Friday, July 3 2020 18:19
Karina Manukyan

Natalya Vutova visited the RA Prosecutor General`s Office

Natalya Vutova visited the RA Prosecutor General`s Office

ArmInfo.  RA Prosecutor General  Arthur Davtyan received the head of the Yerevan office of the Council  of Europe Natalia Vutova, who is completing her mission in Armenia.   The Prosecutor General praised the role of the Council of Europe and  its support in the process of institutional development of democracy  and the protection of human rights in Armenia, the implementation of  judicial reforms, noting the contribution of the Council of Europe's  Yerevan office in promoting and promoting relevant programs.

Expressing gratitude for the close and constructive working  relationship formed on mutual trust between the European Parliament  and the General Prosecutor's Office of Armenia, Vutova expressed  confidence that the programs planned and in the process will continue  successfully, contributing to the development of criminal justice in  Armenia, strengthening the rule of law, modernization and increasing  the effectiveness of comprehensive and a systemic fight against  corruption and crime.

During the meeting, issues related to expanding the integration of  Armenia into the European environment for protecting human rights  were discussed. An exchange of views also took place on legislative  reforms in the judicial sphere and on anti-corruption procedures. The  functions of the prosecutor's office, as provided for by the law on  confiscation of property of illegal origin, were also affected.

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