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Atom Egoyan: "Golden Apricot" has become one of the most important  events in cultural life

Atom Egoyan: "Golden Apricot" has become one of the most important  events in cultural life

ArmInfo.The world famous director, member of the honorary council of the Golden Apricot International Film Festival Atom Egoyan will take an active part in the festival on the GAIFF PRO online platform.

The film director will share his  experience with the participants of GAIFF PRO, which will be held on  July 13-16. On July 14, discussions are planned on Egoyan's   film  "Calendar" and the movie  of Yekaterina Chelidze "Vacation of Dead  Souls", in which both directors will take part.  , - says Atom  Egoyan.

According to the director, from the very beginning it was clear that  the filmmakers visiting Armenia as part of the festival experience  magical, unique feelings. Egoyan claims that the founding president  of "Golden Apricot" Harutyun Khachatryan has an indescribable charm,  he is a special person and people like to be near him.

, - said the director.

The director regrets that the festival is not held these days due to  an epidemic, but he hopes that everything will soon return to normal.  These days, he studied with interest the projects of the C2C online  market, found interesting scenarios, promised to share his experience  with the participants, helping them in every way in the process of  improving the project. Egoyan emphasized that young filmmakers should  be strong in spirit, understand that they will often be rejected.  They must continue to try, be inspired, infect other people with  their passion.

was included in the competition program of the Cannes  Film Festival. This is a great achievement for Armenia, because for  the first time an Armenian film was selected in the Cannes  competition program after .  Unfortunately, Nora will  not be able to personally attend the Cannes Film Festival this year,  but this is a real victory for our film industry>, the director said.   

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