Wednesday, June 3 2020 12:36
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Bulgaria transfers humanitarian aid to Armenia to combat Covid-19 

Bulgaria transfers humanitarian aid to Armenia to combat Covid-19 

ArmInfo. Bulgaria transferred  humanitarian aid to Armenia to fight a new type of coronavirus  (Covid-19).

Thus, the Ambassador of Bulgaria to Armenia Maria Pavlova  Tzotzorkova-Kaymaktchieva during the official ceremony of handing  over 40 boxes of medical supplies (mainly protective masks, suits and  glasses) stated that Covid-19 is a global challenge that all of  humanity has faced.

"This pandemic covered all countries of the world, without exception  - regardless of whether they are developed or developing countries.  But, unity came to the rescue of mankind, which lies at the basis of  European values. Despite the fact that Bulgaria itself faced  challenges, caused by the pandemic, nevertheless, it is ready to lend  a helping hand to friendly Armenia, "the diplomat said, adding that  the strength lies in unity. In this regard, the Bulgarian diplomat  stated that the motto of the EU "United in Diversity" is more  relevant today than ever. 

The Ambassador also said that humanitarian aid from Bulgaria was sent  to Armenia as part of the Team Europe assistance program, aimed at  supporting partner countries in their fight against coronavirus  infection and its consequences. Team Europe's approach is to combine  the financial resources of the EU, its member states and financial  institutions, in particular the European Investment Bank and the  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Maria Pavlova also informed that the predominant part of the  assistance are Bulgarian-made protective suits (exported to Europe),  they are made of breathable material and are reusable. According to  her, for Armenia with its climatic conditions, such remedies will  come in handy.  In her turn, RA Deputy Minister of Health Anahit  Avanesyan, expressing gratitude to the Bulgarian side for the  assistance provided, noted that it will be very useful for the  Armenian health system. "The coronavirus pandemic is a challenge for  all of humanity.  Unfortunately, today the situation in Armenia is  not encouraging from the point of view of increasing the number of  infected people. There are more and more infected people every day.  The healthcare system is working under stress. In this regard, we  highly appreciate this humanitarian step our Bulgarian friends, "said  the deputy minister.  Representatives of the Armenian Foreign  Ministry also attended the humanitarian aid transfer ceremony.  It  should be noted that the European Commission and the European  Investment Bank have already announced the allocation of financial  assistance in the amount of more than 15.6 billion euros under  existing programs. EU countries, as well as the European Bank for  Reconstruction and Development, have confirmed their commitment to  support this joint initiative and make a comparable contribution. In  total, the Team Europe assistance program will amount to more than 20  billion euros.

It should be noted that according to the data as of 11:00am on June  3, 515 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Armenia,  another 27 patients recovered. In total, 10,524 cases of coronavirus  were confirmed in the republic, 3,454 people recovered, 170 died.  Over the past 24 hours, the disease claimed the lives of 12 people  aged 46 to 86 years; all had accompanying chronic diseases. Over the  past day, there were also three deaths recorded when patients with  confirmed  coronavirus infection, died due to other diseases. Thus,  the total number of such cases reached 59. Currently, 6841 patients  are receiving actual treatment. In total, 61650 tests for coronavirus  were conducted in the republic.

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