Wednesday, July 1 2020 11:52
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Embassy of France in Armenia gradually resumes visa services

Embassy of France in Armenia gradually resumes visa services

ArmInfo.The Embassy of France  in Armenia is gradually resuming visa services.

According to the French diplomatic mission, the visa issuance service  will resume from June 30, however, applications for long-term visas  (more than 3 months) will be accepted at the initial stage.  Applications are accepted in the following categories: study,  professional activities, family circumstances.  At the same time, the  Embassy emphasized that a long-term visa is not a Schengen visa, and  is issued for the possibility of a long stay by a person in France  (up to 90 days.) Visa applications are accepted online on the  FRANCE-VISAS website.

Applications are received strictly by appointment through the  appropriate application and subject to strict safety measures due to  the coronavirus pandemic.

The possible granting of a visa does not guarantee immediate access  to the territory of the state, this is determined by the restrictions  applicable at the borders.  Before applying for a visa, it is  recommended to go to the following page: Attestation de deplacement  et de voyage, to check if you are eligible to enter France. 

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