Monday, July 6 2020 18:11
Karina Manukyan

Ministry of Health reports on measures to combat coronavirus

Ministry of Health reports on measures to combat coronavirus

ArmInfo. The Ministry of Health of  the Republic of Armenia reported on measures to combat coronavirus.

According to the report, for the treatment of patients with  coronavirus, a total of 19 medical facilities were redeployed, 2,612  beds were deployed, of which 287 were in intensive care units. In  addition, construction work is underway at the Erebuni MC to create a  new intensive care unit with 40 beds. In one of the buildings of the  University Hospital. Mikaelian continues to work on creating an  additional bed fund for 140 beds, 40 of which are in the intensive  care unit. In "Arabkir" MC, in just 14 days, a module was built to  receive young patients with suspected coronavirus. The module is  equipped with 8 chambers and 16 beds.  Laboratory capacities were  also strengthened, new laboratories for PSR tests were created in the  Syunik, Lori, and Shirak regions, as a result of which instead of the  initial 300 tests for coronavirus per day, up to 2 thousand are now  conducted daily. In addition, the MC "Surb Grigor Lusavorich"  laboratory re-equipment is being carried out in order to conduct  further PCR tests.

As for the technical re-equipment, in particular 159 ventilation  devices were purchased and distributed, and by the end of September  another 30 devices will be delivered. About 830 mobile oxygen  devices, 172500 units of protective clothing, 327 thousand units of  protective masks, 440 thousand medical masks, 32 thousand protective  glasses, 102 thousand units of gowns were purchased and distributed.  For regional redeveloped hospitals, 4 portable digital x-ray machines  were purchased; It is planned to purchase two universal x-ray  machines. Among medical facilities, 235 patient monitors and 6 ECG  devices were distributed.

In order to more efficiently organize the work of the National Center  for Disease Control and Prevention SNCO, the Ministry of Health of  the Republic of Armenia, 5 additional ambulances and 6 off-road  vehicles were purchased. In addition, 20 ambulances are planned to be  purchased for the needs of the healthcare system.

Medicines were also purchased, including the drug "Remdesevir", which  will be delivered until July 15 of this year. In addition, the drug  Avigan was obtained as humanitarian aid. An information base of  medical workers has been created, on the basis of which about 4,500  applications were collected, 1,600 of which were for others  specialties. According to applications submitted by medical  institutions, About 600 volunteers were involved in the work.

As of July 6, 46 specialists arrived in Armenia from abroad, of which  1 from Germany, 18 from France, 5 from Russia, 11 from Lithuania and  11 from Italy.

During quarantine (February-May), 9225 citizens were isolated in  quarantine zones and taken under control, of which 32.8% (3032  people) confirmed coronavirus. As of July 5, a total of 83,500  citizens are self-insulated. As of July 6, 9086 asymptomatic patients  or those with a mild illness are under the control of primary care  providers.

As of July 6, 123815 laboratory tests were carried out in the  republic. In total, 28936 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in  Armenia, 16302 people recovered, 491 died (mortality rate is  estimated at 1.7%). 11984 patients are currently receiving actual  treatment. As of July 5, the condition of 516 patients was assessed  as severe, and 128 as extremely severe.

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