Francophonie days to kick off in Yerevan with opening of 6th French  Film Festival

 Tuesday, March 14 2023 12:34
Francophonie days to kick off in Yerevan with opening of 6th French  Film Festival

ArmInfo. Days of Francophonie will kick off in Yerevan soon.

Polish-Armenian team discovers 3.2 thousand-year-old "golden tomb" in  Armenia`s Metsamor
 Thursday, March 2 2023 11:28

ArmInfo. The grave of two people, probably a couple - a man and a woman, in which the remains of three gold necklaces were discovered, was examined in Metsamor in  Armenia by a Polish-Armenian team of archaeologists. It comes from  the times when Ramesses II ruled Egypt.

Japanese Film Festival starts in Yerevan on February 22
 Friday, February 17 2023 19:03

ArmInfo.With the support of the Embassy of Japan in Armenia, from February 22 to March 4, the 16th Japanese Film Festival will be held in Yerevan and other cities  of the country.  

AraratBank supports Painted Equator Armenia project
 Thursday, January 26 2023 19:12

ArmInfo.On January 25, 2022, Henrik Igityan National Center for Aesthetics launched the Painted Equator Armenia exhibition to mark the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Armenia.

Platform for Armenia`s literary community launched
 Monday, December 5 2022 12:13

ArmInfo.The Cultural Channel company, with the sponsorship of ACBA Bank, has launched a new platform for Armenia's literary community - 

Ardshinbank is the exclusive sponsor of Vladimir Spivakov`s charity concert
 Monday, November 28 2022 20:43

ArmInfo.Ardshinbank became the exclusive sponsor of the charity concert of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia conducted by V. Spivakov, in support of the Soldier’s Home Rehabilitation Center in Yerevan. The concert took place on November 27, in Yerevan, in the "Aram Khachatryan" Concert Hall.

Charity concert of Maestro Mansuryan`s music was held in Yerevan with  support of Araratbank
 Monday, November 21 2022 19:50

ArmInfo.The idea of creating a "4090 Charity" Foundation, which symbolizes the highest peak of Mount Aragats, arose immediately after the 44-day Artsakh  war.

Meeting in a century: Armenian edition of Oliver Baldwin`s "Six  prisons and two revolutions" released  
 Tuesday, November 8 2022 20:08

ArmInfo.The Koghb Foundation held a presentation of the Armenian edition of Oliver  Baldwin's book "Six prisons and two revolutions" at the Marriott Armenia hotel in Yerevan, on November 3. 

AraratBank and 4090 Charity Foundation team up for the education of war participants
 Tuesday, October 25 2022 14:38

ArmInfo. ARARATBANK open joint stock company and “4090 Charity” Foundation join hands for the higher education of war participants.   

CHW releases Satellite Investigation of Destruction of Armenian  Cultural Heritage in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan
 Tuesday, September 13 2022 11:23

ArmInfo.Caucasus Heritage Watch (CHW) has released a Satellite Investigation of the Destruction of Armenian Cultural Heritage in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. 

GeoProMining  to assist in reconstruction of House of Culture in  Ararat city
 Monday, July 25 2022 14:08

ArmInfo."GeoProMining Gold" will provide financial assistance to Ararat community of Ararat region of Armenia, where the Company's gold recovery plant is  located, in order to reconstruct the city's House of Culture and  improve the nearby park. 

Pashinyan: The development of film production is important not only  for culture, but also for education, science and technology
 Wednesday, July 13 2022 21:07

ArmInfo. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received the participants of the 19th "Golden Apricot" International Film Festival: Oscar-winning director,  screenwriter Terry George, honorary guest of the festival,  Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Costa-Gavras, actor,  director, screenwriter Michael Goorjian and writer, humanist,  activist Mirza Dinai under the leadership of "Golden Apricot" founder  Harutyun Khachatryan.

Armenia took part in IV International Festival "Meeting of UNESCO  Masterpieces on Olonkho Land" 
 Tuesday, July 12 2022 18:29

ArmInfo. Armenia took part in the IV International Festival "Meeting of UNESCO Masterpieces on Olonkho Land", which was held in Yakutsk under the auspices of  UNESCO.

In occasion of French National Day, concert will be held in Yerevan 
 Tuesday, July 12 2022 18:27

ArmInfo. On the eve of the French National Day - Bastille Day - on July 13, at 7:00pm, a concert will be held at the  Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall, during which works  by French composers will be performed.

Golden Apricot International Film Festival opens in Yerevan
 Monday, July 11 2022 10:50

ArmInfo. Last time, the Golden Apricot International Film Festival took place in Yerevan, Armenia, in 2019. Over 2,000 guests visited thee festival, with over 100 films  screened for the Armenian audience. Some of the films were later  prize winners at prestigious international film festivals. 

Armenian-Indian cultural center to be constructed in Gyumri
 Thursday, June 23 2022 13:07

ArmInfo.An Armenian-Indian cultural center will be constructed in Gyumri. Armenia's Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Alfred Kocharyan  and Indian Ambassador to Armenia Kishan Dan Dewal discussed the idea  at their meeting. 

2022 Golden Apricot international film festival to reflect global  agenda 
 Friday, June 17 2022 17:58

ArmInfo. July 10 to 17, Yerevan will be hosting the most significant cultural event, Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival. 

Garik Israelian: Coming to Armenia is an experiment for STARMUS
 Thursday, June 16 2022 13:20

ArmInfo.Astrophysicist at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (Spain), creative director and spiritual father of the STARMUS festival Garik Israelian  hopes that holding the STARMUS VI science and art festival in Armenia  will be a good opportunity for Armenian youth to get out of the  post-war depression and the toxic environment that has been created  inside countries today.

"Arabic messages from Armenia: Heritage for Cultural Dialogue"  exhibition opens at Qatar State Library
 Tuesday, June 14 2022 16:47

ArmInfo.A temporary exhibition titled "Arabic messages from Armenia: Heritage for Cultural Dialogue" opens at Qatar State Library today, the Public Radio of Armenia  reports.

Kuss Quartett to perform in Yerevan
 Monday, June 13 2022 14:03

ArmInfo.The Germany-based Kuss Quartett will present an exclusive programme at the Arno Babajanyan concern hall in Yerevan, Armenia. 

Armenia to host European Days of Archeology for the first time
 Wednesday, June 8 2022 11:20

ArmInfo.This year, for the first time, Armenia joined the European Days of Archeology event, which will be held on June 17-19 at all archaeological sites across  the territory of the Republic of Armenia.