Problems related to desertification discussed in Yerevan

 Wednesday, March 15 2023 18:37
Problems related to desertification discussed in Yerevan

ArmInfo.Yerevan hosts the second meeting of the Intergovernmental Working Group on Drought (IWG on drought) and a regional capacity building workshop to develop an effective policy within the framework of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and take measures aimed at solving problems caused by drought. The RA Ministry of the Environment reports on its Facebook page.

Number of public organizations of Armenia opposes development of  Amulsar gold mine
 Wednesday, March 1 2023 20:36

ArmInfo. A number of public organizations in Armenia opposed the development of the Amulsar gold  mine. In their statement, received by ArmInfo, representatives of  public organizations considered the tripartite memorandum of  understanding signed on February 22 between the government of the  Republic of Armenia, the Eurasian Development Bank and Lydian Armenia  CJSC as illegal, short-sighted, irresponsible, adventurous and  dangerous.

Health Minister about Amulsar: I am sure that all new technological  opportunities to be used for safe operation of mine
 Thursday, February 23 2023 16:47

ArmInfo. I am sure that all new technological possibilities will be used for the safe operation of the mine, which will meet high international standards. Minister  of Health of Armenia Anahit Avanesyan stated  during a briefing on  February 23, answering a question regarding the restart of the  Amulsar project.

Deputy Minister of Environment: Forest fires in Jermuk, which broke  out as a result of Azerbaijani aggression, led to land degradation
 Tuesday, September 27 2022 20:52

ArmInfo.At the 4th meeting of the Green Economy Regional Assembly "EU for the Environment" (EU4Environment) held in Paris, Deputy Environment Minister Gayane  Gabrielyan spoke about the large-scale aggression of Azerbaijan  against the territory of Armenia.

Environment Ministry of Armenia reminds citizens about responsibility  for collecting plants listed in Red Book
 Monday, August 8 2022 13:15

ArmInfo. The Ministry of Environment of Armenia issued a reminder of the responsibility for collecting plants listed in the Red Book without permission.

Armenian government plans to restore former course of Araks River
 Thursday, June 30 2022 20:14

ArmInfo.The Armenian government plans to restore the former course of the Araks River in order to avoid further collapses. The corresponding decision was made at a  Cabinet meeting on June 30.

Platform aimed at development of "green economy" was launched in  Armenia
 Monday, June 27 2022 18:26

ArmInfo.The Government of Armenia, in cooperation with the World Bank, the European Union and the United Nations Development Program, today launched the "Growth  and Recovery for the Strengthening, Upgrading and Prosperity of  Armenia" platform in support of Armenia's promising sustainable  development, green recovery and growth.

Armenia ranks 60th in Global Startup Ecosystem Index
 Monday, June 20 2022 18:09

ArmInfo. The Armenia Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 60 globally, and shows a positive momentum 5 spots since 2021.  Armenia  also ranks at number 16 for startups in Eastern Europe.

Deputy Prime Minister: Armenia has a rather ambitious climate agenda
 Wednesday, May 25 2022 15:41

ArmInfo.A meeting of the Interdepartmental Coordination Council on the implementation of the requirements and provisions of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement was held in Yerevan.

EU Black Sea Environment Program: Armenia needs to create a new  cadastre of water resources
 Friday, April 29 2022 17:55

ArmInfo. Today Yerevan hosted a "round table"  within the framework of the EU "Common Efforts to Protect the  Environment of the Black Sea Basin Countries" program. The conference  was attended by representatives of Armenia, Georgia, Moldova.  

Ministry of Environment commented on information about spillage of  chemicals into Araks from Agarak Copper-Molybdenum Combine
 Tuesday, April 19 2022 19:48

ArmInfo.The Ministry of Environment reacted to the information in the media about the spillage of  chemicals into the Araks River from the Agarak  copper-molybdenum plant in the Syunik region of the Republic of  Armenia.

Armenian`s Parliament adopts a bill On Mercury
 Wednesday, March 23 2022 11:52

ArmInfo.The RA Parliament adopted, in its second reading, a bill On Mercury aimed at protecting human health and environment.  

On March 26 Armenia to take part in Earth Hour global action 
 Tuesday, March 22 2022 16:58

ArmInfo.On March 26 Armenia will participate in Earth Hour global action organized by WWF by turning off the street lights of Yerevan and other cities for one  hour. 

MES confirms availability of uranium and thorium in surroundings of  Amulsar gold mine
 Monday, March 14 2022 13:10

ArmInfo. The RA Ministry of Emergency Situations  confirmed the presence of uranium and thorium in the vicinity of the  Amulsar gold mine, Ecolur reports.

EU launches its new programme EU4Environment - Water Resources and  Environmental Data in Armenia. 
 Tuesday, March 1 2022 13:45

ArmInfo.The EU has launched its new programme EU4Environment - Water Resources and Environmental Data in Armenia. 

Armenian scientists propose a new recipe to save Lake Sevan from  bogging
 Thursday, September 9 2021 15:56

ArmInfo.Armenian scientists propose a new recipe for saving Lake Sevan from bogging.

With the co-financing of the EU and the Ministry of Economic  Cooperation of Germany ``Sevan Talks`` campaign is launched in the  framework of EU4Sevan program
 Wednesday, September 8 2021 12:39

ArmInfo.With the co-financing of the European Union and the Ministry for Economic  Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany within  the framework of the Environmental Protection of Lake Sevan  (EU4Sevan) program, the campaign ''Sevan Talks'' is launched.

Releases from Sevan will increase to 75 million cubic meters: today  the level of Lake Sevan is 4 cm lower than the indicator for the same  period in 2020
 Friday, August 6 2021 16:29

ArmInfo.Up to 75 million cubic meters water will be released from Lake Sevan for irrigation. At a Friday session on August 6, the Armenian government approved a  legislative initiative on amendments to the law "On Approval of the  Annual Comprehensive Program of Measures for the Restoration,  Preservation, Reproduction and Use of the Sevan Ecosystem".

Czech scientists will conduct another examination of level of  pollution in Lori region of Armenia
 Wednesday, August 4 2021 21:59

ArmInfo. Field work on sampling for the study of  chemical pollution of the territories of the Lori region, which is  under the influence of the mining and metallurgical industry, has  been completed.

By 2030 Armenia intends to reduce harmful emissions into the  atmosphere by 40%
 Saturday, July 3 2021 16:25

ArmInfo.By 2030, Armenia intends to reduce harmful  emissions into the atmosphere by 40%. This was stated by the acting  Deputy Prime Minister of the country Tigran Avinyan, speaking at the  regular annual meeting of the European Bank for Reconstruction and  Development (EBRD) being held online.

Armenia may face the threat of drought and lack of water: Pashinyan  forms a special commission to develop a strategy
 Friday, July 2 2021 17:45

ArmInfo. The interdepartmental commission will develop a strategy for overcoming problems in the irrigation sector.  According to the official website of the Armenian  government, by the decision of the acting Prime Minister