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Parliamentarian: The absence of state opposition among some  opposition leaders makes one hope at least for their instinct for  self-preservation

 Friday, April 10 2020 13:01
Parliamentarian: The absence of state opposition among some  opposition leaders makes one hope at least for their instinct for  self-preservation

ArmInfo.Part of Levon Ter-Petrosyan's proposals regarding the political power ruling in Armenia has not yet been subjected to general discussion in our  faction.  Accordingly, talking about our common reaction is  premature.


Parliamentarian: I am convinced that Yuri Khachaturov will express a  desire to come to the April commission himself

ArmInfo.The work of our commission in the framework of meetings with interviewed witnesses will end before the end of this month, after which we will begin to process the collected materials. A similar opinion was expressed to  ArmInfo,  by the  member of the Armenian parliament from the "My Step" bloc, member of  the Commission for the Investigation of the April War, Kristine  Poghosyan.

Kocharyan filed lawsuits against RA Criminal Executive Service and  Republic of Armenia

ArmInfo. Second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan filed lawsuits against the Criminal Executive Service of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of  Armenia. 

Parliamentary Committee investigating events of April war had  satisfied Serzh Sargsyan`s request
General Director of Multi Group Concern LLC indicted


4 policemen self-isolated in Artsakh

ArmInfo.In Artsakh, 4 policemen were self-insulated.  According to Artsakh Information Headquarters, as part of preventive measures to spread a new type of coronavirus, four police officers serving at the "Aghavno" checkpoint of the  Artsakh Republic were self- isolatated for security reasons. It is  noted that the decision was made despite the fact that they performed  their service in protective masks and gloves.

Moscow on electoral processes in Artsakh: Elections are necessary to  ensure the normal functioning of the population

ArmInfo.Moscow commented on the nationwide elections in Artsakh.  Thus, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, at a  weekly briefing assessing the fact of the elections in Artsakh,  recalled that regarding the elections held in Nagorno- Karabakh on  March 31, there is a statement by the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs on  the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement, which includes representatives of  Russia, the United States and France.

Two more cases of coronavirus detected in Artsakh
The condition of the only patient infected with coronavirus in  Nagorno-Karabakh is stable


The ministry clarified the position regarding the application of  Azerbaijan to include the balaban in the UNESCO list

ArmInfo.The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia has clarified its position regarding the application of Azerbaijan and  Turkey to include the balaban in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural  Heritage List. Balaban is a reed wooden wind musical instrument,  which, like the Armenian duduk, can also be made from apricot wood.  Some saw in this application an encroachment on the duduk, but the  ministry recalls that this Armenian instrument was included in the  UNESCO List back in 2008.

The state of emergency provoked a surge of interest in the cultural  sphere

ArmInfo. The introduction of a state of emergency in Armenia provoked a surge in interest in the cultural sphere. As RA Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture  and Sports Araik Khzmalyan said at a press conference on April 7, the  number of page followers on social networks of music and theater  organizations has almost doubled, and the number of views of  performances and concerts reaches impressive figures.

Armenian State Symphonic Orchestra initiated a series of online  workshops with famous musicians
In connection with Tsaghkazard,  Holy Spear stored in Mother See of  Holy Etchmiadzin will be taken out

China donates medical supplies to Yerevan

ArmInfo.Yerevan received medical supplies from the friendly Chinese city of Chongqing. This was announced by the head of the capital's municipality Hayk Marutyan on his Facebook page.

RA MFA: 35 Armenian students return to USA from Yerevan thanks to  effective interaction with Georgian partners

ArmInfo. As a result of the agreements between the foreign ministers of Armenia and Georgia, in close cooperation with the American Councils, on April 9, the return  of Armenian and Georgian students studying in various US high schools  under the FLEX program was organized.

Embassy: 73 RA citizens returned from Turkey to their homeland in  transit through Georgia
Georgia will assist Armenia in returning Armenian schoolchildren from  the USA


Torosyan: Coronavirus will be with us for a long time

ArmInfo.Given the current epidemiological situation, wearing a mask and gloves is advisable. RA Minister of Healthcare Arsen Torosyan stated this during a meeting of  the Standing Committee on Health and Social Affairs of the National Assembly of Armenia.

Torosyan clarified why the coronavirus testing at checkpoint is  pointlessness 

ArmInfo.Since April 10, the list of people who are required to undergo a coronavirus test is expanding in Armenia. RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan announced this  during a meeting of the Standing Committee on Health and Social  Affairs of the National Assembly of Armenia.

Armenian customs officers stop the smuggling attempt from the USA 2.7  kg of marijuana into the country
The number of coronavirus infected in Armenia reaches 937


State of emergency "cleared" Yerevan`s air

ArmInfo.The declaration of a state of emergency in connection with COVID-19 "cleared" the Yerevan's air.

Ombudsman and Ministry of Nature Protection disagree

ArmInfo.According to the Ombudsman, the draft law on amendments to the Law "On Freedom of Information" developed by the RA Ministry of Nature Protection  contains the risks of unjustified refusal.

Lydian Armenia accuses government of lack of grounds for new phase of  questions on Amulsar project 
Solemn opening ceremony of Armenian-Belarusian Friendship Forest on  territory of Sevan National Park took place 

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