Already 372 cases:  Number of people infected with Coronavirus  continues to grow in Armenia 

 Saturday, March 28 2020 11:01
Already 372 cases:  Number of people infected with Coronavirus  continues to grow in Armenia 

ArmInfo. In Armenia, as of 10:00 a.m. on March 28, 43 new cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus were registered. This was reported by the National Center  for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Healthcare of  Armenia.

Minister of Education called for assistance to students who do not  have the technical means to participate in distance education
 Friday, March 27 2020 21:25

ArmInfo.RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Arayik Harutyunyan called for assistance to students who do not have the technical means to  participate in distance education.

Large-scale disinfection to be carried out in public places in  Armenia
 Friday, March 27 2020 21:21

ArmInfo. From 6:00 a.m. on March 28, large-scale disinfection in connection with coronavirus will be carried out throughout Armenia, in public places. Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of Armenia Armen Harutyunyan announced this at a  March 27 press conference.

MES Rescue Service employee infected with Coronavirus 
 Friday, March 27 2020 21:21

ArmInfo.An employee of the Yerevan branch of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia infected with  coronavirus.  Director of the  Rescue Service of the MES of Armenia Vrezh Gabrielyan said this at a  March 27 press conference.

Over 690 million drams donated to a special account to combat  coronavirus
 Friday, March 27 2020 19:09

ArmInfo. Funds continue to be transferred to the treasury account opened by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia to facilitate measures to prevent and  overcome the coronavirus.

A ban was introduced on regular interregional and interstate  passenger transportation
 Friday, March 27 2020 18:49

ArmInfo. By the decision of the RA Deputy Prime Minister and Commandant Tigran Avinyan, based on the state of emergency, regular intra-regional, interregional and  interstate passenger transportation by bus and minibus was prohibited.

Coronavirus spread map: the largest number of cases was registered in  Yerevan and three regions 
 Friday, March 27 2020 18:26

ArmInfo.The RA Ministry of Healthcare presented a map of the spread of coronavirus in Armenia. The map is available on the official website of the National Center  for Disease Control and Prevention

Beeline to support Ministry of Healthcare volunteers
 Friday, March 27 2020 16:56

ArmInfo. Given the worldwide spread of COVID-19, Beeline is actively involved in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

YSMU will become the coordinator of program to create infrastructure  for cancer research in Armenia
 Friday, March 27 2020 16:43

ArmInfo. Yerevan State Medical University named after Mkhitar Heratsi (YSMU) was recognized as the winner of the ARICE partnership program with the "Creating  Infrastructure for Research on Cancer in Armenia" project. This was  reported by the press service of the university.

A ban on intraregional passenger transportation will be introduced in  Armenia
 Friday, March 27 2020 14:33

ArmInfo. As of March 8 this year passenger traffic in Armenia was registered at the loss of 6 thousand people, today this figure has dropped to 800 people (in  daily terms).  This was announced on March 27 during a press  conference in the Single Information Center of the Republic of  Armenia by the Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and  Infrastructures of the Republic of Armenia  Arsen Simonyan.

Food three times a day and medical control: Arsen Torosyan conducts  regular visits to quarantine zones
 Friday, March 27 2020 14:32

ArmInfo. On the afternoon of March 27, RA Minister of Healthcare Arsen Torosyan began regular visits to the quarantine zones in connection with the situation with  coronavirus. The first "destinations" were the Nairi Recreation  Center the Recreation Center of the Union of Writers of Armenia and  the Sports Complex, located in Tsaghkadzor.

Man who shot at "Erebuni Plaza" business center is found insane
 Friday, March 27 2020 14:30

ArmInfo.Arsen Torosyan, who on January 23 shot at the "Erebuni Plaza" business center is found insane. In an interview with ArmInfo correspondent, Torosyan's lawyer  Eduard Aghajanyan said this.

About 80% of Armenian schoolchildren included in distance education  programs
 Friday, March 27 2020 13:59

ArmInfo. On March 27, at the initiative of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia, a remote working discussion took place.  Minister Araik Harutyunyan, deputy ministers Arthur Martirosyan and  Zhanna Andreasyan, as well as more than three dozen representatives  of partner organizations took part in it. This was reported by the  press service of the ministry.

GeoProMining enterprises continue to operate strictly observing  safety measures
 Friday, March 27 2020 13:20

ArmInfo. The international company GeoProMining,  which employs about 2500 people in Armenian-located  enterprises, is  taking additional measures for sanitary prevention and counteracting  the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Coronavirus detected in Armenia in two-month infant  and his mother
 Friday, March 27 2020 12:32

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the coronavirus was detected in a two- month-infant  and his mother. This was announced by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Armenia  Arsen Torosyan during his live broadcast on Facebook.

RA Police revealed quarantine violations in 34 public transport  drivers
 Friday, March 27 2020 12:07

ArmInfo.As of 09:00 a.m. March 27, RA law enforcement agencies revealed violations in 44 drivers, who had more than 2 citizens in the car (together with the  driver), and after the Commander's decision came into force, in 1,260  citizens. All persons who violated the order were disembarked from  the vehicles.

A picture of the spread of a new type of coronavirus in the region
 Friday, March 27 2020 10:45

ArmInfo.Distribution dynamics of a new type of coronavirus in and around Armenia.

In Armenia, the number of detected cases of coronavirus reached 329
 Friday, March 27 2020 10:28

ArmInfo. As of 10:00 on March 27 in Armenia, 30 new cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus were detected.

First coronavirus-related death recorded in Armenia
 Thursday, March 26 2020 18:45

ArmInfo.The first case of death associated with coronavirus has been registered in Armenia. On March 26, Alina Nikoghosyan, press secretary of the Ministry of  Healthcare, announced this on her Facebook page.

The state will provide one-time social benefits to families with  minor children in case of loss of work 
 Thursday, March 26 2020 17:54

ArmInfo. The state will provide one-time social benefits in case of loss of work of one or two parents who have children whose age does not exceed 14 years.  This decision was made on March 26 during a meeting of the Government  of Armenia.

Feliks Tsolakyan transferred his monthly salary to t fight against  coronavirus
 Thursday, March 26 2020 16:40

ArmInfo.Minister of Emergency Situations of Armenia Feliks Tsolakyan transferred his monthly salary to a special account for the fight against coronavirus (COVID- 19).   This was reported by the press service of the MES.  


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