Monday, June 1 2020 19:52
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Commandant: Armenian government plans to resume flights with other  countries in mid-summer

Commandant: Armenian government plans to resume flights with other  countries in mid-summer

ArmInfo. According to preliminary estimates, the Armenian government plans to resume air communication with other countries in mid-summer. Deputy Prime  Minister of Armenia, Commandant Tigran Avinyan, announced this on  June 1 during a briefing.

1According to him, according to preliminary estimates, it will be in  mid-July. "I think that at the next meetings of the commission on the  prevention of coronavirus two important issues will be discussed -  this is the restoration of the tourism sector and the resumption of  flights," Avinyan said.

The logic of the struggle of the Armenian government in combating the  pandemic was a phased approach, the Commandant continued, adding that  in fact during  the past 5 months two phases of measures were taken  to prevent the spread of the virus: a ban on movement and economic  activities with a parallel strengthening and preparation of the  health system for the epidemic. According to him, at the same time  preparations were underway to establish the production of our own  tests.

At the same time, Avinyan stated that the second stage involved  easing the restrictions of the regime, with a shift in the burden on  the health care system in view of the increase in infected  restrictions caused by the relaxation of the restrictions. He stated  that both stages lasted 6 weeks.

"Today we see an increase in the number of infected people, but so  far the situation is under control and the health care system is  coping with the load," the Commandant said, adding that the first  batch of 350 tests of own production will be delivered to the  National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of  Health of RA , and plus up to 3000 tests a day will be produced by  the Institute of Molecular Biology.  In conclusion, the Commandant  again called on citizens to comply with the measures voiced by the  commandant.  

Meanwhile, according to the data as of 11:00 on June 1,  210 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Armenia,  another 16 patients recovered. In total, 9492 cases of coronavirus  were confirmed in the republic, 3402 people recovered, 139 died. Over  the past day, the disease claimed the lives of eight people aged  between 63 and 82 years; all had accompanying chronic diseases. Five  deaths were also recorded over the past day, when the patients with a  confirmed coronavirus infection, died due to other diseases. Thus,  the total number of such cases reached 55.

Currently, 5896 patients are receiving actual treatment. In total,  58,668 tests for coronavirus were conducted in the republic.

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