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Ani Mshetsyan

Edmon Marukyan: of the authorities over the  Constitutional Court is a legally vulnerable process

Edmon Marukyan: <Pyrrhic victory> of the authorities over the  Constitutional Court is a legally vulnerable process

ArmInfo. The head of the Bright  Armenia faction Edmon Marukyan touched on the issue related to the  Constitutional Court. Marukyan touched on this topic on his page on  the Facebook social network.

 In his post Marukyan, in particular,  noted: "Pyrrhic victory" of the authorities over the Constitutional  Court is, to put it mildly, a legally vulnerable process. We have  talked about this many times, and now we are completing the  preparation of our application for sending to the Constitutional  Court.

Another legally vulnerable process is the campaign launched against  the "former" authorities, the whole essence of which was to postpone  the day of consideration of the case of the second president of  Armenia in  the Constitutional Court>.

The lawmaker also spoke about the faction's position on this issue.  <Why did someone decide that our party should "fit" in the army of  representatives of "blacks" or "whites". Light is not black or white.  Many people do not see their future in these two camps, which are  obsessed with annihilating each other.

We are aware that our path is very difficult, and we realize that  many will not understand why we decided to go this route. Those  forces will not understand us who remember the need for cooperation   only when they don't like something>, Marukyan emphasized.  He also  said that representatives of the two political camps blinded by  hatred do not see that many people do not support either one or the  other.  <And we have voiced the words and thoughts of hundreds of our  fellow citizens, and we always will. Life does not end, and time will  show that immoral political merit is temporary, and moral merit is  long-term.  Recall that we note that the forecasts of "Bright  Armenia> tend to become reality>," Edmon Marukyan concluded.

It should be noted that on June 24, Armenian President Armen  Sarkissian signed a package of bills, including those related to  amendments to the law on the Constitutional Court. The relevant  amendments were approved by the National Assembly at an extraordinary  meeting on June 22. According to the amendments, the powers of the  judges of the Constitutional Court Felix Tokhyan, Hrant Nazarian and  Alvina Gyulumyan, who had been in office for more than 12 years, were  terminated. Already former head of the Constitutional Court Hrayr  Tovmasyan will continue to work as a judge.  The chairman and deputy  chairman of the Constitutional Court will be elected after the  approval of the full composition of the Constitutional Court (9  judges). At the same time, the current composition of 6 judges is  sufficient for the legality of the convened meetings, that is, the  continuity of the activities of the Constitutional Court will not be  interrupted. According to the law, in the absence of the chairman and  deputy chairman of the Constitutional Court, the powers of the  chairman are temporarily performed by the oldest judge, that is,  Ashot Khachatryan.

To recall, on June 26, representatives of the Prosperous Armenia  faction appealed to the Constitutional Court of the country,  disputing the law on constitutional amendments adopted by the ruling  faction My Step. Representatives of the Bright Armenia faction  promised to join them, after the Constitutional Court decided on the  case of the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharian.

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