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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenian Foreign Minister: The formula "shoot with one hand,  negotiate with the other" is not effective and it is rejected by the  Armenian side

Armenian Foreign Minister: The formula "shoot with one hand,  negotiate with the other" is not effective and it is rejected by the  Armenian side

ArmInfo.Over the past two years, quite dynamic processes have been observed in the negotiation process to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Armenia's Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan stated this in an interview with Artsakh  Public Television.

In this context, the Armenian Minister added that under the auspices  of the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group and through their mediation,  the work in full was conducted with the Azerbaijani side on a  peaceful settlement, around the package, on many issues related to  the most important and key tasks for the Armenian side that arise  from a comprehensive, stable security system and, most importantly,  the status of Artsakh.

At the same time, Mnatsakanyan continued, there is a significant and  fundamental issue related to the formation of an appropriate  environment in which the peace process will take place, and which  concerns both reducing the risks of escalation and contacts between  people and preparing societies for peace.

"And finally, the third important, very significant direction is the  more direct involment of the new elected authorities and the people  of Artsakh in the peace process. Moreover, it is important to  maintain and strengthen the ownership of the Artsakh peace process  from the point of view that, in the end, the question it concerns  Nagorno-Karabakh and its people, and the settlement concerns them  first of all, "the Armenian Foreign Minister said, adding that quite  active work was carried out with all the co-chairs and the  Azerbaijani side in all the above three areas.

In this regard, the  diplomat recalled that the last tete-a-tete  meeting was held in Geneva in January of this year, and which summed  up the results of joint work in this area and outlined further steps  that were somewhat damaged due to the new type of coronavirus  pandemic . He added that despite the pandemic, the contacts did not  stop and two virtual meetings were held in through a video conference  with the co-chairs and the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister, which was  very important from the point of view of maintaining contacts. "We  are always in touch and work on all those issues that can be  addressed now," the Armenian Foreign Minister added.

Speaking about the results of the last video conference that took  place last week, Mnatsakanyan, in particular, said: "During this  period, we touched on one issue that was sensitive for us - it is  expressed in a very visible level of hostile rhetoric that we have  been observing lately. Of course this cannot affect our principled  position, approaches, but it has a negative impact on the environment  in which we conduct this peace process. It is impossible to imagine  that in the conditions of sowing and spreading such hostility, it is  possible to practically and effectively fulfill the most important  function regarding the peace process. ", - the Minister expressed his  conviction.

Touching upon the latest militaristic statements of the Minister of  Defense of the Azerbaijan Republic, including that Azerbaijan is  ready for a military solution to the Karabakh issue, the Armenian  Foreign Minister noted that this is a manifestation of rhetoric, and  this question was voiced by the Armenian side.

" Both Armenia and Artsakh are more than determined to defend their  security, the right to life, their freedom. Armenia has been and  remains the sole guarantor of the security and freedom of Artsakh.  Both Armenia and Artsakh have sufficient potential for defense, and  the language of threats is rigidly rejected by the Armenian sides.  The key remains for us - the preservation and observance of the  ceasefire agreement and the observance of the ceasefire of 1994  remain one of the most important requirements in this process.  This  is an interest for all parties. Once again, we are more than ready to  defend and protect, but a truce is a necessary condition for  effective advancement in the peace process, "Mnatsakanyan said,  adding that the formula" to shoot with one hand and negotiate with  the other "is not effective and it is rejected by the Armenian side. 

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