Monday, July 27 2020 14:10
Karina Manukyan

About 9 thousand seedlings planted in Syunik

About 9 thousand seedlings planted in Syunik

ArmInfo. The implementation of the "Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia" continues. According to the RA Ministry of Environment, by the efforts of the Kapan branch of the  work was carried out to plant trees near the settlement of Tsav.

On the territory adjacent to the Mtnadzor forest, on a total area of  2 hectares, about 9 thousand seedlings were planted. Of these, 5  thousand are seedlings of trees of the walnut family, 4 thousand are  the frame of the Caucasian, Caucasian pear, Caucasian mock-orange,  and other tree species. The planting area was fenced off, an  irrigation system with a length of 4 thousand meters was installed,  and a container for collecting water with a capacity of 25 tons was  installed.  

The "Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia" is implemented by  the RA Ministry of Environment with financial assistance from KFW  Bank.  The program is aimed at preserving natural resources and  biodiversity, as well as managing specially protected natural areas  in Syunik region, while helping to improve the socio-economic  situation of neighboring communities. Thus, within the framework of  the program, two sports grounds were built in Kapan.

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