Thursday, June 11 2020 15:53
Karina Manukyan

MP Sipan Pashinyan sues Mikael Minasyan

MP Sipan Pashinyan sues Mikael Minasyan

ArmInfo. Sipan Pashinyan, a deputy  of the parliamentary faction My Step, sued the son-in-law of  ex-President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan - Mikael Minasyan. This is  reported by the Judicial Information System DataLex.

The deputy demands to publicly refute the statement, which is  defamatory, as well as to compensate for damage to honor, dignity and  business reputation. The lawsuit was filed on June 5; the amount of  moral damage is 2 million drams.

The reason for the lawsuit was Minasyan's statement about the  deputy's alleged participation in cigarette smuggling. Recall that on  April 29, the Boylernaya telegram channel reported that they tried to  smuggle a batch of Armenian cigarettes of various brands with a  tonnage of 40 tons or 2700 boxes through Krasnodar.  According to the  report, the market value of the cargo is more than 300 million  rubles. <A plane flying out of Yerevan with stops in Krasnodar and  then to Dushanbe was heading to Afghanistan>,- it was said in the  source. The wanted son-in-law of the third president of Armenia,  Mikael Minasyan, did not fail to accuse the family of Prime Minister  Pashinyan of smuggling. In this regard, the prime minister's  brother-in-law, a deputy from the "My Step" faction, Hrachya Hakobyan  has already filed a lawsuit in court. For his part, the Prime  Minister said that he was glad that a trial would take place, during  which it would become obvious to everyone who was right and who was  to blame. <The State Revenue Committee of Armenia did not commit any  violations. Exporters are to blame, who were going to export goods to  some country, but then changed their minds and changed course. Law  enforcement agencies should also be aware of this issue, "Pashinyan  said earlier.



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