Armenian President nominates Hovakim Hovakimyan for post of judge of  Constitutional Court

 Friday, July 1 2022 13:14
Armenian President nominates Hovakim Hovakimyan for post of judge of  Constitutional Court

ArmInfo.Armenian President Vahagn Khachaturyan nominated Hovakim Hovakimian for the position of judge of the Constitutional Court. The decree on nomination was  signed on June 30, the press service of the head of state reported.

Ishkhan Saghatelyan and Vahe Hakobyan recalled from their positions  in National Assembly of Armenia
 Friday, July 1 2022 13:13

ArmInfo.The RA NA Civil Contract Faction presented a draft on recalling from office NA Vice President Ishkhan Saghatelyan, as well as on termination of powers of  Chairman of the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, NA member  Vahe Hakobyan.  As the press service of the RA NA reports, 66 MPs  voted for the decision. 66 MPs out of the NA 107 MPs took part in the  voting.  On July 1, at the NA extraordinary session the Chairman of  the Accounting Committee Narek Babayan informed about this.

Opposition protest in front of Armenia`s Parliament
 Friday, July 1 2022 12:28

ArmInfo.Resistance Movement members are holding a protest in front of the RA National Assembly. Armenian MPs are now discussing the issue of relieving Ishkhan  Saghatelyan of the post of Vice-Speaker of Armenia's Parliament and  Vahe Hakobyan of the post of Chairman of the Economic Committee. Both  are members of the opposition parliamentary faction Armenia. 

Sides could have approved project under which three Armenian  settlements would be within Lachin corridor - opposition MP
 Friday, July 1 2022 12:00

ArmInfo.Those claiming that the surrender of the Armenian settlements of Berdzor, Aghavno and Sus is stipulated by the trilateral agreement of November 9, 2020, must show the relevant points, Tigran Abrahamyan, a member of the opposition  parliamentary faction With Honor. 

Supreme Judicial Council will not bring Gagik Jhangiryan to  disciplinary responsibility
 Thursday, June 30 2022 20:18

ArmInfo.The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) of Armenia will not bring to disciplinary  responsibility acting Council Chairman Gagik Jhangiryan. Press  secretary of the SJC Lilit Shaboyan wrote on her Facebook page.

Armenia to simplify obtaining entry visas for citizens of a number of  countries
 Thursday, June 30 2022 20:16

ArmInfo. On June 30, the Armenian government adopted a resolution on restoring the possibility of obtaining entry visas at the border for citizens of a number of  countries and simplifying the process of issuing them for citizens of  other states.

Karen Gasparyan appointed Head of  Foreign Relations Department of RA  Prime Minister`s Office
 Thursday, June 30 2022 20:16

ArmInfo. Karen Gasparyan has been appointed Head of the Department for Foreign Relations of the Office of the Prime Minister of Armenia.

None of candidates for position of judge of Cassation Court was  elected in RA NA
 Thursday, June 30 2022 17:55

ArmInfo. On June 30, at an extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly of Armenia, the issue of electing a judge of the Anti-Corruption Chamber of the Cassation  Court was again discussed.  

Discussions on the issue of depriving opposition MPs of their  parliamentary mandate continue in the Armenian parliament- Speaker
 Thursday, June 30 2022 15:48

ArmInfo. The discussions on the issue of depriving the opposition MPs of their parliamentary mandate continue in the Armenian parliament. On June 30, NA President Alen Simonyan told journalists.

Yerevan rules out external control over its communications, which to  be unblocked - Security Council Secretary
 Thursday, June 30 2022 14:33

ArmInfo.Yerevan excludes any outside control over its transport and economic communications, which to be unblocked. On June 30, Secretary of the Security Council of  Armenia Armen Grigoryan stated this to journalists.

There is no tangible progress in the process of normalization of  Armenian-Turkish relations - Rubinyan
 Thursday, June 30 2022 13:27

ArmInfo. At the moment, there is no serious progress in the normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations. Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Special  Representative of Armenia in the negotiation process, Ruben Rubinyan,  told journalists on June 30.

