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Alina Hovhannisyan

Armenian President: The historic significance of the First Republic  is invaluable

Armenian President: The historic significance of the First Republic  is invaluable

ArmInfo. Armenia's President Armen Sarkissian sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of the First Republic Day.

So, according to the press service of the President of Armenia, the  President's message, in particular, states:  <Dear Compatriots,  Today, we are celebrating the Republic Day - the anniversary of the  creation of the First Republic of Armenia.  Armenian statehood was  reestablished in the most complex international situation, when the  World War I was still raging, and Armenia - with its Eastern and  Western parts - became one of its most ferocious frontlines.  

Under the disguise of the war, Ottoman Turkey had already deported  and massacred millions of Armenians and put into direct danger the  very existence of the Armenian nation.  At that fateful moment, after  the heroic battles against Turk invaders in Sardarapat, Bash Aparan  and Karakilissa, on May 28, 1918 Armenian independence was declared.  

The historic significance of the First Republic is invaluable.    Almost 500 years after the fall of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia,  Armenian statehood was reinstated. It was a dream for multiple  generations and the result of the centuries- long national liberation  struggle.  

A multiparty democratic system of government was introduced in the  country, civil liberties, universal suffrage, including for women,  were established.  Statebuilding was given a start, enlightenment,  science, and education were impelled.  Able forces rushed to the  Fatherland from all over the world to serve the newly independent  state.  Armenia became a subject of international law; foreign  relations were established, ambassadors and representatives of  Armenia were accredited to a number of countries.  

The creation of an independent and united Armenia, which on May 28,  1919 was solidified by the decision of the Parliament, was the  quintessence of the centuries-long national struggle and ideology, as  well as emanated from the geopolitics of the time which resulted in  the Treaty of Sevres of August 10, 1920.  Experience, achievements,  and failures of the First Republic became lessons for us. The most  significant of them is that we must rely on ourselves only and to be  able to do it, we must form the ultimate national goal and unite  around it.  

The implementation of the ideology, in which Armenia is the  geopolitical core for the entire nation, is the promise of a safe,  secure and prosperous future for our people.  The vision of the  united Armenia, which is being passed from generation to generation,  has been uniting us for many centuries.  It is our great national  pledge, our political and historical heritage.  Nowadays, it is being  manifested in the form of Armenia-Artsakh-Spyurk triumvirate. 

Issues of a peaceful and fair resolution of the Karabakh problem,  recognition of the Armenian Genocide and elimination of its  consequences exist in that very vision.  History of the human race  teaches that practical policies are conducted in line with the  current conditions and opportunities; however the ultimate national  goal is the driving force behind for the nation's advancement and  success. 

One hundred years ago, with that goal in mind and weapons in their  hands, our ancestors were fighting devotedly for the salvation and  independence of Armenia.  After independence of 1991, Armenia  reestablished its unique place in the world.  The present and future  generations have to build a stable, developed and united Fatherland  which will take under its auspice the entire Armenian nation.>

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