Armenian general rules out any provocations on Armenian-Turkish  border as long as Russian flag hoisted there 

 Tuesday, March 19 2024 11:21
Armenian general rules out any provocations on Armenian-Turkish  border as long as Russian flag hoisted there 

ArmInfo. It is premature to talk about the withdrawal of Russian border guards from the land borders of Armenia. Armenia has neither the human resources nor the technical capabilities to replace Russian border guards at the border, the first commander of the border troops of Armenia, Major General Levon Stepanyan told ArmInfo in response to a request to comment on rumors about the possible withdrawal of Russian border guards from Armenia, given the current difficult geopolitical realities.

Crossroads of Peace project divorced from reality 
 Wednesday, March 13 2024 11:48

ArmInfo.The 'Crossroads of Peace' initiative proposed by the Armenian authorities is a project divorced from reality, since any desire to achieve peace and implement it ''on earth'' must be the result of the manifestation of the will of all participants in the conflict, both direct and indirect. About this in a conversation with the correspondent, Doctor of Political Sciences Vahe Davtyan told ArmInfo.

Armenia could hardly join EU of recent years - Boris Navasardyan
 Monday, March 11 2024 12:49

ArmInfo. If the European Union remains the association it has been in recent years, then it will be almost impossible for Armenia to join this structure, President of the Yerevan Press Club (EPC) Boris Navasardyan told ArmInfo.

Armenian authorities` actions evidence of country`s movement to  elimination of statehood - expert 
 Monday, February 5 2024 15:01

ArmInfo.All the actions of the current authorities of Armenia indicate that the country is gradually moving towards the elimination of its statehood, Armenian political scientist Beniamin Matevosyan told ArmInfo, as he commented  on the almost simultaneous statements by the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan Nikol Pashinyan and Ilham Aliyev regarding the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia.

Crossroads of Peace is pan-Turkic project imposed on Yerevan by  Ankara and Baku - Arthur Khachatryan
 Tuesday, January 16 2024 21:09

ArmInfo.Opposition MP from the Armenia bloc Artur Khachatryan is convinced that the Crossroads of  Peace project, promoted on international platforms by Prime Minister Pashinyan, was imposed on Yerevan by Ankara and Baku, the MP stated  in a conversation with ArmInfo.

Baku ready for everything to achieve goals - expert 
 Wednesday, January 10 2024 11:48

ArmInfo. The risk of renewed hostilities between Azerbaijan and Armenia in 2024 remains very high,  expert in Azerbaijani studies Tatevik Hayrapetyan told ArmInfo as she voiced her opinion on a possible peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan this year. 

Baku`s demands of Armenia`s refusal to take revenge nothing but  diplomatic nonsense - expert
 Wednesday, December 13 2023 10:37

ArmInfo.Baku's demands to include a clause in the draft peace treaty with Armenia on the  Armenian side's refusal to take revenge nothing but diplomatic nonsense, political expert Vigen Hakobyan told ArmInfo. 

Political scientist: Security guarantees from West will lead to  exactly opposite result for Armenia
 Friday, November 24 2023 13:54

ArmInfo.Armenia is actually freezing its relations with the CSTO. The famous Armenian  political scientist Beniamin Matevosyan stated in a conversation with an ArmInfo correspondent, commenting on the latest steps by Armenian government officials.

Political scientist: USA is starting to view Armenia as friendly  partner country
 Monday, November 20 2023 17:47

ArmInfo.The USA is starting to consider Armenia as a friendly partner country. Political  scientist Armen Hovhannisyan stated from his YouTube page.

Turbulent situation has developed in process of negotiating  peace  treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan - political scientist
 Monday, November 20 2023 12:46

ArmInfo.A turbulent situation has developed in the negotiation process between Armenia  and Azerbaijan on a peace treaty. Famous Armenian political scientist Suren Surenyants stated in a conversation with an ArmInfo correspondent.

No regulatory legal act on acquisition of RA citizenship by residents  of Republic of Artsakh was adopted at the time - Gevorg Danielyan
 Tuesday, November 7 2023 18:42

ArmInfo.Providing forced migrants from Artsakh with refugee status, as well as RA citizenship, cannot become an obstacle to the recognition of Artsakh's subjectivity in the future. Doctor of Law, former Minister of Justice of Armenia Gevorg Danielyan stated in an interview with an ArmInfo correspondent.