Anna Vardapetyan elected Prosecutor General of Armenia
 Wednesday, June 29 2022 18:10

ArmInfo. Anna Vardapetyan was elected Prosecutor General of Armenia. This became known by the results of a secret ballot held in the Armenian parliament on June  29.

Court to consider issue of changing preventive measure against former  Prosecutor General of Armenia
 Wednesday, June 29 2022 13:01

ArmInfo.On June 30, a court session will be held, at which the issue of changing the preventive measure against former Prosecutor General of Armenia Aghvan Hovsepyan  will be considered. Lawyer Erik Aleksanyan wrote about this on his  Facebook page.

Decision of Civil Contract: Ishkhan Saghatelyan to be dismissed from  post of Deputy Speaker of Armenian Parliament
 Tuesday, June 28 2022 21:18

ArmInfo. Ishkhan Saghatelyan will be dismissed from the post of Deputy Speaker of the Armenian Parliament. This was stated by secretary of the Civil Contract  faction Artur Hovhannisyan, referring to the results of the meeting  of the Civil Contract, during which the corresponding decision was  made.  In addition, Vahe Hakobyan, chairman of the Standing  Parliamentary Commission on Economic Affairs, will also leave his  post.

Armenian, Turkish Special Envoys for normalization of  Armenian-Turkish relations hold next meeting in Vienna
 Tuesday, June 28 2022 11:39

ArmInfo. The Armenian and Turkish Special Envoys for normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations will hold their next meeting in Vienna, on July 1, Vahan  Hunanyan, Spokesperson for Armenia's foreign office, reported. 

Armenia`s government preparing society for further concessions -  opposition MP
 Tuesday, June 28 2022 10:50

ArmInfo. In commenting on Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan's statements at an online news conference, Tigran Abrahamyan, a member of the opposition  parliamentary faction With Honor, said that Armenia's government is  preparing society for new concessions by blackmailing it with a  possible new war. However, a new war and new losses are not ruled out  at a certain stage, he added. 

Prime Minister: If the problem is in the boycott, there will always  be reasons
 Monday, June 27 2022 21:18

ArmInfo.The responses of the Prime Minister of Armenia to questions from the media and civil society are being boycotted by those media that have recently  launched a massive campaign to boycott the coverage of the  government's activities.  RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated  this live on his Facebook page on Monday.

There are no other documents on the peace treaty between Armenia and  Azerbaijan, except for those that have been published - Pashinyan
 Monday, June 27 2022 21:17

ArmInfo.To date, there are no other documents on the negotiating table for a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan other than those that have been published. On  June 27, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this at a press  conference on his Facebook page.

Azerbaijan responds to all peaceful initiatives of Armenia with  aggressive rhetoric - Pashinyan
 Monday, June 27 2022 21:15

ArmInfo.Azerbaijan responds to all peaceful initiatives of Armenia with aggressive rhetoric. Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated this on  July 27 at a press conference on his Facebook page, commenting on the  statements of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev that Armenia  allegedly left Baku's proposal to start work on a peace agreement  unanswered, and the opening of communications is a direct legal  obligation of Armenia.

MP Artur Davtyan resigns; he was nominated as judge of Cassation  Court 
 Monday, June 27 2022 18:08

ArmInfo. Member of the National Assembly of Armenia from the ruling "Civil Contract" faction Artur Davtyan filed an application for the resignation of the parliamentary  mandate. This is stated in the statement of President of the RA  National Assembly Alen Simonyan.

Working group to study recording of conversation between former and  current heads of Council has been formed in SJC 
 Monday, June 27 2022 18:03

ArmInfo. A working group has been formed in the Supreme Judicial Council of Armenia to study the recording of the conversation between the former and current heads of  the Supreme Court of Justice Ruben Vardazaryan and Gagik Jhangiryan.  Member of the SJC David Khachaturyan told journalists on June 27.