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Karina Manukyan

In Armenia, it is planned to create historical and cultural  reservations "Capital Artashat" and "Capital Dvin"

In Armenia, it is planned to create historical and cultural  reservations "Capital Artashat" and "Capital Dvin"

ArmInfo. In Armenia, it is planned to create historical and cultural reservations "Capital Artashat" and "Capital Dvin". The corresponding draft was posted for discussion by  the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports on the  portal of draft legal acts.  

According to the project, "Capital  Artashat" will be located in the Lusarat community of Ararat region  (5.77676 ha), and "Capital Dvin" - in the Khnaberd community  (12.72126 ha). The ministry stressed that these monuments are of  national importance, and are already included in the corresponding  list of state monuments. The expenses for the maintenance and  operation of the reservations will be covered by the SNCO "Service  for the Protection of the Historical Environment and Historical and  Cultural Museum- Reservations".

"The territories required for the creation of the historical and  cultural reservations" Capital Artashat "and" Capital Dvin "are  considered to be the lands of state property, history and culture, on  which monuments of national importance are located, in particular,  the capital Artashat (II century BC - IV century BC), built by the  Armenian king Artashes in 180-170. BC, and named in his honor  Artashat (Greek Artakhsata) and the capital Dvin (Greek Duvidos),  founded in the first half of the IV century>, the project says.  It  is indicated that these historical and cultural reservations will  contribute to the development of tourism.  <The modern tourism  industry is one of the largest, most productive, fastest growing  sectors of the world economy. The unprecedented pace of development  of this lucrative sector has a direct impact on the proportional  development of almost all sectors of the economy. Armenia is a  country with a rich tourism potential, but it occupies a very modest  place in the international tourism market, "the ministry said.  It is  emphasized that proper protection of the entire territory of these  monuments will be ensured; in addition, tourist routes will be laid  on their territories.

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