Parents of soldiers killed during 44-day war protest in front of RA Defense Ministry

 Wednesday, August 10 2022 15:21
Parents of soldiers killed during 44-day war protest in front of RA Defense Ministry

ArmInfo.Parents of servicemen killed during the 44-day war held a protest action in  front of the building of the RA Ministry of Defense since the morning of August 10.

Azerbaijan-proposed points do not cover entire peace agreement agenda  - Armenian FM 
 Thursday, May 19 2022 11:01

ArmInfo.Armenia initially stated that the Azerbaijan-proposed points did not contain anything unacceptable to the Armenian side, but they do not cover all thee  issues on the agenda of the prospective peace agreement, Armenian FM  Ararat Mirzoyan stated in response to journalists' questions ahead to  the session of Armenia-EU Partnership Council, the RA Ministry of  Foreign Affairs reports. 

Yerevan Underground stymied
 Wednesday, May 18 2022 14:46

ArmInfo.The participants in the actions of civil disobedience have stymied the Yerevan Underground. 

Human Rights Defender`s Office responds to violations 
 Wednesday, May 18 2022 14:44

ArmInfo.The rapid reaction groups of the Human Rights Defender's Office are visiting police stations to protect the detainees' rights, reports the RA Human  Rights Defender's Office. 

Armenia`s defense office refutes Azerbaijan`s claims 
 Wednesday, May 18 2022 11:03

ArmInfo. Armenia's Ministry of Defense has refuted a reported by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan. 

73 protesters detained in Yerevan 
 Wednesday, May 18 2022 10:02

ArmInfo. As of 9:30am Yerevan time, the police detained 73 members of the Resistance Movement, Edgar Janoyan, Deputy Head of the Public Relations Department of the  Armenian Police, told ArmInfo.

Resistance Movement resumes protests 
 Wednesday, May 18 2022 09:52

ArmInfo.The Resistance Movement has resumed actions of civil disobedience in Yerevan, demanding Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan's resignation.   

Contract serviceman was wounded. as a result of  mine explosion
 Tuesday, May 17 2022 21:01

ArmInfo.On May 17, at about 4:15 pm, in a military unit in the north-east of the Republic of Armenia, as a result of a mine explosion, contract serviceman Armen  Babayan was wounded. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of  Defense of Armenia on the official Facebook page.

Son of General Yuri Khachaturov was detained on suspicion of using  violence against government official
 Tuesday, May 17 2022 17:45

ArmInfo.Son of General Yuri Khachaturov, Igor Khachaturov, was detained on suspicion of using violence against a government official.

Police detain 286 protesters in Yerevan 
 Tuesday, May 17 2022 11:29

ArmInfo.As of 11:00am Yerevan time, 286 participants in the protest actions of the Resistance Movement were detained by the Police of Armenia, Edgar Janoyan,  Deputy Head of the Public Relations Department of the Armenian  Police, told ArmInfo.

Resistance Movement holds up traffic in Yerevan
 Tuesday, May 17 2022 10:09

ArmInfo. Since 8:00am, Resistance Movement members have been committing acts of civil disobedience throughout Yerevan demanding Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan's resignation. 

Nikol Pashinyan reproached CSTO: The reaction of the organization  during the 44-day war was not so inspiring for  the Armenian people 
 Monday, May 16 2022 19:29

ArmInfo.Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan criticized the actions of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) during the conflict with Azerbaijan. He also called on the member countries of the organization to synchronize  actions.  

Six points about nothing - Levon  Zurabyan
 Monday, May 16 2022 13:25

ArmInfo.Levon  Zurabyan, Vice-Chairman of the Armenian National Congress (ANC), has commented on the six points proposed by the Armenian side for normalizing the  Armenian-Azerbaijani relations.  

Police detain 21 protesters 
 Monday, May 16 2022 13:24

ArmInfo. As of 11:00am Yerevan time, 21 participants in the protest actions of the Resistance Movement were detained by the Police of Armenia. Edgar Janoyan,  Deputy Head of the Public Relations and Information Department of the  Armenian Police,  told ArmInfo.

Resistance Movement holding motor rally in Yerevan 
 Monday, May 16 2022 13:22

ArmInfo.The Resistance Movement demanding Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan's resignation have organized a motor rally in Yerevan this morning.  

Armenia to continue negotiations with Turkey, Azerbaijan after power  change - Ishkhan Saghatelyan
 Sunday, May 15 2022 07:40

ArmInfo.If the opposition forces manage to remove the incumbent government, Armenia will continue negotiations with Azerbaijan and Turkey, doing so, however,  following the agenda in Armenia's interests, RA Parliament  Vice-Speaker Ishkhan Saghatelyan told reporters on May 14. 

No legal grounds for claims about Azerbaijani enclaves in Armenia -  Edmon Marukyan
 Saturday, May 14 2022 12:48

ArmInfo.The statement by the Azerbaijani foreign office has no legal grounds, Ambassador-at-Large Edmon Marukyan stated in an interview with the Public TV of Armenia. 

Ministers Cabinet prematurely terminated powers of Council of Elders  of Talin community 
 Friday, May 13 2022 14:10

ArmInfo.On May 13, the Government of Armenia adopted a decision on the early termination of the powers of the Council of Elders of the Talin community of the Aragatsotn region of the Republic of Armenia.

Armenia`s Government to convene special parliamentary meeting
 Friday, May 13 2022 12:25

ArmInfo. Armenia's Government plans to convene a special meeting of the National Assembly. 

Opposition politician detained after alleged attempt to bribe  citizens into taking part in protests
 Friday, May 13 2022 10:14

ArmInfo.The opposition politician, member of the 5165 Movement and co-founder of the Arar Foundation Avetik Chalabyan has been detained on charges of  attempting to bribe citizens into taking part in the rallies. 

Group of citizens held protest in front of EU Delegation to Armenia
 Thursday, May 12 2022 17:51

ArmInfo.A group of citizens held a protest in front of the EU Delegation to Armenia.  Citizens came to the building of the representation with posters showing  the use of violence by the police against peaceful demonstrators.