Thursday, June 25 2020 14:06
Karina Manukyan

Technical assistance was provided to Zangezur Biosphere Complex 

Technical assistance was provided to Zangezur Biosphere Complex 

ArmInfo.Within the framework of the "Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia"   implemented by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia, technical assistance was provided to the Zangezur Biosphere Complex and Kapan Forestry.

According to the Ministry, they were provided with  Italian-made technical equipment with the aim of developing a  nursery, as well as carrying out work on reforestation of roadside  plots for fire-fighting purposes.

"Zangezur Biosphere Complex SNCO was established on December 19, 2013  and covers 79660.5 hectares of territory. The goal is to preserve and  restore the fauna and flora, the natural ecosystem, landscape  diversity, unique natural monuments, as well as ensure the natural  development of natural resources. The biosphere complex includes 7  specially protected territories of the Syunik region.  Earlier it was  reported that the Armenian mouflons (Ovis orientalis gmelini)  registered in Red List were noticed on its territory.

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