Minsk mediators voted for elections in Nagorno-Karabakh

 Tuesday, March 31 2020 20:34
Minsk mediators voted for elections in Nagorno-Karabakh

ArmInfo. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group ( Igor Popov of the Russian Federation; Stephane Visconti of France; and Mr. Andrew Schofer of the United States of America) made a statement regarding the elections held in Artsakh  today, noting that they took into account the fact of the so-called  "general election".

Masis Mayilyan reports fraud during the election
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 18:19

ArmInfo.Artsakh Foreign Minister, Presidential candidate of the Artsakh Republic Masis Mayilyan declares signs of fraud during the national elections. On  March 31, in an interview with reporters, he noted that these facts  are manifested mainly by the fact that voters photograph their  ballots. In his opinion, this is done in order to present to the  patrons the results of the implementation of the agreements.

A view from Moscow: The risks of unfreezing the Karabakh conflict are  no higher today than in its entire history
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 18:15

ArmInfo. The negotiating positions of the parties to the Karabakh conflict can only change if there is a violation of the military-political balance in favor of  one of the parties and, accordingly, if it achieves a  military-political advantage.

Artsakh Defense Minister: Situation at the border is under control
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 18:15

ArmInfo.The situation at the border is under control. The Minister of Defense of Artsakh, the commander of the Army of Defense Jalal Harutyunyan stated this on  March 31 in an interview with reporters.

Bako Sahakyan declared his readiness to submit a motion in case of  Serzh Sargsyan
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 16:34

ArmInfo.Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan announced his readiness to submit, if necessary, a motion in the case of third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. He voiced this opinion on March 31 in an interview with reporters.

Tehran: The so-called elections in Nagorno-Karabakh may lead to a new  round of tension in the region
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 15:35

ArmInfo.The so-called elections scheduled to be held today in Nagorno-Karabakh could lead to a new round of escalation of tension in the South Caucasus.   Representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Musevi expressed  this opinion, Anadol reports.

As of 11:00, 24.9% of voters participated in the elections in Artsakh
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 14:16

ArmInfo.As of 11:00, 26,037 voters, or 24.9%, participated in the national elections in Artsakh. It is reported by the CEC of the Republic of Artsakh.

Stepanakert: Ankara`s destructive policy in the Karabakh conflict  reaffirms the absolute inexpediency of Turkey`s membership in the  OSCE Minsk Group.
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 14:06

ArmInfo.The statement by the Foreign Ministry of Turkey on the presidential and parliamentary elections in the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh Republic) is  another example of the biased and destructive position of Ankara. The  statement of the NKR MFA received by ArmInfo also indicates that the  opinion of Turkey on this issue fully coincides with the point of  view of Azerbaijan.  

EU delegation in Armenia makes statement on elections in Artsakh
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 13:40

ArmInfo.The EU delegation in Armenia made a statement in connection with the elections in Artsakh.

The central headquarters of Vitaly Balasanyan alleges violations
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 12:15

ArmInfo.The central headquarters of Artsakh presidential candidate Vitaly Balasanyan (Justice party) alleges violations in the national election. According to a  widespread statement, numerous reports were received that voters were  photographing ballots. Moreover, according to the Justice party,  these facts took place in polling stations both in Stepanakert and in  Shushi.  In this regard, the party calls on the Central Election  Commission to take immediate measures to eliminate these violations.

Yerevan on Ankara`s statement on elections in Artsakh: Turkey  traditionally selectively interprets international documents
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 12:05

ArmInfo.The statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry regarding the elections in Nagorno-Karabakh is another manifestation of this country's hostile policy towards the  Armenian people. This is stated in a statement by the Armenian  Foreign Ministry after the Turkish Foreign Ministry appealed to the  international community and urged them not to recognize the elections  in Artsakh.

Ankara called on the international community not to recognize  elections in Artsakh
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 11:13

ArmInfo.Ankara does not recognize the results of the elections in Nagorno-Karabakh and considers them illegitimate. This is stated in a statement by the  Turkish Foreign Ministry.

National elections kicked off in Artsakh
 Tuesday, March 31 2020 10:04

ArmInfo. In the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) nationwide started election of the president and deputies of the National Assembly.

An earthquake occurred in Artsakh
 Monday, March 30 2020 17:56

ArmInfo.The seismic service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Armenia in the territory of Artsakh recorded an earthquake, the press service of the Ministry of  Emergency Situations informs.

Head of CEC of Artsakh: 103.663 voters registered in NKR
 Monday, March 30 2020 16:16

ArmInfo. As at March 30, 103.663 voters were registered in Artsakh.  This was announced on March 30 at the press conference by the head of the NKR Central Election Commission Srbuhi Arzumanyan.

Masis Mayilyan: My cooperation with Samvel Babayan is another example  of uniting the healthy forces of Artsakh
 Monday, March 30 2020 11:40

ArmInfo.The difference between the upcoming elections in Artsakh and all the previous ones is not only the number of candidates, but also the emergence of a real  alternative, NKR Foreign Minister, Artsakh presidential candidate  Masis Mayilyan expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

There is the "day of silence" in Artsakh  
 Monday, March 30 2020 11:37

ArmInfo.Today in Artsakh is a day of silence before the elections, when the election campaign is prohibited by law.

Bako Sahakyan discussed activities being carried out to prevent the  spread coronavirus in Artsakh
 Friday, March 27 2020 21:23

ArmInfo. On 27 March Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan chaired an enlarged meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission coordinating the prevention of the  spread of the novel coronavirus with the participation of  representatives of the legislative, executive, judicial and other  state bodies.  

Masis Mayilyan and the "New Artsakh" bloc`s election headquarters  cancel the pre-election meetings
 Friday, March 27 2020 18:11

ArmInfo. Due to the spread of coronavirus infection,  Masis Mayilyan and the "New Artsakh" bloc's election headquarters canceled all upcoming meetings stipulated by  the election campaign. Artsakh presidential candidate Masis Mayilyan  announced this on his Facebook page.

Analyst: Artsakh authorities do not want to see coronavirus devalue  political ambitions
 Friday, March 27 2020 11:30

ArmInfo. Artsakh authorities do not want to realize the seriousness of the situation around the situation with the spread of coronavirus. They do not want to realize  the vital necessity of postponing elections. A similar opinion was  expressed by ArmInfo, the head of the Center for Strategic Studies  "Ashkhar" Rachya Arzumanyan.

RA police impose restrictions on entry to the Artsakh Republic
 Friday, March 27 2020 08:56

ArmInfo.The forces of the territorial divisions of the RA Traffic Police on the roads leading to the Republic of Artsakh (Sotk-Karvachar highway, border section  from the villages of Syunik and Tegh to Artsakh) will immediately  appoint employees temporarily prohibiting entry to the Artsakh  Republic.


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