due to its turbulence
 Thursday, October 7 2021 14:56

ArmInfo. The current tension, a new round of tension in the South Caucasus, this time between Iran and Azerbaijan, is due to the turbulence that has gripped this region  after a 44-day war. Alexey Malashenko, Chief Researcher at the  Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) of the  Russian Academy of Sciences expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.  

Analyst: Saakashvili`s arrival and arrest have confused the  authorities
 Thursday, October 7 2021 12:05

ArmInfo.Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili not simply came to Georgia, but also did everything for his own arrest. Gela Vasadze, senior analyst at  the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC), expressed this opinion  to ArmInfo.