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Alexandr Avanesov

In Armenia, referendum may be prohibited in a state of emergency and  martial law

In Armenia, referendum may be prohibited in a state of emergency and  martial law

ArmInfo. In Armenia, referendum may be prohibited in a state of emergency and martial law. The National Assembly at the meeting on June 1 in the first reading  amended the constitutional law "On the referendum".

Its adoption required the presence of at least 3/5 of the votes of the elected  representatives.Before the vote, the Enlightened Armenia faction  refused to vote, the faction leader Edmon Marukyan stated that the  package was unconstitutional and contained a lot of controversial  points. In turn, the deputy from the Prosperous Armenia faction Naira  Zohrabyan asked for a 20-minute break, after which, however, the  documents were adopted by 83 votes in favor and 16 against.As the  author of the presented document noted, according to the provisions  of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, MP from the ruling  faction "My Step" Vahgn Hovakimyan, is forbidden to hold referenda in  a state of emergency or martial law. It should take place after they  are eliminated. on time no earlier than 50 days and no later than 65  days. 

The deputy noted that everything was ready for the referendum on  constitutional reforms, which envisaged to solve the problem of the  Constitutional Court, however, the state of emergency was announced  and the referendum could not be held. "At the same time, it is  unclear how events will develop further. Questions remain about what  will happen to the campaign headquarters" Yes "and" No ", with  commissions, etc. We discussed the current situation with  representatives of the government and the CEC. Thus, it is proposed  that the National The meeting will be able to cancel the decision  made by the parliament to hold a referendum. I would like to  emphasize that the parliament can only make such a decision in a  state of emergency or martial law. If the parliament does not make  such a decision, the referendum process will resume, "Hovakimyan  said. He emphasized that such measures are simply necessary. "The  fact is that if the heads or members of the commissions are  appointed, they are exempted from draft and mobilization. And in  conditions of martial law, these members of the commission will not  be called up, even if they themselves want to be mobilized. This  issue concerns our security," said deputy.Hovakimyan noted that the  main goal of the abolition of the referendum is to preserve the  health of citizens. 

"We fear the coronavirus pandemic, which has swept not only Armenia,  but the whole world, and does not intend to endanger the health of  our citizens, for us the most important thing is protectionThe health  of our citizens, "the deputy concluded.It should be noted that on  February 6 the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia adopted a  decision on submitting draft amendments to the Constitution to the  referendum. 88 deputies voted for this decision, against 15. It is a  question of introducing amendments to Article 213 of the  Constitution, providing for the dissolution of the Constitutional  Court. A referendum on constitutional amendments was scheduled for  April 5 this year. However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, it had  to be postponed. 

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