Wednesday, July 8 2020 15:03
Ani Mshetsyan

Ararat Mirzoyan: Former members of the Constitutional Court may apply  to the ECHR

Ararat Mirzoyan: Former members of the Constitutional Court may apply  to the ECHR

ArmInfo. Former members of the Constitutional Court, of course, can apply to the ECHR. Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan stated this in an  interview with reporters. At the same time, the speaker noted that he  did not know what decision the ECHR would take in this case.

To the question that  President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian noted  that he several times nominated candidates for the position of judges  of the Constitutional Court, however, the parliament did not approve  these candidates and, in order to maintain the balance, Sarkissian  suggested that three candidates for the position of judges of the  Constitutional Court will be approved by the parliament, three by the  President, and three by the Government, the speaker said: <Yes, the  President of Armenia twice nominated candidates who were not approved  by the Parliament. However, parliament approved one of the  nominations put forward by the President. According to the current  constitutional provisions, court representatives, as well as the  President, nominate candidates, but the choice will be the National  Assembly's to make. In other words, we acted in accordance with the  Constitution. We are considering the proposal of any proposal, but  the choice is ours>, he stressed.

Mirzoyan noted that the model proposed by the President implies  constitutional changes. "As you know, now the commission is  conducting work that is developing to amend the Constitution and the  President can appeal to members of the commission," the head of  parliament said. The Speaker stated that the commission will discuss  any proposals.

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