Thursday, July 9 2020 15:43
Karina Manukyan

Lawyers filed a motion to stop the criminal prosecution of Ara  Babloyan

Lawyers filed a motion to stop the criminal prosecution of Ara  Babloyan

ArmInfo. On July 9, during the  court hearing, the defense side submitted a motion to stop the  criminal prosecution of former Speaker of the National Assembly of  the Republic of Armenia, Ara Babloyan.

As lawyer Aram Vardevanyan noted in particular, there was obvious  violations in the prosecution of his client, and after the  requalification of the charge, investigative measures were not taken,  however, the case with the indictment was sent to court. For their  part, prosecutors objected that the court could not assess the change  in the charges until the relevant evidence was examined in court.   The decision will be announced today.

Earlier, the Special Investigation Service reported that there is  evidence that in March 2018, in the process of Gagik Harutyunyan's  resignation of the powers of the President of the Constitutional  Court, officials, based on group interests, personally and also  through non-officials committed official forgery, to appoint Hrayr  Tovmasyan to the post of head of the Constitutional Court.

So,  former head of the Constitutional Court Gagik Harutyunyan, whose  term of office (70 years) was supposed to end on March 23, 2018,  signed an appeal addressed to NA Speaker Ara Babloyan on the  resignation of his post of the President of the Constitutional  Council, which was dated March 1, 2018 . The then NA Speaker Ara  Babloyan, having not officially received this appeal by Gagik  Harutyunyan, on March 2 illegally signed and made a statement on the  resignation of Gagik Harutyunyan, as head of the Constitutional  Court. Otherwise, the President of the National Assembly would not  have been able to announce the resignation of the President of the  Constitutional Assembly before the next ordinary sitting of the  National Assembly on March 20, 2018.

It should be noted that in the conditions of observing the three-day  period provided for by the law, after that it would be impossible to  appoint Hrayr Tovmasyan as the head of the Constitutional Court,  since before this the next NA meeting was not provided. As a result,  favorable conditions were created for the process of nominating and  appointing Hrayr Tovmasyan to the vacant post of head of the  Constitutional Court.  Ara Babloyan is charged under Part 1 of  Article 308 and Part 1 of Article 314 of the Criminal Code of the  Republic of Armenia, and Arsen Babayan is charged with Part 1 of  Article 38-300 and part 1 of Article 314 of the Criminal Code of the  Republic of Armenia.

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