Thursday, July 2 2020 14:18
Ani Mshetsyan

Hearing of Court of Appeal in case of Gagik Tsarukyan postponed

Hearing of Court of Appeal in case of Gagik Tsarukyan postponed

ArmInfo. The hearing of the Court of Appeal in the case of oligarch Gagik Tsarukyan, the head of the Prosperous Armenia Party, has been postponed. This was announced on  July 2 by the lawyer of the latter, Yerem Sargsyan. According to the  lawyer, the next meeting will be held on July 7 at 11:00 am.  According to the defense, the prosecution was not familiar with their  complaint.

The lawyer also presented the contents of the protest of Tsarukyan's  defense. <The petition is presented in parliament, it differs  significantly from the petition for the arrest of Gagik Tsarukyan.  All this is political in nature, we explained what our conclusions  are based on. Our arguments should be considered. And although the  trial court emphasized that at this stage our arguments are not  subject to consideration, we have a different point of view on this  issue>, Sargsyan emphasized.

It should be noted that the prosecutor's office appealed the decision  of the trial court on the rejection of the application for the arrest  of Gagik Tsarukyan.

In turn, the lawyers submitted several complaints, one of which  concerns well-founded suspicion. The defense team believes that no  evidence has been submitted to the court that Tsarukyan is connected  with this criminal case. The second complaint concerns the lawfulness  of the proceedings. According to the defense, Tsarukyan's case was to  be handled by the SIS, and not the NSS.

To note, Gagik Tsarukyan became infected with the coronavirus and  cannot participate in court hearings.  To recall, searches were  conducted in the house of the PAP head Ganik Tsarukyan in the morning  of June 14, after which he was summoned to the NSS for questioning.  On the same day, the NSS reported three criminal cases involving the  name of a politician and businessman who is considered the richest  man in the country.

So, according to the investigation, the leadership and other members  of the Prosperous Armenia party distributed hundreds of millions of  drams of election bribes in 2017 in accordance with well-developed  schemes, and this was done under the pretext of charity.  In another  case, Tsarukyan's companies were involved in the organization of the  casino's illegal activities, resulting in damage to the state of $ 60  million.

Another criminal case concerns a company associated with Tsarukyan,  which illegally appropriated land, and the state suffered damage of  342 million drams (about 685 thousand dollars). The politician  himself believes that criminal prosecution is being carried out  against him. 

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