Monday, June 1 2020 17:46
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenia returns to visa-free regime with Iran

Armenia returns to visa-free regime with Iran

ArmInfo. From today, June 1, Armenia is returning to a visa-free regime with Iran. ArmInfo was informed about this in the press service of the RA MFA.  The Armenian  Foreign Ministry informed that on May 31, 2020 the deadline for  temporary suspension of the agreement of June 5, 2016 between the  Republic of Armenia and Iran on visa-free movement of citizens of the  two countries ended. 

"From June 1, Iranian citizens with ordinary passports have the right  to cross the state border of Armenia without a visa. However, the  Armenian Foreign Ministry recalls that the state of emergency is  extended in the republic until June 13, based on this, restrictions  on entry and exit into the republic will remain until the end of the  state of emergency. The Armenian Foreign Ministry urges Armenian  citizens to plan visits to Iran only when absolutely necessary, "the  Armenian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. 

As ArmInfo reported earlier, in connection with the epidemiological  situation caused by the new type of coronavirus, on March 7 Armenia  announced the temporary suspension of the memorandum on visa-free  travel of citizens between the government of the Republic of Armenia  and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

To note, according to data as of June 1, the number of coronavirus  infected in Iran reached 154 thousand 445, while 121 thousand and 4  people recovered, the number of deaths - 7878 people, 81 people died  in the last 24 hours. 2578 patients with coronavirus are in serious  condition.  Meanwhile, according to the data as of 11:00 on June 1,  210 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Armenia,  another 16 patients recovered. In total, 9492 cases of coronavirus  were confirmed in the republic, 3402 people recovered, 139 died. Over  the past day, the disease claimed the lives of eight people aged  between 63 to 82 years; all had accompanying chronic diseases. Five  deaths were also recorded over the past day, when the patients with a  confirmed coronavirus infection, died due to other diseases. Thus,  the total number of such cases reached 55.  Currently, 5896 patients  are receiving actual treatment. In total, 58,668 tests for  coronavirus were conducted in the republic.

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