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Ani Mshetsyan

Zohrab Mnatsakanyan: We hope that Azerbaijan will abandon the  maximalist approach on the Karabakh issue

Zohrab Mnatsakanyan: We hope that Azerbaijan will abandon the  maximalist approach on the Karabakh issue

ArmInfo. In recent days, since July  12, a very dangerous development of events has occurred, when  Azerbaijani forces used artillery, trying to penetrate the Armenian  territory in the north-eastern part of Armenia, thereby increasing  the risk of escalation. This was stated in an interview with  Al-Jazeera by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Zohrab  Mnatsakanyan.

He noted that efforts to reduce tension are currently a priority.  "This is what we are working on, this is what we are working on with  the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, the co-chairs of the group are  France, Russia and the USA.

We need to ease the tension. Armenia has the opportunity to protect  itself, Armenia is the guarantor of the security of Artsakh, war is  not a solution. And there is no alternative to a peaceful settlement.  We remain committed to this decision, we will work to de-escalate the  situation, create an environment that promotes peace, contributes to  the negotiation process, "the minister emphasized.

As for the details about exactly what steps are being taken to reduce  the level of tension, the Armenian Foreign Minister stated that the  fact that in the last 12-14 hours, relative calm was observed at the  border, is encouraging. "We are in constant contact with the  co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Russia, the United States and  France. We are trying to find ways that will allow us to maintain  relative calm, restore the ceasefire, which was established in 1994,  and which is still valid today. The document was signed by Armenia,  Artsakh and Azerbaijan. And now the full restoration of the ceasefire  is our priority, "Mnatsakanyan emphasized.

The Armenian Foreign Minister also touched on the situation related  to the CSTO and rumors that Armenia allegedly requested Russia to  meet on the events unfolding at the border, but the reaction was  unclear.  "Armenia is a member of the CSTO. This is a Collective  Security Treaty Organization, and together with our partners we  clearly raise issues regarding the CSTO space of which Armenia is a  part. We inform our partners about events, raise issues that, like in  this case, are considered by us as necessary to represent collective  actions. Obviously, as an Organization with its charter, we have all  the tools in our hands, but we assess the situation, we evaluate the  actions determined by the situation. We are in touch and in dialogue  with our CSTO partners, " he noted.

Mnatsakanyan emphasized that the Prime Minister of the Republic of  Armenia clearly stated that Armenia is the guarantor of the security  of Artsakh, Armenia is responsible for the security of our  compatriots in Artsakh, the physical existential security of our  compatriots in Artsakh.  "We remain committed to the peace process,  it is obvious that Armenia has its own agenda in the field of  development and welfare of its people. Artsakh and its people are  currently in adverse conditions. Every effort is being made to  isolate Artsakh from the outside world, which is unacceptable.  Armenia, in every possible way supports the people of Artsakh so that  they can live in conditions of security, peace and development.   Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize that Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan was very consistent in his statements that the peace will  become possible when we reach a compromise solution that will be  acceptable to all peoples, peoples of Armenia, Artsakh and  Azerbaijan. And we still expect reciprocity from the Azerbaijani  leadership based on a compromise. However, the fact is that we are  currently witnessing a more maximalist approach that does not take  into account the fundamental priorities of Armenia and Artsakh.  Our  position is to find a solution that will be acceptable to everyone,  we are working in this direction, " Zohrab Mnatsakanyan concluded. 

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