Forecast: Azerbaijani provocations will not stop with the surrender  of Berdzor 

 Tuesday, August 9 2022 16:30
Forecast: Azerbaijani provocations will not stop with the surrender  of Berdzor 

ArmInfo.All recent actions of Azerbaijan in Artsakh are a consequence of military realities between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Hovik Aghazaryan, MP from the Civil Contract  parliamentary faction, expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Armenia not to face any security threats unless Russian-Turkish  relations deteriorate, Russian experts says 
 Monday, March 7 2022 13:29

ArmInfo. Armenia will not face any security threats unless the Russian-Turkish relations deteriorate, the expert in Turkic studies Victor Nadein-Raevskii said in an  interview with ArmInfo and noted he does not see any such trends now. 

Ukraine conflict: neutrality best decision for Armenia, expert says
 Monday, March 7 2022 13:28

ArmInfo.Preliminary analyses and conditional forecasts show that the Russian military operation in Ukraine could continue for around a month, Vladimir Yevseyev, Head of  the Eurasian Integration and Development Department of the SCO  Institute of CIS countries, said in an interview with ArmInfo.  

Ukraine crisis: worst is ahead 
 Friday, March 4 2022 11:53

ArmInfo. The worst developments in the conflict in Ukraine are ahead, the political analyst Saro Saroyan said in an interview with ArmInfo. He agrees with the forecast based on the Russian president's telephone conversation with his French  counterpart.      

CSTO not to be involved in special operation in Ukraine, expert says 
 Friday, March 4 2022 11:52

ArmInfo.The CSTO will not be involved in the special operation the Russian Armed Forces and the military forces of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics are carrying out  in Ukraine, Fyodor Lukyanov, Editor-in-Chief of Russia in Global  Affairs, told ArmInfo. 

Expert: The Moscow declaration together with "Shushi" declaration,  narrowed Aliyev`s maneuvering space to a minimum
 Thursday, March 3 2022 18:07

ArmInfo. The declaration signed with Russia in Moscow, together with the "Shushi" declaration signed with Turkey, narrowed Aliyev's maneuvering space to a minimum.    Vardan Voskanyan, Head of the Chair of Iranian Studies at YSU  Faculty of Oriental Studies told ArmInfo.  On February 22, a  Declaration on Allied Interaction was signed between Russia and  Azerbaijan in Moscow. Several of the 44 paragraphs of this document  relate to cooperation in the military sector.

Both Russia and West to get what they want in Ukraine, political  engineer says 
 Thursday, March 3 2022 15:27

ArmInfo.In Ukraine, Russia and the USA will get what they want, the political engineer Vigen Hakobyan said in an interview with ArmInfo. 

Moscow is seeking parity in its relations with Yerevan and Baku,  Russian expert says 
 Wednesday, March 2 2022 15:28

ArmInfo. Moscow is seeking parity in its relations with Yerevan and Baku. Evidence thereof is the Declaration on Allied Relations recently signed by Russia and  Azerbaijan, Russian political scientist Andrey Areshev said in an  interview with ArmInfo. 

Fate of negotiations dependent on how successful Russian offensive  and Ukrainian resistance are, Armenian diplomat says 
 Wednesday, March 2 2022 14:56

ArmInfo. All the signs point to the fact that Russia's leadership plans to defeat Ukraine's armed forces by the end of this week, despite the fierce resistance by the  Ukrainian army and population, Ambassador Arman Melikyan said in an  interview with ArmInfo.    

Expert: It will be increasingly difficult to find a solution that is  somehow acceptable to Moscow
 Tuesday, March 1 2022 17:20

ArmInfo.Our compatriot, Ukrainian political commentator Marat Hakobyan kindly agreed to answer ArmInfo's questions.

New partition of Europe in progress, Armenian politician says 
 Tuesday, March 1 2022 13:46

ArmInfo.. In an interview with ArmInfo, Chairman of the Conservative Party of Armenia Mikael Hayrapetyan said that the ongoing developments in Ukraine are part of  a new ongoing partition of Europe. 

Ukraine is geopolitical follow-up to 44-day war, expert says 
 Monday, February 28 2022 13:35

ArmInfo. The ongoing Russian-Ukrainian confrontation is, no doubts, a link in a long chain of geopolitical events, the independent analyst Saro Saroyan told  ArmInfo.  "To start realizing what is going on, we have to go back to  the 44-day war, which is, in fact, the first link in this  geopolitical chain.  

Tipolar world is forming, expert claims 
 Monday, February 28 2022 13:31

ArmInfo. The ongoing developments in and round Ukraine are evidence of a tripolar, rather than bipolar, world forming - a world that was a mere theory just ten  years ago, the expert in international relations Suren Sargsyan told  ArmInfo.

Russia presents new ultimatum to the West, political scientist says 
 Friday, February 25 2022 14:07

ArmInfo. A number of events preceded the ongoing situation in Ukraine, and the escalation was not a surprise, the political expert Andrias Ghukasyan told ArmInfo.   

Russia will move backward at a certain moment - Karen Sargsyan
 Thursday, February 24 2022 11:57

ArmInfo. At a certain moment, but not now, Russia will move backward. Evidence thereof is Russia's stagnant economy and the general situation in the country and  society, sociologist Karen Sargsyan told ArmInfo. 

Armenia`s recognizing independence of Donetsk or Luhansk to prove  major blow to Artsakh 
 Thursday, February 24 2022 11:46

ArmInfo.Armenia's recognizing or even showing any signs of approving the independence of Donetsk or Luhansk will prove a major blow to the Armenian positions in the Artsakh peace process, Hovsep Khurshudyan, Head of the Free Citizen  NGO, told ArmInfo.  

Forecast: A big war is already inevitable
 Wednesday, February 23 2022 18:18

ArmInfo.A so-called big war with indirect or even direct participation of major geopolitical players has already become inevitable. And when exactly it will  start, in my opinion, is only a matter of time. Independent political  analyst Saro Saroyan expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Political scientist: There are no analogies between Donbass and  Artsakh
 Wednesday, February 23 2022 18:12

ArmInfo. There are no particular analogies in the situation between the recognition of  Donbass and Artsakh by Russia. In any case, I personally do not see  them.  Political scientist Stepan Danielyan expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.

Analyst: The Armenian-Turkish process has just begun. Neither the  authorities nor we have answers to many questions
 Friday, February 18 2022 15:28

ArmInfo.. During the discussion at the Armenian Foreign Ministry, it became clear that the absence of refutation regarding some statements around the Armenian- Turkish  process does not mean at all that these statements correspond to  realities. Head of the Armenian Institute of International and  Security Affairs (AIISA) Stepan Safaryan told ArmInfo. 

Geopolitical confrontation with West to affect Russia`s positions in  South Caucasus, Russian expert says 
 Friday, February 18 2022 15:26

ArmInfo. The current geopolitical confrontation with the West will affect Russia's  positions in all the regions of its presence, including the South  Caucasus, Alexander Skakov of the Institute of Oriental Studies, RF  Academy of Sciences, told ArmInfo.   

Demographer: In reality, 4200 people left Armenia in 2021, and not 43  or 73 thousand people
 Thursday, February 17 2022 13:27

ArmInfo.In reality, 4.200 people left Armenia in 2021, and not 43,874 or even 73,000 people. Associate Expert of the Armenian Institute of International  and  Security Affairs, demographer Artak Markosyan, expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.