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David Stepanyan

Expert: Russia is still perceived as a strategic ally in Armenia

Expert: Russia is still perceived as a strategic ally in Armenia

ArmInfo. There have always been fluctuations in public sentiment regarding Russia in Armenia. And, as a rule, they are always caused by specific reasons. President of  Yerevan Press Club Boris Navasardyan expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

"Gas prices, reports and articles on Russian media, statements by  Russian officials on the settlement of the conflict over Artsakh -  all this has always influenced and affected the public sentiment and  perception of Russia in Armenia. In any case, Russia is still  perceived in Armenia as a strategic ally. And there are no changes in  this matter, "he stressed.

The expert considers the main problem in the Armenian-Russian  relations the absence of changes over the past 2 years. The problem  is the absence of even attempts by Yerevan to diversify relations  with Moscow through deepening relations with other geopolitical  centers. The latter, according to Navasardyan, is needed, also for  making Armenia-Russia relations more effective.

The expert is convinced that Russia, like any other country, behaves  with its partner or ally 100% depending on it not as much benignly as  it would have behaved with a partner or ally who has an alternative  or even alternatives. According to Navasardyan, showing loyalty to  Russia and not even trying to diversify relations with Moscow with  relations with other centers of power, Armenia will never receive the  support that it expects from a strategic ally.

The latter, in turn, in his words, impedes the development of Armenia  in various directions. Navasardyan believes that it may be difficult  for Armenia to find an alternative to Russia in ensuring security and  energy cooperation. However, no serious assistance should be expected  from Moscow in all those issues related to reforms in the field of  public administration and the formation of new institutions.

"In these areas, we need to develop relations with other countries.  Especially given their repeatedly emphasized readiness for such  cooperation. In particular, after the" velvet "revolution in Armenia.   Unfortunately, we have already missed several of these  opportunities," the YPC President summed up.

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