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Politician: It is still unclear who is an oppositionist and who is  political trash in Artsakh 

Politician: It is still unclear who is an oppositionist and who is  political trash in Artsakh 

ArmInfo.The political situation in Artsakh can be described as full of disappointment. First of all, due to the fact that the new Artsakh parliament does not reflect the  aspirations of the Artsakh people. Leader of the Artsakh party  Vahan Badasyan expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

"We still have big demand for changes, however, knowing pertty well  about this demand, the Armenian authorities for two years actually  helped the Artsakh counterparts to prepare the ground for deceiving  the people. As part of this preparation, pseudo-opposition, false  candidates and people were put forward who in fact have long been  political trash. In this situation even today it is unclear whether  there is any opposition in Artsakh, who is real and who is fake  opposition, "he said.

Commenting on the formation of the Harutyunyan-Babayan political  alliance, the politician noted that Samvel Babayan is a vivid example  of a representative of the former government with all the ensuing  unflattering regalia and epithets. This did not stop him from running  in the elections as an opposition.  According to Badasyan, Babayan  used his past contradictions with the former authorities of Armenia,  which ended with his arrest in order to create an image of an  oppositionist in Artsakh.

On May 25, Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan signed a memorandum  of cooperation with Samvel Babayan, leader of the United Homeland  party, on behalf of the Free Homeland-United Civil Alliance bloc.   According to Harutyunyan, this cooperation of political forces is  aimed at maintaining the climate of solidarity in the country and the  application of joint efforts around a number of programs. He also  expressed readiness to cooperate with other parliamentary and  extra-parliamentary political forces of Artsakh. Badasyan describes  the behavior of the "oppositionist" as political trade aimed at the  next reproduction of the former government in Artsakh. In this light,  the memorandum between him and Harutyunyan is not surprising,  according to his estimates, the masks have been removed and the main  work has begun to get the position at any cost.

"There was only one contradiction between Babayan and Harutyunyan -  both sought to gain power. Now, after Babayan did not succeed, he  will try to get a position through cooperation with whoever  succeeded.  Another question is whether the new president will agree  to this? The signed memorandum testifies that he will. Babayan did  his part of the work, not allowing the opposition forces into the  parliament, "Badasyan concluded. 

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