Armenia`s former Defense Minister: We will definitely return Artsakh,  we lost the battle, but not the war
 Wednesday, October 18 2023 16:21

ArmInfo. In early October,  former head of military intelligence of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces, former Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Arshak Karapetyan announced the start of political activity and the establishment of the new political movement "Liberation of Armenia from internal and external enemies."

Artsakh Armenians` rights must not be subject of bargain for EU -  Fabio Massimo Castaldo
 Thursday, June 15 2023 08:18

ArmInfo.In an interview with ArmInfo, MEP Fabio Massimo Castaldo said he is disappointed with the European Parliament lacking a clear position on Artsakh. 

Expert: Russia`s mistake is that it considered that Armenia had  nowhere to escape, and delayed solution of several problems
 Friday, June 2 2023 18:59

ArmInfo.There are no real grounds for signing a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan.  Alexei Mukhin, director general of the Center for Political Information, expressed a similar opinion during a round table on the results of the meeting of the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan under  the auspices of the EU in Chisinau on June 2.

Moscow platform for Armenian, Azerbaijani leaders` meetings no longer  effective - expert 
 Tuesday, May 30 2023 13:00

ArmInfo. The meeting between Armenia's Premier Nikol Pashinyan and Azerbaijani President Ilham  Aliyev in Moscow, with Russian President Vladimir Putin's participation, demonstrated lack of confidence between the parties, politico-military expert Armine Margaryan said. 

Expert: Armenia should choose Western track to solve existing  problems
 Monday, May 29 2023 20:13

ArmInfo.The Azerbaijani side is not ready for peace. This was stated by political scientist Hrachya  Arzumanyan, commenting on the results of the Moscow meeting between the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan - Nikol Pashinyan and Ilham Aliyev.

For Turkey, it is important that Armenia unilaterally accepts all  maximalist demands of Azerbaijan - Turkologist
 Thursday, May 11 2023 19:04

ArmInfo.Now, at this stage, for Turkey, it is important  that Armenia unilaterally accepts all the  maximalist demands of Azerbaijan regarding the settlement of  Nagorno-Karabakh. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of  Armenia, Turkologist Ruben Safrastyan expressed a similar opinion in  a conversation with ArmInfo correspondent, speaking about the  problems of the unhurried and even slow progress of the  Armenian-Turkish negotiations on the normalization of relations,  which began on January 14, 2022 in Moscow.

Withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Nagorno-Karabakh to cause  Armenia`s reorientation to West - Sergey Markedonov  
 Tuesday, March 7 2023 12:13

ArmInfo. New armed incidents have occurred in Nagorno- Karabakh. Stakes are getting higher. Although resenting ultimatums is not a new tactic here, it is obvious that risks are much higher when ultimatums are followed by use of force, Russian expert Sergey Markedonov, Leading Researcher of the Euro-Atlantic Security Center, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), believes. 

Expert: It is important for Armenia to create necessary conditions  for diversifying its foreign policy course
 Thursday, March 2 2023 17:00

ArmInfo.The statement of President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Alen Simonyan on the  participation of the Russian side in the process of normalizing Armenian- Azerbaijani relations should be assessed as Yerevan's  recognition of Russia as its ally. Meanwhile, the statements made by Sergey Lavrov about the European observers in Baku correspond rather  to the statements of the mediator, but not of the ally.

Tiny Kox to Azerbaijan and Armenia: You have no right to start a new  war!
 Friday, January 27 2023 17:09

ArmInfo.We discussed theblockade of the Lachin Corridor at PACE. We do not turn a blind eye to the problem, we decided to follow the development of the situation in the future," President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Tiny Kox  told ArmInfo, referring to the outcome of  the debates on the blockade.

PACE bears responsibility for humanitarian crisis in  Nagorno-Karabakh, says Assembly Rapporteur on Azerbaijan
 Thursday, January 26 2023 19:57

ArmInfo. "The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe bears responsibility for the humanitarian crisis in Nagorno- Karabakh, because our goal is the  protection of human rights," PACE Monitoring Committee rapporteur on  Azerbaijan, Norwegian MP Liz Kristoffersen, told ArmInfo correspondent.