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Ani Mshetsyan

Lilit Makunts: There is no bill on the agenda to resolve the crisis  of the Constitutional Court

Lilit Makunts: There is no bill on the agenda to resolve the crisis  of the Constitutional Court

ArmInfo. The head of the parliamentary faction "My Step" Lilit Makunts said that there is no bill to address the crisis of the Constitutional Court.

<As we have noted more than once, the Minister of Justice Rustam  Badasyan turned to the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe to  obtain an opinion on the crisis in the Constitutional Court. After we  receive it, we will discuss our next steps>, the lawmaker emphasized.   At the same time, Makunts noted that the cancelation of the  constitutional referendum was a necessity. A referendum is  unacceptable in teh conditions of the coronavirus pandemic. <The  health of our compatriots are crucial to us, and we must exercise  caution. It seems to me that our colleagues from the opposition  should understand our position>, Makunts said.  The lawmaker said  that the amendment of the "Law on Referendum> is associated  exclusively with the threat of coronavirus. <At the same time, we are  doing everything necessary to ensure that the Constitutional Court  acts within the framework of the 2015 Constitution. Moreover, we have  obligations to ensure this compliance>, the head of the faction  emphasized.

To note, on May 27, a lawmaker from the My Step faction came up with  a legislative initiative, according to which it is proposed to amend  the <Referendum Law>. According to this bill, it is assumed that the  National Assembly will be able to cancel the decision adopted by  parliament on holding a referendum. The opposition sharply criticized  the bill, calling it a false agenda. Opposition factions called on  authorities to tackle the problems that arose in the country in  connection with the coronavirus pandemic.  

To recall, on February 6, the National Assembly of the Republic of  Armenia adopted a decision on submitting draft amendments to the  Constitution to the referendum. 88 lawmakers voted for this decision,  15 against. The matter concerns introducing amendments to Article 213  of the Constitution, providing for the dissolution of the  Constitutional Court. A referendum on constitutional amendments was  scheduled for April 5 this year. However, because of the coronavirus  epidemic, it had to be canceled.

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