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Karina Manukyan

A recognizance not to leave selected as a measure of restraint  against Ruben Hayrapetyan`s son 

A recognizance not to leave selected as a measure of restraint  against Ruben Hayrapetyan`s son 

ArmInfo.A recognizance not to leave has been selected as a measure of restraint against former head of the FFA Ruben Hayrapetyan's son - Rafik Hayrapetyan. The  Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia reports.

The matter concerns a high-profile criminal case instituted on the  fact of kidnapping, threats and beatings of the former director of  the Harsnakar complex with the aim of repaying a debt of $ 120  thousand. 6 persons were brought as defendants and put on the wanted  list, in respect of four of them and Ruben Hayrapetyan arrest was  chosen as a measure of restraint. It is reported that two  applications for the arrest, concerning the sons of the former head  of the FFA, were rejected.

Rafik Hayrapetyan voluntarily appeared in the Arabkir branch of the  RA Police, and then - in the RA Investigative Committee. Arrest was  selected as a measure of restraint against him.

Ruben Hayrapetyan and his son Rafik Hayrapetyan are accused of  arbitrariness, deliberate and illegal deprivation of liberty; a  criminal case has been instituted on this fact. According to the IC,  the victim party is G.Sh., the former executive director of the  restaurant complex "Harsnakar" located near Sevan. This complex  belongs to the Hayrapetyans family. During the investigation it  turned out that G.Sh. in August 2015, took a loan of 52 million drams  from the bank, some of which he directed to the restaurant itself,  and 30 million drams, without the knowledge of the restaurant owners,  he used to open his own taxi service.  Upon learning of this,  Hayrapetyans  and a group of people illegally deprived him of their  freedom in a cottage near Yerevan, where he was periodically  subjected to physical violence. Further, under pressure, cars and  valuables  owned by G.Sh. were taken to pay off the debt, and in part  about $ 40 thousand. In addition, in October 2016 the Hayrapetyans  registered in their name an apartment owned by G.Sh.

Investigative and other procedural steps are being taken to ensure a  full, objective and comprehensive investigation. Ruben Hayrapetyan  previously reported that he was in Moscow for treatment, but could  not return due to the situation with coronavirus. He was offered to  use, with the assistance of the Armenian Embassy in Russia, the  nearest flight Moscow-Yerevan, however, Hayrapetyan is still on  the  territory of Russia.

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