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Mane Gevorgyan: Ilham Aliyev himself indicated the reason why the  Karabakh conflict is still not resolved

Mane Gevorgyan: Ilham Aliyev himself indicated the reason why the  Karabakh conflict is still not resolved

ArmInfo.  Spokesperson of the Prime  Minister of Armenia Mane Gevorgyan reacted to the statement of the  President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

On her Facebook page, Gevorgyan noted that the attempts of the  President of Azerbaijan to dig in to the past are very ridiculous.  <He claims that in the Kurekchay Treaty, signed in the early 1800s,  there is no mention of Armenians. We naively believed that Ilham  Aliyev is familiar with the most popular works of ancient  historiography, which contain a huge amount of material about the  divine country of Hayastan- Armenia, as well as about the indigenous  population of this country. If the ancient authors do not inspire  confidence in the President of Azerbaijan, then he could at least get  acquainted with the works of Ottoman authors of the 16-19 centuries.  In their writings, these authors present extensive information about  Armenia, and some even traveled to Armenia-Ermenistan, and  communicated with the Christian population of the country>, the  Spokeswoman emphasized.

She noted that if Aliyev had been familiar with the works of these  authors, he would not have put himself in an awkward situation,  talking about mentioning or not mentioning Armenians in some 19th  century document. <Armenians and Armenia are mentioned in historical  works from ancient times, and on historical maps. We also considered  that Aliyev's knowledge should be enough to know about Amaras,  Dadivank and Gandzasar, built by Armenians in Artsakh back in the  Middle Ages,> Gevorgyan emphasized.

The Spokeswoman noted that Mr. Aliyev is trying to claim that the  Armenian king presented by Prime Minister Pashinyan at the Munich  conference allegedly has nothing to do with the Armenian people.

<The President of Azerbaijan should have felt ashamed at least in  relation to the above authors, despite the fact that the latter did  not write anything about Azerbaijan. However, this is not their  fault, they simply did not meet such a country in the territory of  modern Azerbaijan until 1918. If Aliyev means the Iranian Atrpatakan,  which is still located in the north-west of Iran, in its historical  place, then it is a pity, but it has nothing to do with the country  led by Aliyev,> she emphasized.

Gevorgyan also touched upon the negotiations on the Karabakh  conflict. <Aliyev in his latest statement clearly indicated the  reason for the non-settlement of the conflict. The thing is that the  rights of citizens of Artsakh are completely ignored. And what should  the citizens of Artsakh answer to all this? Naturally, they must  protect their rights, and until Azerbaijan recognizes this right,  negotiations will not be productive.  Including, the right to fully  participate in negotiations around the observance of one's own  rights. Prime Minister Pashinyan proposed a clear formula - a  solution to the Karabakh conflict should be acceptable to the peoples  of Armenia, Artsakh and Azerbaijan. The international community  accepts this formula, but Aliyev does not accept this formula,  insisting that the settlement of the issue should be acceptable only  to the people of Azerbaijan, "the Spokeswoman emphasized. <And after  all this Aliyev also accuses us of fascism? And why does he  constantly state that the Karabakh conflict has a military solution?  Our answer has not changed, if the Karabakh conflict should be  resolved by military means, then the citizens of Artsakh have long  resolved this issue. Aliyev blames the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk  Group, Armenia and historical justice for the unresolved problems,  while he should only blame himself for leaving the constructive field  of discussion long ago>, concluded Gevorgyan.

It should be noted that in his latest statement, President of  Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said that Azerbaijan does not intend to  participate in meaningless negotiations. According to him, Baku will  participate in them only if they are substantial. He also accused the  OSCE Minsk Group that the latter did not properly respond to the  Prime Minister of Armenia, who states that Karabakh is Armenia.  According to Aliyev, the co-chairs are trying to please both sides.  The President of Azerbaijan also accused Armenia of stating that  "Karabakh is Armenia" Yerevan crosses out the whole essence of the  negotiations. In conclusion, Aliyev emphasized that thoughts about  the need to change the format of negotiations make them meaningless. 

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