Armenian authorities do not consider danger of losing city of Jermuk  as resort of int`l significance - NGOs declare

 Thursday, January 25 2024 21:37
Armenian authorities do not consider danger of losing city of Jermuk  as resort of int`l significance - NGOs declare

ArmInfo. A group of public organizations and residents of the city of Jermuk opposed the  possible development of the Amulsar gold mine.

CNF invests over $1mln in nature protection projects in Armenia
 Wednesday, December 27 2023 12:48

ArmInfo. The Caucasus  Nature Fund (CNF) has implemented numerous projects in Armenia aimed  at effective management and protection of conservation areas. 

Armen Begoyan: Green areas of capital have grown by another 20 hectares this year
 Monday, December 25 2023 16:50

ArmInfo. The greatest achievement in Yerevan's landscaping is the program to replace trees that are losing their viability with mature ornamental trees that are valuable in their functionality. Armen Begoyan, director of "Greening and Environmental Protection" CNCO said during a press conference on December 25.

B-On biotechnology laboratory opened in Yerevan
 Thursday, November 16 2023 15:12

ArmInfo.The National Agrarian University of Armenia (NAUA) has opened a laboratory for  prototyping and biotechnological development B-On, unique in its format, which is open for collaboration with biotechnological scientists, research groups, startups, and graduate students wishing  to commercialize their scientific results.

By 2026, 800 hectares to be cleaned in t coastal area of Lake Sevan -  Minister
 Thursday, November 2 2023 17:42

ArmInfo. In 2024, work will continue to clean up the areas adjacent to Lake Sevan. RA Minister of  Environment Hakob Simidyan stated on November 2 during parliamentary discussions on the draft state budget of Armenia.

Each hectare of Armenian forests may provide on average $417 per year  of ecosystem services, WB
 Monday, September 11 2023 19:21

ArmInfo. Better management of forests could offer Armenia significant economic returns and position the country  as a champion of conservation and climate change adaptation, according to a new World Bank report, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of Armenia and released at a launch event today.  

Armenia among countries at risk of water deficiency - EDO report
 Tuesday, August 29 2023 11:20

ArmInfo.Armenia is among the countries at risk of water deficiency, according to the studies  conducted by the European Drought Observatory (EDO).

Former Environment Minister: The best way to help Sevan is `to leave  it alone`
 Monday, August 14 2023 16:28

ArmInfo. The best way to help Sevan is 'to leave it alone'.  Former Minister of the Environment of  Armenia Sargis Shahazizyan expressed a similar opinion during a press conference on August 14.

RA NAS expert commission gives negative opinion on additional water  releases from Sevan
 Monday, July 17 2023 19:56

ArmInfo. The expert commission of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (NAS) on the  protection of Lake Sevan gave a negative opinion on additional water releases from Lake Sevan, sending its decision the Water Committee of the Republic of Armenia. This was reported by the press service of  the National Academy of Sciences.

Carolin Geginat: Armenia ranks 22nd for air pollution
 Wednesday, July 12 2023 19:42

ArmInfo. Armenia ranks 22nd in terms of air pollution, and this has its price and involves corresponding costs. Carolin Geginat, the Country Manager of the World Bank (WB) for Armenia stated during a meeting organized on the theme "Green Armenia" on the initiative of the WB, EU and UNDP (United Nations Development Program), chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Khachatryan.

Authorities decided to increase volume of water intake from Lake Sevan to 240 million cbm
 Tuesday, July 11 2023 14:55

ArmInfo. A draft law on  increasing the amount of water intake from Lake Sevan from 170  million cubic meters to 240 million cubic meters conditioned by the  weather conditions of the year, the fullness of water basins and  reservoirs and the main indicators of water supply of rivers, was  approved in the National Assembly of Armenia by the ruling majority  in the first reading. The project was supported by 64 MPs, 20 voted  against its adoption.

Armenia`s Ministry of Environment comments on Azerbaijan`s statement  about new steel plant
 Friday, June 9 2023 19:19

ArmInfo. The steel plant in the territory of the Republic of Armenia will be constructed in  accordance with the environmental standards and requirements, within the framework of domestic legal regulations. This is stated in a statement by the Ministry of the Environment in response to the  concern allegedly shown by the Azerbaijani authorities.

Armenia improves its positions in Global Startup Ecosystem Index
 Friday, June 2 2023 19:25

ArmInfo. Armenia has improved its positions in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index. This was  reported by the press service of the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia.  In particular, according to the source, this year Armenia ranked 57th among 100 countries instead of 60th a year earlier, overtaking Georgia and becoming a leader in the region.

ARMENAL plant organizes environmental protection event Green Wave
 Monday, May 22 2023 12:14

ArmInfo.The ARMENAL plant has successfully held an environmental protection event, Green Wave. The  goal is planting of greenery in new areas and improvement of plots of land. 

Preservation of Lake Sevan is primary task of every RA citizen -  Deputy Minister
 Friday, May 12 2023 17:14

ArmInfo.  On May 12, 2023, the strategy presentation event of the Lake Sevan Protection Platform  organized by "Blejan" NGO within the framework of the "Environmental  Protection of Lake Sevan" (EU4Sevan) project in Gavar organized   strategy presentation event of the Lake Sevan Protection Platform  created with the support of the "Environmental Protection of Lake  Sevan" (EU4Sevan) project, which is co-financed by the European Union  and the German government.

Problems related to desertification discussed in Yerevan
 Wednesday, March 15 2023 18:37

ArmInfo.Yerevan hosts the second meeting of the Intergovernmental Working Group on Drought (IWG on drought) and a regional capacity building workshop to develop an effective policy within the framework of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and take measures aimed at solving problems caused by drought. The RA Ministry of the Environment reports on its Facebook page.

Number of public organizations of Armenia opposes development of  Amulsar gold mine
 Wednesday, March 1 2023 20:36

ArmInfo. A number of public organizations in Armenia opposed the development of the Amulsar gold  mine. In their statement, received by ArmInfo, representatives of  public organizations considered the tripartite memorandum of  understanding signed on February 22 between the government of the  Republic of Armenia, the Eurasian Development Bank and Lydian Armenia  CJSC as illegal, short-sighted, irresponsible, adventurous and  dangerous.

Health Minister about Amulsar: I am sure that all new technological  opportunities to be used for safe operation of mine
 Thursday, February 23 2023 16:47

ArmInfo. I am sure that all new technological possibilities will be used for the safe operation of the mine, which will meet high international standards. Minister  of Health of Armenia Anahit Avanesyan stated  during a briefing on  February 23, answering a question regarding the restart of the  Amulsar project.

Deputy Minister of Environment: Forest fires in Jermuk, which broke  out as a result of Azerbaijani aggression, led to land degradation
 Tuesday, September 27 2022 20:52

ArmInfo.At the 4th meeting of the Green Economy Regional Assembly "EU for the Environment" (EU4Environment) held in Paris, Deputy Environment Minister Gayane  Gabrielyan spoke about the large-scale aggression of Azerbaijan  against the territory of Armenia.

Environment Ministry of Armenia reminds citizens about responsibility  for collecting plants listed in Red Book
 Monday, August 8 2022 13:15

ArmInfo. The Ministry of Environment of Armenia issued a reminder of the responsibility for collecting plants listed in the Red Book without permission.

Armenian government plans to restore former course of Araks River
 Thursday, June 30 2022 20:14

ArmInfo.The Armenian government plans to restore the former course of the Araks River in order to avoid further collapses. The corresponding decision was made at a  Cabinet meeting on June 30.